Wednesday, January 11, 2012

MAYC Global Relief... And MAYC: The Next Stage

I have been asked over the last 3 months why I have been quiet in the social media space on MAYC of late. Reason was simply that things were developing in the right direction, and it did not seem right to blog it in this space for the sake of our achieving the aims of reviving MAYC. I believe this blog's silence for the time helped us achieve the recognition of the rightful chairmen of the state organisations, Alhamdulillah, as the first step towards the revival of MAYC as a whole.

The Minister has given strict instructions to Mustafa Mat Arof when approving his leadership of MAYC to ensure unity especially ensuring the enfranchisement of all MAYC clubs in an AGM that will select a new leadership by March 2012. Seeing as Mustafa and many of his gang have expired their age as Youths, my team and I are happy to sit back and see him prove his claims of being a 'rightful' president by him actually being 'presidential', proving us wrong and at the same stroke reviving democracy in this most democratic of youth organisations at one time.

In the meantime, I will be busy with MAYC Global Relief. We are planning for a second relief expedition to Japan's tsunami hit areas in April 2012. Ya ya, I heard also that elections 'may be' in April, but why should this affect our plans? If we listened to the many elections 'may be' rumours since PRU12, we'd be caked with dust from immobility waiting for PRU13 now. So April 2012 we aim to send another 40 youth volunteers out to Japan and you can have a look at this Facebook page to see the stuff volunteers can expect to get up to. Our volunteers are made of better stuff than the fake 'hero' Adam Adli I dare say!

Will I run for MAYC's Presidency? Not my choice mate! Ask the MAYC leaders at club, district and state levels. Its for them to figure out if I am worthy. If they haven't figured this one out, they should just google...

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May I know more detail about relief expedition to Japan's tsunami hit areas in April 2012?



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