Monday, May 20, 2013

Discussing 'Apa Lagi Cina Mahu'?

This blogger had a fun time last night chatting with some friends on the aftermath of PRU13 as well as the new Cabinet formation. One of the first exchanges when I arrived (the others had already gotten going for about half an hour) resulted in the best response I have heard to date to the...

... Question: Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?

Answer: Apa Lagi Lu Ada?

My response was more or less... Hahahahahahaha! It was all in good humour and the discussion lasted for a further 4 hours last night, covering the gamut of why the Chinese voted the way they did away from BN through to understanding the Gen Y's at a level that was quite enriching for this blogger. One of us even got serious enough to 'make plans'! 

But seriously, this sort of open conversation that was conducted with comfort among friends of different races (2 Chinese and 4 Malays at varying times) need to continue for our citizens to begin to understand the choices each other made at PRU13. These sort of conversations lie as a bastion against extremist attitudes towards what happened; i.e. the mass abandonment of BN by the Chinese despite the many promises and deeds of  DS Najib.

In the end, we agreed that greater understanding was needed between each other, with a couple of the guys taking note of the need to read San Kuo and the Water Margin as insights to Chinese mentality, and a certain TIMES article on Gen Y being of interest to all. And all also agreed that we really, really hate Corruption and Crime, and wish the cabinet post given to a certain Icon of Corruption proves to be a poison chalice!


Anonymous said...

Icon of Corruption.... hhhmmmm wonder who? :)

berasiam said...

Lagi Cina mahu tipu, konon tak suka rasuah, tak suka kroni, itu DAP semua lari sebab mahu naikkan anak2 sendiri. Sama juga itu PKR, anak bini atas sekali. Cina mahu kuasa politik totok setelah kuasai ekonomi. Mengaku sajalah. Ini kalilah sudah jadi ini kali kalah.

Ramayana said...

Boleh blah dengan anti corruption diorang. What, corruption exists only in Government departments? Corruption in commercial and business organisations don't run into multi-millions? Towkeys - Chinese, Indian or other - don't practice corruption?

So why just focus on corruption in Government? Cos gomen folks are shortform for "Melayu"?

And oh, anti nepotisme. So any bantah against the DAP's father, son and daughter in law and PKR's father, mother and daughter stance? No? How come? Nspotisme only on BN side? Bullllll shit.

Ramayana said...

Greater understanding between each other should start first with the Chinese, probably the most corrupt entity in Malaysia today aside from the guy with the 7 million house but no income and a ringgit salary from the state.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Najib could take a look at Singapore's cabinet pay structures.

The highest among the world. And when asked why LKY explained that "it is to keep out corruption and only the best got to be on the elite team".

But the late David Marshal the first Chief Minister of Singapore in his later life commented that the salary of politicians in LKY cabinet are in fact "permanent bribery".

I totally agree with MB of Terengganu Datuk Ahmad Said when he said only BN held area will get to built an affordable housing unit.

As for the opposition held ones they can get help from their own MP for any problems they may encounter.

And Najib may very well learn from MB Ahmad Said...quite an extraordinary man indeed. Guess where MB Ahmad Said got this idea from?where else if not Singapore?

Maybe Minister of Trade and Industry Datuk Mustapha would also follow on MB Ahmad Said's path at Jeli. Pour all the help he can on the many poor residents of Jeli...the single mothers,the aged etc...let the neighbouring opposition held wards get "red eyed" and maybe the next PRU they may want to change their mind on which party to vote.

Anonymous said...

Respect others and others will respect you. Sacrificing self righteous right will contribute others to do the same. Where the hell of Wawasan2020 concept and lead by example gone in Malaysia? 1Malaysia is just a pathetic branding of political wise, nevertheless.

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