Monday, January 23, 2012

Laksa Kaw Langkawi

My family is finishing up our pre-departure tea after a long weekend break in Langkawi. This is the second time we are enjoying the excellent Kuay Teow and of course famous Laksa that is Padang Matsirat's answer to Kuah's Laksa Penarak.

I actually enjoy eating here for another reason. This restaurant nicely showcases the evolution and growth of a family business that has remained practical and unpretentious despite its obvious success (from the steady traffic of clientele and the fact the Manager of Tun Dr M's Loaf happily recommended it).

From the pics which I hope uploads properly, you can see the point where the humble beginnings of a Laksa based restaurant with about 5 wooden table blossomed into a concern with more than double its capacity... ok ok, not sure whether it is the wooden tables that came later, but you can also see where the roof was extended.

It takes little imagination to see how this restaurant grew as Langkawi did and whilst I wish them continued success, I hope they maintain the atmosphere as it is. With the quality of food that complements all that is wprld class about Langkawi.

Laksa Kaw is in Padang Matsirat, near Langkawi Airport and can be easily found on the main road of the town across the road from the primary school.

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