Thursday, September 29, 2011

Namewee Feeling How It Is To Be Anti-Malay

There was a time in Malaysian socio-political history when there was a label worse than 'racist' for a public figure, that label being 'anti-Malay'. This may seem strange for the younger generation of today, but being anti-Malay as recently as in the early 80's was seen as being shallow, viscous, ignorant and a threat to harmonious relations between all races in Malaysia.

Well, Namewee may be unhappy at having his film rubbished by those who haven't even seen it, but he has to accept this as a reality rather than rant on it. The reality is that someone writting for an established Malay mainstream daily has rubbished his movie due to it simply being directed by him. Why? Because they perceive him to be racist and 'un-1Malaysian'. But truth be told, Namewee's image is worse, as to many Malays, he is anti-Malay.

Namewee has come a long way since the day he published the Negarakuku, a sign-post of how a segment of ethnic chinese-Malaysian youths were and still are developing in terms of socio-political consciousness. Negarakuku showcased a lack of respect and culture as well as a complete ignorance of history, leading up to a feeling of angst and anger towards the Malay-led establishment in Malaysia. It was an outpouring of anti-Malay feelings

Ironically, Namewee was saved of being disowned completely by the nation by the MCA, the Barisan National (BN) government's Chinese component party that is typically rejected by the kind of youths Namewee represents. Namewee and his like typically reject the MCA as being the lackeys of the dominant United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) party in the BN coalition. Nevertheless, Namewee followed MCA's advice and apologised.

All Malaysians, generally having adopted the soft-hearted forgiving nature of Malays, chose to forgive, but did not forget. The tarnishing of national symbols, such as the national anthem, is not so easily forgotten. Strangely, or perhaps naturally, him being a media person, Namewee did not seem to want to be forgotten. Since being anti-Malay in the guise of ignorant honesty seemed to work before, Namewee caused further controversies over Youtube.

At the same time, Namewee worked hard to establish himself among the independent media elite of the country, cleverly leveraging on his notoriety and building on his 'simple' yet direct persona. These independents, having grown without too much government support, if at all, proved receptive to Namewee's entry to their circle, allowing him the opportunity to develop as a 'Malaysian' artiste separate from his racist of 'anti-Malay' persona on the web.

It is a shame that when confronted with Namewee's version of racist abuse, BN figures react with either the extremes of calling for his figurative head or embracing him with hope of making him 'understand'. Maybe these leaders are confused by Namewee's apologies for being ignorant and maybe accidentally sounding racist... but this is ridiculous of course! I believe Namewee knows exactly what he is doing - he admits to being a degree holding media man!

For me, Namewee has been a warning sign of there being a segment of disaffected chinese youths who reject the Malaysian Social Contract as they have been given little reason to respect it. However, that was before. Now, I see Namewee as a figure that is a danger to society as he has chosen to earn a living by being the embodiment of the anti-Malay in the public eye. And he dares do so as he believes he can always apologise to the soft-hearted.

Namewee's evolution to being a menace to society was re-affirmed to me when a senior MCA leader recently suggested to bloggers that Nasi Lemak 2.0, Namewee's film, is racist and anti-Malay. It would seem Namewee's former saviour, and despite its recent weaknesses, still the strongest champion of ethnic Chinese rights, the MCA, has disowned him, knowing him to be a danger to continued harmonious prosperity among Malaysians.

So Namewee. Grow up. Stop pretending. Don't even bother apologising. Accept that there are some of us Malaysians, not just Malays, have accepted the cultivated persona you have for what it is. You are a racist  and anti-Malay. Just be greatful the only thing we will (or rather won't) do is to your movie, which even without watching we are reassured is anti-Malay. Sit down and shut up you Racist Anti-Malay Icon.

Please note, this article DOES NOT encourage the watching of Nasi Lemak 2.0 as it is racist, anti-Malay (has to be coz of the director) and will likely be available as cetak rompak soon anyway!


jimmie said...

he is nazri's baby!!!Stupid cow!!

syed osman mansor said...

Next, he'll be invited to screen it at Parliament ; chauffeur driven dressed in his usual hip-hop attire ! Dress code put aside all in the name of polite democratic persuasions !!! Who else but the Minister in charge of the august house to welcome, garland and all, at the entrance, in a mood so typical of 'Melayu' forever forgiving.

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