Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Input On Whether KJ Is Entering The Cabinet...

Many here know I am not a big fan of Khairy Jamaluddin (KJ). However, I had chosen to just generally ignore the man for the most part as he has faded into irrelevancy, even in UMNO Youth which he supposedly leads. Much that is positive happening in UMNO Youth, if at all, is happening despite of KJ anyway, such as their new Rugby team, developed by Suffian Awang, a pro-Mukhriz exco member, with support from fellow Rugger Dato' Razali Ibrahim.

Unfortunately, KJ's cybertroopers are relentless, most recently hyping up Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi's jibe that KJ would be in the cabinet if he was Prime Minister, as if this was indicative of KJ actually entering the DS Najib's cabinet! Little thought was given to the fact that DS Zahid was probably trying to make KJ feel better at the forum, a BTN camp where attendance of UMNO Youth's Divisional leadership was compulsory... and where less than half turned up!

Whilst minding my own business nonetheless despite all this hype, I stumbled onto an interesting piece of information. As recently as 2 weeks ago, Hj Omar Mustafa Ong, the man appointed by DS Najib recently to the Petronas board, was still dissociating himself from KJ, admitting only of a close friendship with Datuk Zaki Zahid of Fourth Floor fame. This despite Hj Omar being known before as KJ's organisational mentor when together in Oxford!

Now, if KJ really was in DS Najib's good graces again, enough to be considered for a cabinet post, why is Hj Omar, a man trusted by the PM, continuing to disavow any past relationship with KJ? Hj Omar was also not talking to just anyone. He was effectively putting KJ in this negative light when making formal acquaintences with a Special Officer of a very senior UMNO Minister! Food for thought I think, especially for those so keen on KJ becoming ... whatever!

I think I will resume ignoring KJ, for the most part, again now...


kluangman said...

Samada KJ berada dalam keadaan sekarang dan/atau andainya KJ dibawa masuk ke kabinet Najib apakah ada perubahan besar atau dari segi 'untungnya' di sudut politik, sosial dan ekonomi.

Jika Nazri yang dilihat begitu 'beban' kepada UMNO masih ada di dalam kabinet Najib tanpa berganjak seinci pun maka andaian KJ untuk dibawa dmasuk kabinet Najib lebih besar kemungkinannya.

Najib hanya mencari masa yang sesuai untuk mengumumkannya sahaja.

Kj hanya perlu berhemah dengan Rosmah untuk mendapat laluan itu tanpa perlu melalui onak dan ranjau. Sesiapapun boleh mencuba.

zaid said...

Found this post below the 'popular' one. I may not be a fan of KJ myself but from what I gather in your writings... two words...
'mat dengki'

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