Monday, July 27, 2009

DAP Pressing All The Wrong Panic Buttons

The DAP appears to be in much turmoil these days. Whilst its Pakatan chums PAS and PKR are continuing their evolution, with the former rediscovering its relationship with UMNO and the latter adding to its leadership and experience pool through BN defections, the DAP appears to be in at panic stations. Unfortunately, it also seems to be pressing all the wrong panic buttons!

Much of the furore over the last week and a bit has been revolving around the death of young DAP political aide, Teoh Beng Hock. However, it should be noted that DAP has been in hot soup and miss-stepping in response for some weeks prior to that. Worth pointing out here some notable occurances in this blogger's tangentially tuned eyes:
  1. The DAP has been pointing fingers at the BN government as the instigator of recent investigations of its leaders in the Selangor state government and associated agencies. They've conveniently forgotten that the accusations of misconduct were also hurled at them by PKR MPs YB Azmin Ali and YB Woo Chee Keong, also an ex-DAP man, have been more pointed, carry more weight seeing as they come from 'allies', and mirror the MACC investigations.

  2. The DAP made a major song and dance over how a few of their exco members and MPs were being investigated for what are showcased as 'minor contributions' to the 'rakyat'. In this, they have failed to realise that MACC investigations have become routine since it was formed and that far more BN stalwarts have been questioned to date! This show of moral indignation is now seen by some as immature arrogant petulance by the DAP.

  3. Even prior to Teoh's death, the DAP had been hinting on the 'racism' practiced by MACC. Upon Teoh's death, this accusation rose to a crescendo! It was hence to the DAP's great misfortune when the MACC revealed that they have been pursuing UMNO, i.e. Malay, political leaders, legislators, etc. harder since the time of its formation. If the MACC was racist, Malays have greater claim of it being anti-Malay than pro-Malay!

  4. Upon 'revelations' by the blog of wrong-doings by DAP strong-man and long suspected 'rumah-urut' protector, Ronnie Liu and his men, the finger pointing has now increased in dimension! Ronnie has lodged a police report on the said blog. In the meantime, his long time boss, Lim Kit Siang, has lodged a police report on threats upon DS Ong Tee Keat's life as a distracting polical gymic. Both acts may well backfire!

  5. This blogger has been annoyed anyway with DAP's penchant of showing off their 'acts to improve transparency', such as involving the ACA, then MACC, in vetting potential appointees, as these wese already common practices of the BN state governments Pakatan had displaced! Now interestingly, even Ronnie in his own defence, has had to admit that some of these so called 'new' DAP practices were actually established by the BN government!

The DAP has over the years been striving to prove itself not only to be a worthy remnant of the PAP in Singapore, but also a real contender to the MCA and Gerakan as the main Chinese majority/based party in Malaysia's political make-up. However, Lim Kit Siang's incapacity to retain talent and experience superior to his own, leading to the departure of TS Lee Kim Sai and YB Wee Choo Keong, has severely crippled the party in one area, COMPETENCY TO GOVERN.

The introduction of YB Tony Pua and YB Jeff Ooi to the DAP's ranks has been very much a patch-job to cover gapping holes in the party's ability to really be an alternative for the people to choose, for beyond the rhetoric, there must be substance! One can see following their PRU12 success that there has been an effort to build some competence in the collection of young coterie idealists that revolve around Lim Kit Siang, similar to PKR's efforts.

However, the Teoh Beng Hock case has now begun to tip the DAP off its moral high ground. It can no longer claim to be a champion of Malaysian Malaysia, as its current railing against 'racism' is revealing the leaders and activists of DAP to be the actual racists in the debate! And as more evidence surfaces of the crimes of Ronnie Liu and his cronies, the DAP will soon lose its moral high ground against corruption! And all this after just over 1 year in power!

The challenge for the DAP now is to demonstrate whether it has enough maturity and nous to pause and think before it wrongly presses another panic button! Failing to do so would indicate to all and sundry that the party has even lost its COMPETENCY IN POLITICS!

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kita di BN jangan lupa tentang guntung dalam pelipat, duri dalam daging dan musuh dalam selimut..

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anyway BN ada banyak anjing yang perlu ditendang, nak tahu siapa mereka, bacalah blog ini

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