Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Who To Leave Out Of DS Najib's New Cabinet?

Smses have been flying around about a new cabinet to be announced by DS Najib today or tomorrow. Rather than pitch for any new additions, I would suggest that the following ministers' relevance be reviewed. I would argue that they are primarily vote losers, not vote winners. Even if not dropped, they should be moved from their current portfolio, except no 1 and 2, they have to go:
  1. DS Nazri TS Aziz - Much disliked due to his frequent verbal abuse of Tun Dr M, opposition, critics, bloggers... actually, everybody! Being a big shot's son does not help, personafies the image of UMNO 'nobles' at its worst, arrogant and disconnected from the Rakyat. Recent taxi rate hikes backfired with taxi drivers claiming it was 'to his benefit' and saving of BN's blushes at the Budget vote would not have been necessary if he did his job as party whip!

  2. TS Koh Tsu Koon - What is the point of having this man, known as an ultra-racist in civilised clothes even among some Penang Chinese, still in cabinet? He lost PRU12, his party lost the state of Penang, the party still struggles for leadership, with BN cringeing at the idea of a Gerakan candidate for the potential Batu by-election, and he cannot do any cabinet work! DS Najib had to appoint DS Idris Jala to do TS Koh's work! Just sack TS Koh already!

  3. DS Hishamuddin Hussein - Some would argue it would have been worst leaving him in the Education Ministry, unfortunately, I am not so sure! As the custodian of our police and internal security forces, he may have not presided over as enormous boo-boos as his predecessors, Pak Lah and TS Syed Hamid, but his penchant for seeking the media spotlight does not suit a ministry that works very much in the background... when it is doing well...

  4. DS Rais Yatim - As one who supported his bid for UMNO Vice President on the back of his experience, I am actually disappointed at how poorly DS has performed in his 'super-ministry'. He remains cultured and well spoken, but appears to be overwhelmed by the ideas of the day and the media tools now needing to be mastered in the increasingly 'post-digital' era. It's about ideas man... let them roam... don't just tell us... build your message with us...

I am sure to have incited some anger and hatred... again... but then what to do? I'm hardly the only person saying the above.

PS - I didn't mention explicitly about the new 'private' being made a Cabinet Minister as the idea is too moronic to contemplate. DS Najib does still want to win PRU13, I am sure.


Wake UP! said...

Most ministers are morons since academicians are not interested to become leaders.

Apostate and tithe.

jebat said...

Salam Dato',

Saya rasa 20 kali resuffle pun macam 2 x 5 dengan 5 x 2 . Jawapan yang sama.

Sudah lah DSN . Membuang masa jer..

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