Monday, June 18, 2007

ZAM And Johari, Please Consider Banning This Book

In support of the new committee recently mandated by the Malaysian Government Cabinet Minister's Meeting to monitor internet behaviour by us wee bloggers, may I welcome this new government initiative (which must be now immediately active seeing as the civil service has become so much more efficient under the Lah-ist regime) by proposing the following pro-Lah action.

Could the Lah-ist Minister ZAM and Lah-ist Deputy Minister Johari Baharum in their respective portfolios of Information and Internal Security please consider banning this book:

may be disguised as

This is because, this book will potentially cause Malaysians to evaluate Pak Lah and draw conclusions, based on the 9 C's of leadership. This would:

  1. Tarnish Pak Lah's reputation as people evaluate the traits of leadership alleged by the author of this book. (I'm sure the 4th floor knows better what it takes to be a PM!)
  2. Lead people to draw conclusions on how similar Pak Lah's leadership is to George W. Bush's!
I would also like to warn the committee monitoring naughty activities on the internet that there may be elements in the country that will try to smuggle these books in via internet orders from such insidious sites as or

In addition, some parties may also try to smuggle such titles in as audio-books. Such people should be treated with the contempt that ZAM and Johari's ministries typically reserve for PAS CD distributors or indeed bloggers!

As an ex-CEO famous for turning around Chrysler 2 decades ago, unfortunately Iacocca is probably too competent for Azlan Hashim to consider as a viable Proton CEO, so the best avenue for buying him off (if even possible) is self-closed.

It is unfortunate that this foreign national is not in Malaysia at the moment. Otherwise, I am sure the BSA Tahir treatment is the only suitable way of protecting Pak Lah's regime from further embarassment from such individuals. How long has BSA Tahir been in ISA by the way?

In jest...


Khalidsworld said...

This book must be banned!

It contains subversive elements, able to shake the belief of the whole nation. Its Western propaganda trying to disrupt the peace and harmony of our nation!

Imagine, the failure of the West in inculcating leaders are exemplified in the current tragedies of Iraq, Afghanistan but they are trying to teach us on how to trace and raise leaders?

This book did not include our leaders as examples and role figures!

This book did not highlight Malaysia's achievements and that of its leaders!

Ban I say!

BudakJB said...

Good one bro!

Bila nak minum kopi?ccrsaxx

Kian Ming said...

good stuff! drop me a line when you're free.

A M Ubaidah S said...

Thanks for the appreciation of my cheek guys.

Budak JB, Kian Ming, can you please drop me your contact details at my e-mail address I have lost your respective ones I'm afraid.

Sagaladoola said...

Hahahaha.. that is a good one...

Any books on sleeping has to be banned as well.


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