Friday, October 06, 2006

When Spinning Leads To No-Where (Why Pak Lah's Administration Should Listen and Do, Not Excuse Themselves and Blame the Past)

I had a bad experience of having 'someone' who didn't like my writing on "Lah-ism" trying to silence me by sabotaging me at work. Fortunately, the higher-ups at my company are quite enlightened and just request I don't start dragging them into it, seeing as to them these 'someone' appear quite malicious by their attack on me.

Since then, I've been too busy to really write, but I did get some notes of support and advise by those I vented my spleen to (which amounts to a few thousand people in the NGOs I post messages to). Though I am grateful for much of the suppport, I am not agreeable to some advice that I should calm down as such a thing is normal when one embarks on discourses such as I have.

(I call my discourses 'the truth', but others may not agree.)

Anyway, I do not accept that just because something is the norm that it is necessarily right. So, I persist, only now, with some vengeance...

So on the topic above, the NST tried to spin Pak Lah's admin out of trouble again recently. This time it was on the Geneva-based World Economic Forum's "World Competitive Index" that showed Malaysia under Pak Lah has become less competitive in ranking against other nations, dropping 1 spot to 26th out of 125 nations from 25th last year.

The 'spin' was that we're one of the Top 10 most competitive in Asia and No 2 in ASEAN; we're 6th in Asia below Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the "Pretending Lion".

Funny that Pak Lah's media guardians bothered to spin this, Dr M would have just ignored such a thing, but I'm looking for the URL for your viewing pleasure.

In the meantime, my comments are:

What other country is there for us to be better than in Asia than the ones we're already above? Thailand was the biggest threat but is now in trouble. The problem is whether we can stay up and improve against others especially as we seem to be slipping against the rest of the world!

Let's put aside Dr M here and focus solely on Pak Lah's performance here. So, what has Pak Lah done to help us improve our competitiveness globally which has resulted in us dropping a spot from last year when I believe we already were supposed to be improving?

The report said Malaysia's competitiveness would be improved: "if the (Pak Lah) government was more successful in reducing the public sector deficit. Improving the health of the workforce and access to education would also do much to enhance the country's competitiveness"

Comment: Hold on, I thought Pak Lah was doing nothing but reducing public sector deficit, so much so that we are suffering record inflation. And after all the hype that Pak Lah's 'new' focus is education, what's up with this criticism?

The report also said:"The "notable competitive disadvantage" and the "most problematic factors for doing business" in Malaysia include inefficient government bureaucracy, corruption, crime and theft, restrictive labour requirements and inadequately educated workforce."

Comment: Hmmm... I thought these were also the focus areas of Pak lah's admin. So, despite all the hype of 'had work' in these areas, why is the criticism still strong against our bereaucracy, corruption and rising crime? Already commentted on the education focus hype.

So based on all the hard work and focus by Pak Lah's admin on the quoted problem areas, Malaysia has GONE DOWN in global competitiveness, specifically because we are WEAK in PAK LAH'S ADMIN'S supposed AREAS OF FOCUS!

So forget about Dr M. Why is Pak Lah's team not reaching his own established and much hyped targets for the nation? That's the real question Pak Lah's apologists should be answering from reading this report.

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A Voice said...

The problem is Pak Lah's overspinning is that tehya re so dizzy from too much spinning that they believe it to be truth ...sic

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