Monday, August 29, 2011

Lessons Of Ramadhan Often Soon Forgotten

Friends and Readers all, please reminded of the pitfalls of the post-Ramadhan period, especially how one forgets some key lessons, such as:

  1. Eat to stay alive, not be Alive for by Eating! (This is probably a cautions to this still 100+ kg mass blogger most of all...)

  2. Make time to worship Allah, not worship Him when you have the time!

  3. Orphans do not stop being orphans after Ramadhan or even after Syawal. They remain orphans and in need in other months of the year too!

  4. It is more important to keep the compulsory prayers 5 times a day, all year around than to have completed your 20+ rakaat of Tarawikh a night throughout Ramadhan! Tarwikh are BONUS POINTS, the Fardhu prayers are compulsory to pass...

  5. You can continue fasting after Ramadhan if you want. If you want... why diet, just fast!

  6. An addition to 1.: Just because the 5 houses you are visiting have 5 dishes of which 50% overlap, does not mean you have to sample every dish to compare, to enjoy, or to 'be polite'! OK, there is the be polite thing, but why not pick a couple of stuff not overlapping each time for a start... even if you miss some, there is always tomorrow!

  7. An addition to 2.: No, rushing to balik kampung or even running between relatives' houses are not grounds for completely missing prayers!

  8. Muslims may believe that Satan is chained up in Ramadhan, hence all evil done then reflects the true nature of the man, but... Muslims can't blame Satan or use him as an excuse for all the evil they do outside of Ramadhan!

Just some thoughts I thought worthy of sharing as we celebrate...


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