Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If It Was My Wife...

If it was my wife who's body was found broken from a mysterious fall,
I would scream at the world,
I would blindly place blame on all nearest around,
I would rail for JUSTICE in terms that would fill the hole inside...

If it was my wife who's body was found after a time with the authorities,
I would lose all trust in those meant to protect her,
I would ask for more than the Royal Malaysian Police to seek out her killer,
I would seek personal SATISFACTION from the actions of all from Judge to Coroner...

If it was my wife who's body rests in the ground with questions unanswered,
I would rally all to my call to send those I blame to the grave,
I would insist that government forget all else but the TRUTH that I crave,
I would demand that a Royal Commission no less be formed to hammer and cleave...

... and I WOULD BE WRONG...


donplaypuks® said...


The simple truth is the Rakyat's confidence in the police and MACC is at an all time low.

So, they see the RCI as an independent body that can perhaps ferret out the truth.

But I am not convinced that an RCI with very limited scope as to the
workings of the MACC will deliver justice.

No one at this juncture is interested in the MACC per se. WE don't care if it is 100% staffed by Malays; race is not an issue. We want to know how TBH died while in MACC's custody and if MACC officers were involved in it and to what extent.

You only have to reflect on the NFA re the last two RCI's on the Police Commission and Corruption in the Judiciary to understand that form over substance has prevailed. The King has been given two tight slaps in his face by UMNO/BN and the AG.

So, in the end it will take a few good men to deliver real justice and many don't think the UMNO/BN Govt or its Institutions are up to it or the mark.

That's why they lost 4 out of the last 5 by-elections and are staring down the barrel of the gun in the countdown to GE 2103! It's all of their own doing and fault!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race.
Thatis all that really matters.

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

donplaypuks. I think Pakatan and the popular movement against all things BN have been fooled 3 times by our common enemy.

1) The first RCI against the police was launched after the 'ketuk-ketampi' incident and reflected on such ancient and addressed history as DS Anwar's black eye. The reason was to cover up Pak Lah's messed up management of the 'ketuk-ketampi' incident where the the Home Minister apologised to the Chinese for the incident happening to a Malaysian!

Of course, DS Anwar is forever trying to show the police are in the wrong, as it helps everyone sustain the belief he is not a gay rapist! So, no wonder the RCI fell flat in terms of implementation of findings, the 'niat' or intention for having it was bad in the first place!

The majority of UMNO and BN (which Pak Lah ignored) was opposed to the RCI. The RCI was supported by DAP and PKR. As the RCI was against the ROYAL Police Force, the King wasdoubly insulted by the formation of an RCI to challenge pillory another royal institution! So who slapped the King! Loyal Royalist UMNO members hence ignored the findings of the RCI.

2) As I mentioned in another comment string, the RCI on the Lingam tape was launched for Pak Lah to attack Tun Dr M. In the end, the RCI found no evidence of wrong-doing, and the 'prosecutors' had to revive the old Eusoff Chin holiday saga. The only proposal of the RCI that was actionable was the judicial selection committee. So, why are you complaining?

That TDM, Fairuz et al were not charged was for obvious reasons... THEY DID NO WRONG! Worse, even if they did, THERE IS NO EVIDENCE! Again, an RCI was formed, with Pakatan support to deliver a slap against a Royal perogative, who appoints judges! We UMNO members are insulted that such a disloyal anti-Royalist entity of a judicial selection committee is needed!

3) The first person to ask for an RCI on Teoh's death is Khairy Jamaluddin, icon of corruption! Pakatan supported KJ's proposal! So, who is the fool now? Why is the MACC, formed on an act Pakatan leaders also ratified, which is the bane of many corrupt individuals in UMNO now, being RCI'ed upon. Are you serving the people, or the corrupt?


donplaypuks® said...

If KJ (and Ali Rustam) are icons of corruption, what are you guys, and more specifically UMNO doing encouraging their tenure as UMNO Youth head and MB of Melak for 1 second longer/

Surely you can't say they are corrupt and maintain their position in public office at Taxpayers' expense? Make a police report and see how fast they or the MACC acts. That will give us an indication of whether they indulge in selective prosecution or not. After all this incident involving KJ and Rustam occurred er how many months ago?

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

donplaypuks. I think you should read the mainstream press more. The MACC has just yesterday released a statement regarding the number of investigations they have been involved in - the overwhelming majority involving UMNO or BN officials and many involving government officers.

The MACC have not been selective. If the MACC have been selective, UMNO and Malays have greater claims of the MACC being anti-Malay than the DAP does of any anti-Chinese selectivity.

That not many have been prosecuted or even charged should be more fairly aimed at our laws that do require strength of evidence and protects against wrongful prosecution well ahead of easing punishment of guilt.

In the case of KJ and Ali Rustam, this is made more complicated by the party finding them wrong BY PARTY RULES, which may not be consistent with our legal code - UMNO's laws can be more stringent! However, punishment in UMNO is a little opaque and designed not for CRIMINAL acts, but acts against the party and its rules.

I have faith though that KJ's activities at least are now well prepared by the MACC, with the issue being of timing for action. This is important noting KJ is an MP and a party leader with some, if not considerable support - the last thing we need is riots like when Anwar was prosecuted!

But as I have this faith that KJ will be charged due to the MACC's efforts, I find it disappointing that the DAP and PKR has come to KJ's rescue by now having the MACC's credibility put to question! KJ wanted the RCI against the MACC first, so... THINK!!!

I find it curious also that the DAP shouted racism and selectivity at the earliest moments. Were they not aware that the MACC have been going after UMNO and BN figures with gusto before? They must know -the PKFZ is well discussed in parliament.

Perhaps the DAP screams selectivity and racism as that is how they would behave... ?

indavao said...
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Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

indavao. Your comment is not relevant to this string and is hence removed. Thanks!

donplaypuks® said...

"In the case of KJ and Ali Rustam, "this is made more complicated by the party finding them wrong BY PARTY RULES, which may not be consistent with our legal code - UMNO's laws can be more stringent! However, punishment in UMNO is a little opaque and designed not for CRIMINAL acts, but acts against the party and its rules."

Simple question.

Has the MACC investigated KJ & Rustam to see if there is a case within our laws? How can MACC draw any conclusion without investigating?

After all, they investigated Teoh based on a blog. Today they said their preventive mandate allows them to investigate the allegations by this other blogger who claims Ronnie Liu and Co have been siphoning funds, even though it's apparent the blogger lifted and dcotored docs from Ronnie's website and some of these so called incidents occurred prior to GE 2008 when Pakatan and DAP guys were not involved?

donplaypuks® said...

Btw Akhramsyah,

I appreciate very much these exchange of views with you. Whatever our stance, this is how it should be among Malaysians. Mutual respect begats mutual respect. Race is irrelevant.

Thank you.


Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

donplaypuks. Indeed similarly appreciate your comments.

1) I understand KJ is under investigation. I am unsure of Ali Rustam's status. In the end, my info is also 2nd hand, but reliable.

2) I understand Teoh was NOT being investigated. Rather, Teoh appears increasingly like he was a whistleblower! It would certainly explain why he was happy to just cat-nap after an 8 hr overnight session at MACC prior to his death.

donplaypuks® said...

Whistle blowers don't go to the Police or MACC with the full knowledge of their boss, lawyer, family, politician friends and the Press.

Not if they wanted to keep their jobs with an impending marriage the next day and a child on the way!

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