Tuesday, January 11, 2011

TS Syed Hamid Fails... Again!

After having failed to perform as a Minister under the Pak Lah regime, whether in defending the sovereign rights of Malaysia to build a bridge, over some islands or even in understanding that incarcerating a reporter under ISA to 'protect' her is an oxymoron, TS Syed Hamid has shown his capacity to fail knows no bounds!

2 days ago, this blogger got the news that the AGM of the Malaysian Association of Youth Clubs, MAYC, which TS Syed Hamid organised and gave birth to a committee he endorsed as valid, was deemed invalid by the Registrar of Youth! Yes indeed, it seemed the Registrar of Youth agreed with the 55 protests they recieved over 2 weeks from within days of the fake AGM, held on 26 September 2010, that the AGM was... fake! ... or rather 'invalid'... or should I say, ILLEGAL!

Of course, considering TS Syed Hamid and his cronies Tuan Syed Rahman Tuan Kuning, Tuan Hashim Tuan Yaakob, et al, failed to call an AGM of MAYC for 5 years, 5 YEARS(!!!), for fear that TS Syed Hamid gets toppled by someone more responsible, one would consider TS Syed Hamid's failure at MAYC a norm. However, the situation is made worse by the blatant approach that was taken leading to the AGM's failure!

Among the complaints this blogger understands was lodged against TS Syed Hamid's AGM were:
  1. The AGM was called by a Committee that did not have quorum nor locus standi to call an AGM.

  2. Legitimate delegates from Member Clubs or District and State representatives were not notified, let alone invited, to the AGM.

  3. Even members of TS Syed Hamid's Committee were not invited to the AGM! Pictures of the event showed that a minority of his Committee members were on stage!

  4. Illegitimate delegates were 'signed-in' as representing member clubs and whole states delegations to the AGM! To 'make-up' the numbers, even school-children, many 16 of age and below and not even qualifying to be MAYC members yet, we bussed in from across Selangor and god knows where else to attend the AGM!

Nevertheless, despite managing to get the Secretary General (KSU) of the Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) to officiate the AGM, for all it's failure, TS Syed Hamid's AGM is now declared, invalid, NULL AND VOID!

Interestingly, it was on the back of scheming surrounding this AGM that this blogger questioned plans by TS Syed Hamid and his cronies to 'sapu' assets of MAYC into a foundation or 'Yayasan' controlled by them. This questioning via the media was what led to TS Syed Hamid declaring this blogger a liar and slanderer in a national newspaper! It would appear, as TS Syed Hamid's failure mounts, this blogger's case against him for defamation strengthens...

End note, if TS Syed Hamid is such a failure that he can't even manage a Youth club properly, failing even fulfilling basic steps like having an AGM, should we the people trust him as chairman of our Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD)? Can maybe someone whisper a concern to DS Najib? Maybe it is finally time to put this monumental failure in cabinet-level leadership of the past decade to pasture... without further danger to future generations... in fact, even ours!


Pakteh said...

Bila orang lama cuba jadi orang muda n masih tamak untuk memimpin...inilah natijahnya.

Sungguhpun sudah terbukti banyak kerosakan yang dibuat dizaman Pak Lah tapi nafsu masih membara...

satD said...


What is the criteria for someone to head the SPAD?

Does this old incompetent dude fits even 10% of it?

But one thing I don't understand apehai kecoh sangat with an association.....dah la Youth pulak tu.....cuba tengok cermin sikit...

I find the "Youth" max age limit in Malaysia macam tak masuk akal beb..

Jebat said...

If I ever saw this TS Syed Hamid fellow and Pak Lah, I will spit, pee and throw shit on them.

That Pak Lah & TS Syed Hamid incompetent have make Malaysia lost even her territory.

They deserve to be hanged until they are dead, bayoneted them another 100 times and then shot another 100 times to make sure that they are really dead as dead is for their "Khianat Pada Negara Malaysia" after due processes of the LAW; of course. Then bill their family for the hard work need to be done by the government servant on behalf of Malaysian. Please bring along Anwar Ibrahim too to accompany those two shit head.

How can Najib still have the gut to appoint this "Pengkhianat Negara dan Bangsa" as chairman of SPAD? BN still wonders even with all the short comings of the Un-Registered Pakatan Rakyat, the young generation of Malaysia still have not support BN in drove.

jebat said...


I called on TS Syed Hamid to go back to his Cons. at Kota Tinggi and forms SPAD at hi sown area.

In his area especially Sedili, I think is the worst system of PENGANGKUTAN DARAT in Semenanjung Malaysia. ...

Hamid oh Hamid..
Go back to Kota Timggi while the people still LOVES YOU.

Don't wait too long untill to late

Then no place for you to return to.

is TRANSIT LINK in Kota Tinggi is linked to TS Syed Hamid ??

borhan said...

Bunyinya macam George Bush Jr aje.Bila Bush Sr tak boleh jatunkan Sadam Husin Bush Jr sambung kerja tu. Ye la Pak Hamid dan Pak Sanusi sama-sama dalam MAYC kemudian sama-sama jadi menteri...Pak Sanusi pun gagal juga ideanya nak buat sawah padi atas bumbung bangunan di Alor Star sampai kini belum menjadi..

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