Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Building A New Society Whilst Saving An Old One

I am inspired to resume blogging as both NGOs where I aim to serve well made great strides this past week. Also thought it worth me waking up from my stupor and do something better with my on-line time than playing Shogun 2 Total War or wondering when Spurs will start winning again (we left it almost too late last season!)

Blog House Malaysia attended its first function last Sunday night as invitees to the celebration of the early success of Tun Dr Mahathir's Memoirs... 40 Thousand sold as of last Sunday, and counting! We also started talking more seriously about our first marquee event, the 1st Malaysian-ASEAN Regional Bloggers' Conference! Very exciting... With this marquee event, we hope to launch our organisation formally... and so invite all you Bloggers out there to join us!

And what of MAYC? All seems quiet as if we were in a 'cold war' or something. Actually, we are awaiting the results of the appeal by TS Syed Hamid and Syed Rahman's puppet MAYC Exco for the validity of their AGM - it was deemed illegal and invalidated by the Registrar of Youth earlier. The strange thing is that the KSU of the Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS), Dato' Mohid, who heads the appeal panel, actually officiated TS Syed Hamid's AGM! Conflict of interest no?

We shall see with great interest. On our side, it actually gives us great confidence that the inherent conflict of interest, with the KSU refusing to recuse himself when asked, means that if TS Syed Hamid's AGM succeeds in the appeal, which was held without a legal quorum and so dienfranchised so many members, we have grounds for an appeal and legal recourse! The MACC is still investigating them all of course...

So, much happening in the quiet. Anyway, as a final word, I was on radio for the first time last Saturday! BFM invited me under the recommendation of an old friend to take part in a debate on AFFIRMATIVE ACTION! Hah! How could I say no! So, for those who would like to have a listen, please check out the podcast at this link.

BFM introduced me as both President of MAYC AND VP of Blog House Malaysia... so acknowledging my 2 current passions where NGO movements are concerned - saving an old Society whilst building a new one... ironic considering my views expressed at BFM!

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