Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Too Many Malaysians Missing The Point... Problem Or Norm?

The chat on priorities I had with my daughter recently has brought certain behaviours of the press, public and indeed the Malaysian on-line community into sharp focus. I had shared my teaching of the importance of prioritising matters to my daughter and then rambled on a bit about this in my last posting, primarily as a whinge against our politicians and leaders in government. However, eventually, one cannot avoid wondering whether the problem is with Malaysians as a whole!

For instance, my learned friend 'Jebat Must Die' (JMD) recently posted a series rebutting the contents of the book by a Dr Kua Kia Soong that claims to 'reveal the truth' of the 13 May riots using 'recently declassified sources'. JMD's postings are refreshing as whilst it successfully demolishes Dr Kua's primary contention, he has done so with great impartiality and has used information so easily verifiable that it nicely unmasks Dr Kua's 'revelations' for the bunk that it is.

JMD's series on the 13 May riots are currently delayed from completion due to a technical problem with his PC. However, I do look forward to a version to be published in book version, with the hope that it would also reveal Malaysians to be the root cause of many of our nations problems! On hopes JMD's writings to be welcomed and more greatly celebrated by all as a genuine attempt at bringing the riots into context... significant seeing as JMD is from the post riot generation!

You see, there is a stark difference between Dr Kua's book and JMD's writting. When one goes back to the Dr Kua's references when reading, you will discern the learned Dr's actively CHOOSING material that supports his main contention, that the riots were due to a Machiavellian plot to seize power among the Malay leaders; LOL... but seriously, it's a claim that is just plain rude! It hence galls me when the Star at the time also chose to publicise the book. WHY?

I am willing to excuse the Star's irresponsible and ignorant act here perhaps... OK Pak Lah's regime was game for a lot of 'openness' then, at least at face value, and certainly was clueless of priorities, but does the Star not see themselves as at risk of being complicit in the spread of Dr Kua's libel? Then again, judging from the rabid racially charged comments to JMD's writing, you can see how the Star can be confused... the Malaysian public or at least many on-line are to!

Today I glanced at Joceline Tan's analysis of BN's decision not to contest at Penanti. Again I found the Star disappointing! OK, I don't really blame Joceline and have found her to be personally very correct in her analysis and postulations. However, in essentially analysing that BN wouldn't contest because it was going to lose and just wanted to take wind out of PR's sails, she missed the bigger message; that DS Najib wishes to focus on its responsibility running the country!

I have to admit to not entirely agreeing to BN's complete withdrawal from Penanti. I had expressed before my own views and was heartened that this view was shared by the majority who bothered to participate on my blog poll on this matter. However, DS Najib seems to have led BN into taking this decision in line with Ghandi's contention that,"A 'No' uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a 'Yes' merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble."

So, what an ideal opportunity to showcase to Malaysians how the new BN leadership is so focused on delivery of its pledge to govern that they're giving politics a miss! Unfortunately, even the Star has different priorities. As far as the Star is concerned, its main customer base in Penang and Klang Valley are still leaning towards PR, so they also have to pander to their customer's biases (by saying BN would lose anyway), even if it means priorities are lost to sales...

So our problem is essentially a Malaysian problem... most of us don't appreciate what's important! If that's the case...

Finally, I found this blog some time ago. Thought the guy was a one-offer, but he deserves some pluggin here I think... the stupidity of Hindraf's Uthayakumar and how he needed ISA is showcased with some brilliance here... Relevance to this posting? Well, I think reading the postings in this blog is a higher priority that reading Dr Kua's drivel, but reading JMD's write-up is of the highest priority!


balan said...

do read my take on LTTE and Malaysian Tamils

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

balan. I almost deleted your comment thinking it irrelevant to topic, but then read your piece and now believe it is very apt and relevant!

What the hell is Samy Vellu doing lauding the LTTE's violence and calling its dead leader a martyr? because MALAYSIAN indians care about Prabhakaran! So Samy is performing an irrelevance because Malaysians also consider such irrelevance important!

Sigh... we are indeed our own worst problem!

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