Thursday, March 15, 2007

Some Humbling Reflections

I've been busy at work, and then chose to take time to reflect and reassess, whilst resisting to respond to stupidity such as these:

And hypocracies like these (however welcome any voice may be against notions like a USFTA and for notions like the GLCs' role in nation-building):

And just plain naivety/ignorance, unworthy of the reputation of an Oxford PPE degree, such as this:

In the period, this site still received a modest number of hits, for which I must thank, and some new notoreity from this site.

In my time to reflect I remain convinced that the biggest danger facing Malaysia as a nation this year is

which you can find out more on and that Uncle Kali

remains the country's best puppet-master with Yang Angkuh Bongkak (YAB)

as described here being by far his most dangerous puppet.

Just a note. BursaMalaysia collapsed the week after YAB KJ opened his mouth on the soundness of our economy in the Utusan. Not saying that YAB has strong influnce on the markets, only that he probably shouldn't confess his ignorance so loudly. Its so embarassing for those in the generation he (wrongly) claims to be representing!

I'm back... with some humbling reflections...

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