Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mat Sabu: Icon Of Corruption, Pakatan Rakyat Government Style...

There has been much talk of Mohamad 'Mat' Sabu's poor behaviour of late. As a person who has known of Mat Sabu's various inconsistencies over the years, I am actually a little surprised that there has been such shock regarding this behaviour. Perhaps it is time to scrutinise this 'new' icon of Pakatan rakyat politics... and this is where long time PAS members may feel uncomfortable, as to me, the present Mat Sabu is a creature born of Pakatan, not PAS ideals...

Let us do a broad sweep of Mat Sabu's various inconsistencies...

  1. Mat Sabu the leader of Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (Sunnah) is a fan of the Syiah revolutionary politics of the Ayatollahs

  2. Mat Sabu, the first national political leader of any party to imply DS Anwar Ibrahim had bisexual tendencies by calling him Anwar 'Al-Juburi' or Anwar 'of the arse' has since declared his devotion to Anwar as 'his' leader and 'friend' from since the 1970's.

  3. Mat Sabu, the famous PAS leader was acquitted from the religious crime of being in 'close proximity' (khalwat) by the Kelantan Syariah court but later married the woman he was caught and accused committing khalwat with when she was soon divorced by her husband after the incident.

  4. Mat Sabu, once so called champion of the people in the Kuala Kedah constituency when he was MP for the 1999-2004 term of Parliament, is now happily acting as Lim Guan Eng's agent to stop any attempt by Kedah state to apply water tariffs to its supply to Penang as an appointed member of the Penang Water Board.

  5. Mat Sabu happily condemns the PAS government of Kedah and Kelantan of various misconduct but is silent of the management of DAP's Penang and PKR's selangor led governments but forgets that people know he is a beneficiary of salaries from both Penang and Selangor state agencies... all to do with Water.

Effectively, Mat Sabu is a new kind of Icon of Corruption that is being born by the Pakatan government. A creature that is salaried by PAS' coalition partners to keep PAS in line or rather in 'harmony' with the principles of its partners. Mat Sabu only ever became a contender to PAS Deputy Presidency in the Pakatan environment. PAS would have preferred a more learned man before, but PAS in Pakatan knows to win, they must have a Pakatan man for a leader.

In this regard, Mat Sabu is an ideal Pakatan man. He can be bought with salaried positions in Penang or Selangor state agencies. He is not a good Muslim, though is such a fiery speaker that PAS can't bear to part with him. His principles appear to be for sale, and if he is willing to embrace Iranian Shiite Revolutionary success due to its success, little wonder then that he could forgive Anwar 'Al-Juburi' for his preference if it will gain him power!

Little wonder then also that Mat Sabu would forget he was supposed to be not just a Muslim, but a Muslim leader, when he declared communist murderers to be fathers of our Merdeka.

The problem for PAS now is that, it is clearly now no longer a party of Islamic ideals, as its members appear willing to favour an inconsistent leader that is in the pocket of its coalition partners, just so they can please some coalition partners in pursuit of power. Mat Sabu hence now stands tall in the age of new PAS, a PAS led by Pakatan leaders, leaders of compromise for the sake of power, Mat Sabu... Icon of Corruption... Pakatn style...


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Shamsul said...

Let's not worried about Mat Sabu. He is nothing more than a clown with no substance and all air. PAS will self-destruct with this guy holding senior position in the party.

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