Monday, March 08, 2010

Searching For MCA's Soul...

I get confused about my party UMNO, often-times, but have to say, MCA's recent turmoil beats PKR's mess even! At least PKR is not confused about who leads it... its President right? No... its Advisor... eh? How can? Both are busy with PKR Advisor's case now, so is it the Deputy President? What, that socialist? No la, PKR is now run by the VP who's the husband of the party Advisor's ex-ehm-ehm... eh? Aiya, confuse la! Let's focus back on MCA!

Well, the MCA of today would be is a GREAT example on how too much democracy is NOT a good thing. Here we have a party that was synonymous with 'big business', which should be securing the Chinese cake from erosion under the New Economic Model. On top of that, its President, from being a champion of chair throwing youths of the past, survived recent failure in cyberspace, to have evolved into a champion against corruption by his handling of the PKFZ issue.

Instead of charging along strongly into the future, we have with MCA a party that is exercising democratic destruction in all its pride and glory! OK, it must be admitted, the handling of Holier Than Thou 'strong'man DS Dr Chua Soi Lek could have been better in the past, but the 'peace plan' seemed to be working. DS Dr Chua was having the time of his life grinding DS Liow Tiong Lai's political reputation into the ground by ridicule... in open press as well!

Now, everyone has to wait and seewhat is to become of the MCA. And whilst many may smack their lips at the weeks of headlines sure to showcase myriad twist and turns that is also part of over-democracy's crass appeal, I lament. I kinda liked the Ong Tee Kiat - Chua Soi Lek Combo. It felt right somehow for the Chinese. A younger reformist partnering with an old-guard grassroots man. The resolution of the PKFZ scandal would have been the beginning of many things...

Which then leads to the question... is PKFZ the reason why OTK's leadership has always been on shaky ground? Is PKFZ or its beneficiaries the real killers of MCA? And when the dust settles after the 28 March MCA AGM, after its orgy of over-democracy, would MCA be left stronger? Or would 'democracy' leave MCA an empty shell... still searching for its soul?

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Shamsul Yunos said...

MCA's soul appears to me islike MIC's soul... departed... the spirit of the fight has left their body politics

they are now fighting for the hollow vessel

or if not they are no longer fighting for the BN ideals...

at least in the past they played the part of wanting unity but now I see they are openly being chauvinistic... just like Umno, everyone it seems wants to champion the minority

if you leave the majority unattended and to their own device then they will ahve no choice but find a way to make their voice heard and protect what they feel is theirs in the best way they know how

we seem to be lacking leaders of caliber

KJ's top cybertrooper has 'revealed' to me KJ's latest achievement,

nak tau ape bacalah di SINI

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