Saturday, January 05, 2013

MRT Co Continues Legacy Of Poor & Irresponsible Communications By SPAD

A few days ago, contractors appointed by MRT Co encroached upon Pinggir Za'aba, in direct contravention to the promise of the MRT Co CEO to the residents of the street that no such personnel was to ever set foot on it!

This of course is just the newest addition (actually, not even that new, but this group of workers actually did something to the road!) to the long litany of broken promises and deceptions perpetrated by MRT Co towards residents of Pinggir Za'aba... & I am sure others too.

Residents of Pinggir Za'aba was informed of the impending work, but the promise of an engagement months ago where all risks and mitigation efforts would be shared, promised then by MRT Co's Strategic Comms Director have also been broken, due to lame excuses. Lame excuses indeed considering not engaging the neighbourhood contravenes with the DEIA & is just plain indecent!

Of course, MRT Co may just be trying to keep up with a strong legacy of awfulness begun by SPAD... which began by putting up notices to us residents on trees!!!

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