Monday, August 03, 2015

RM2.6B Confirmed In Najib's Account In Eagerness To Prove Innocence?

The trials and errors in defending DS Najib's position vis-a-vis 1MDB continues with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (SPRM) inadvertantly confirming through the media that RM2.6B was deposited in what was DS Najib's private account at AM Bank in an apparent rush to prove his innocence! SPRM in a media statement first reported by state media agency Bernama stated that the monies allegedly deposited in DS Najib's account was not from 1MDB but were instead from 'donors'. The faux pas committed here of course if that it is clearly implied that RM2.6B WAS DEPOSITED INTO DS NAJIB'S ACCOUNT... BY DONORS!

It is of interest to some that the statement from SPRM came soon after raids by the police on the offices of the Director and Deputy Director of SPRM itself to investigate so called 'leaks' in the investigation. However, any questions on the timing of the media statement soon after the raid was swiftly and strongly overtaken by accusatory questions across social media, which this blogger believes is mirrored by discussions among Malaysians across every household, coffeeshop, office and cars in traffic jams across the nation such as:

1 - So confirm lah DS Najib got RM 2.6 Billion deposited in his personal account?
2 - From donors? Which donors are these?
3 - Are the donors local or foreign donors?
4 - Donors for what? To fund for elections ka or something else?
5 - If from donors, then why did they deposit it in his personal account?
7 - Etc
8 - Etc
9 - Et al...

What makes this latest furore even more ridiculous is that it came in the wake of denials from none other that Malaysia's 'favourite' politician Datuk Ahmad Maslan on such monies acknowledged by DS Najib as being in his personal account in response to a viral video alleging such (see graphic at bottom for details). The original accusations came from an article in the Wall Street Journal in early July to which DS Najib has responded to with an investigation which is, like everything else to do with 1MDB, is still on-going... DS Najib himself is of course as usual ... silent ... about the whole matter.

This blogger has time and again stated, a little here, but also in other media that there is really something wrong with DS Najib's media and communications management... of course, there lots of other stuff wrong about his administration, but the comms weakness is appalling! To compound that now, even new members of his new '1MDB Cabinet' appointed to shore up support for him have begun showing their own 'foot-in-mouth' problems! In the end, DS Najib's problems continue to be mainly his own fault, either through his own actions or those who continue to make mistakes whilst trying to 'help'.

Perhaps this is yet another signal that it is time for DS Najib to leave office... whilst there may still be some scrap of dignity left to his name... and whilst Malaysians may still be convinced that he is worth forgiving...


Anonymous said...

Apa lah Ahmad Maslan nk ckp lepas ni

Anonymous said...

Ohmod Moslon mungkin berkata:
Saya cakap pada hari ni ... ketika ni. Akaun dah tutup ... macam mana duit nak masuk?
Err ... yg masih kurang berkemampuan serta gagal menerima sebarang sumbangan dan juga derma ... biasa2kan lah diri tu makan nasi goreng, hasil resepi saya tu.


Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for Ahmad Maslan. He is trying to defend the indefensible. Too bad he ended up looking and sounding like a moron. Susah2 DEB (during previous PMs) hantar dia belajar tinggi2. Dapat CGPA bagus, and yet he ended up as a jester in Emperor Najib's court.. Pity him! Azalina and Rahman are another morons in the making. I wonder why they put their integrity at stake for Najib. I'm sure Najib didn't share his plunder with them. I hope they are smart enough to stop before it is too late. They should follow the step taken by Lim Kok Wing. Now THAT is a smart opportunist.

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