Monday, March 26, 2012

24 Hours In Kuching; Food, Work And Politics Abound!

I was in Kuching on a slightly more than 24 hour visit on company business last week. One great thing about being in the Retail business is the food culture that you could immerse yourself in as part of work! Actually, anytime also can makan la, but the obese need excuses...

The above green house, known literally as Rumah Hijau, is a Cafe where we had lunch at, enjoying a nasi lemak Ayam Penyek, followed by Roti Pisang Coklat, hence having a taste of both Malay and Neo-Indian cuisine in Kuching. l already had my Laksa Sarawak fix for Breakfast and was 'forced' to enjoy a variety of barbecued meats at the Carvery at Abel Hotel the night before! I was well and assuredly stuffed even before the seafood dinner (with sayur bilin) that was my send off!

In the midst of all this food, and of course quite a bit of work, I did discover that TMI's Jahabar Sadiq was also wrong in his shortlist of items troubling DS Najib Tun Razak into postponing PRU13. He forgot the Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud departure, or rather continued hold on power, issue! This is very much in the forefront of many Sarawakian minds and with the 'fixed deposit' potentially already 8 Parliamentary seats short, should this not be a worry?

(Actually, I was also surprised that Jahabar's list was so short with 5 items... and with one item being not too important really to the common electorate. Perhaps further evidence of his writting being conjecture more than insider!)
One would have hoped with his 'Besan' or In-Law, Tan Sri George Chan's departure from the leadership of the Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP) that PS Taib would busy planning a cruise with his old school-chum. Unfortunately, PS Taib is instead rumoured to have been meddling in the SUPP elections, not favouring current President DS Peter Chin, and then rumpured to be active in 'other ways' too. Maybe it's the new wife?

Anyway, it was a good, fruitful, 24 hour trip... 

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