Thursday, November 01, 2012

How Experienced Competent Winnable Candidates (Minister!) Can Lose BN PRU13

Social media is now rampant again with shocking words of a Minister pooh-poohing the implication of actions involving their family. Whilst the matter was not nearly as grave as the Mega Wedding some weeks ago, it is the response of the respective ministers to public outcry over both that is hurting BN.

In the case of DS Nazri TS Aziz, dissociating himself from his son's apparent closeness to a tycoon may be professional and very much reflecting the truth, however, it does not address the perception. It would be wiser perhaps for him to take a more conciliatory tone, or best still, give his son a good talking to.

Following the poor reaction by DS Ali Rustam last week that even excused himself of blame for his subordinates alleged wrong-doing, this flippant attitude towards public reaction will hurt BN in marginal seats across the country come PRU13. Ironically, both these ministers remain winnable candidates, with DS Ali's performance likely to carry the entire state of Melaka for BN, but 1 seat or 1 state alone cannot decide PRU13's outcome.

Across the country, the accumulation of such responses and behaviors are being conveniently collated by various parties as evidence of the arrogance and unelectability of BN as a party as a whole. And it isn't the first time such claims of arrogance and impropriety of behavior has been levelled against BN leaders. It is precisely such behaviors that DS Najib needs to address before declaring PRU13.

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Syed Akbar Ali said...


This is Jackpot. Please allow me to reproduce this in my Blog with all due credits. Thanks.

Syed Akbar Ali
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Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

By all means please do so Bro Syed! :-)

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