Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Najib's Transformation Of Malaysia Into An American Satellite

It began as a political ploy, and not a half-bad one either as Najibite ploys go. Having succeeded as BN leader without a 2/3 majority in Parliament and with many states, especially the most affluent ones, in opposing party hands, DS Najib and his team began planning for political recovery by PRU13. Unfortunately, instead of looking closely at his predecessor's miss-steps, they chose to focus on threats from the opposition instead, and homed in on the political rival DS Najib feared the most, Anwar Ibrahim.

The problem was, how does DS Najib hope to beat Anwar, the leader he had been in the shadow of since UMNO Youth, through to their UMNO 'Team Wawasan' defeat of Tun Ghafar Baba for the party's succession and even in Tun Dr M's Cabinet? DS Najib could never beat Anwar head-to-head in a debate. In fact, in terms of overall image, DS Najib had a problem when it comes to facing Anwar's well nurtured religious-firebrand turned liberal-consensus-builder image, especially with an 'immoral mythology' haunting his own!

And so a plot was hatched... no, not to return Anwar to prison... but to cripple what DS Najib and his political advisors believed was the source of this great rival's strength, his strong relationship with the United States' political and financial establishment. EH? Doesn't DS Najib fear Anwar the man? His oratory skills and charisma? His ability to organize and unite political figures as well as factions led by Hj Hadi and Lim Kit Siang, with such differing political principles? He fears Anwar the man but he chooses to attack Anwar's foreign backing?

This is where readers need to remember DS Najib's own political 'philosophy', that "Cash Is King!" We see this behavior being practiced by him in UMNO, heightened significantly since his position has been threatened by the 1MDB scandal, leading to the infamous 'derma' scandal. We see this being showcased with the continued obsession with using BR1M as a means to 'help the poor'. We see it with the incessant attempt to reassure the populace that the economy is doing great in the face of questions of integrity, sackings and the Ringgit's fall.

So, it should be no surprise that DS Najib hence identifies the undermining of Anwar's support from the US as the principle activity key to winning PRU13! And so great effort, and resources, were channeled to this effect, including:
  1. Tasking the government think tank ISIS to focus on studies and other efforts towards building a relationship with the United States. This was conveyed to this blogger by ISIS' late CEO, Dato' Dr. Mahani Zainal Abidin, some 1 year prior to her unexpected death.

  2. Tapping Ezam Mohd Noor, Anwar's former close confidant and liaison to many of his overseas links, for information on key US figures and organisations supporting PKR, the Reformasi movement and other associated NGOs. It was in return for his cooperation in this area that Ezam was later made a Senator.

  3. Appointing a number of consultants such as APCO for relationship building with an eye for developing stronger formal relations with the wider American political establishment.

  4. Most significantly, appointing the late TS Jamaluddin Jarjis (JJ) to the position of Malaysian Ambassador to the US with ministerial status as soon as DS Najib became Prime Minister in 2009. TS JJ developed strong relationships with both key Republican and Democratic power brokers, made evident by the meeting organized between DS Najib and John McCain (Republican, Baptist former US Presidential Candidate) and Joe Lieberman (Democrat, Jewish former US VP Candidate).

  5. Allowing DS Mustapa Mohamed (Tok Pa) to keep Malaysia on the negotiating table for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), which is a key backdoor FTA critical to US trade strategy against China. This blogger does not believe the intention was for Malaysia to sign the TPPA in the beginning, as it would really cramp Malaysia's political economy. However, it was key to keep the TPPA going for DS Najib to get chummier with the US power-brokers.

By the time PRU13 arrived, DS Najib's confidence in winning with his 1Malaysia and Transformasi policies was likely reinforced by this growing relationship with the US. The problem was that in focusing so much energy and resources on undermining Anwar, including the grassroots attack on his sexual deviance, many other relationships were allowed to stray, such as the key one with significant part of the electorate, more pointedly the Chinese. Internal UMNO weaknesses also remained unaddressed and if anything, festered.

BN's performance in PRU13 was of course, worse, with the exception of their winning back Kedah and retaining slim control of Perak. However, the real measure of BN's success, or in this case failure, was always on its performance at the Federal level, at which DS Najib's performance was worst than Pak Lah in 2008. And since then, things have gotten worse for DS Najib. Key yet unpopular Economic Transformation policies such as subsidy reductions and the GST had to pursued with a weaker Parliament... and with Anwar still at large!

In the meantime, the US has been continuing its pursue its backdoor Free Trade Agreement cum economic cartel to curtail China's trade influence, the TPPA. As part of DS Najib's 'pro-US to undermine Anwar' policy, DS Mustapa Mohamed as MITI Minister had been left stringing the US along on this a little too long, to the point where Malaysia was the only nation in ASEAN other than Singapore (already a US satellite) and Vietnam (likely China's double-agent) still at the negotiating table! And it was now crunch time! Could Malaysia still withdraw?

With another of DS Najib's hobby horses, 1MDB, going to pot, this blogger believes our PM's new 'friends' in the US chose to 'encourage' the signing of the TPPA by putting the considerable media brands of the New York Times (NYT) and the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) behind accusations of wrong-doing in the running of 1MDB. That the accusations were true was of little consequence to the NYT and WSJ, but what was important was to bring pressure to bear on DS Najib so as he will sign the TPPA for Malaysia.

In return for the signing of the TPPA, which would effectively anoint Malaysia as a new Trade Satellite of the US, surely DS Najib will be spared further bludgeoning by the US Media on 1MDB... unless of course it is DS Najib and Malaysia that is being played all along. Gaining Malaysia as a Satellite would be a major coup for the US, as in one fell swoop, it would gain economic and indirect political influence in a key Non-Aligned and Muslim nation, indeed a key Islamic Banking hub, whilst denying the Chinese and Russians of a ready friend.

It would also then allow the US to curtail Malaysia's past morally leading positions at odds with the US, such as our support for Palestine, our opposition to Apartheid, our support for Bosnia, our opposition to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq... all moral positions troublesome to the US, curtailed...

And so Malaysia's enslavement to the US, beginning with the TPPA, will likely be the likely greatest legacy of DS Najib as our 6th Prime Minister... unless of course he realizes that the honourable thing to do is to save Malaysia from this fate, by his resigning from the post of Prime Minister. Perhaps there is room still for us to forgive if he does this before the TPPA is ratified and the chains our forefathers, including DS Najib's own father, have gradually freed us from, begin to bind us again, but to a new master... the US.


Anonymous said...

So what is this blogger's opinion on the Chinese Ambassador's kurang ajar and biadapness in meddling with Malaysia's domestic affairs?

What about the Chinese's blatant disregard for Malaysia and other claimants with regards to disputed territories in South China Seas by building military-capable structures?

Or am I to read between the lines that this blogger is just another agent of DAP and only has the Chinese interest at heart..be it "Malaysian" chinese or China chinese.

Personally, I would rather have the Americans on my side rather than having the Chinese rampage through this region. Less than 10 million of them in Malaysia is already enough to show us how kurang ajar and biadap they can be....IMAGINE WHAT ABOTHER 1 BILLION CAN DO TO MALAYSIA!!!!!

What say you, my "patriot" blogger?

Akhramsyah Sanusi said...

Thanks for your early comment first commenter. Actually, I think your observation is very astute as I believe it is in response to the TPPA rather than something as menial as Jamal Sekinchan's threats, which was being addressed anyway; and is worth replying through another blog posting. Will reply at length then, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a new post. The first paragraph already sounds good to me. Couldn't wait to share my view in here. And as the type script chosen for this blog is rather small and I lack a 20:20 vision, I'd try to write in short comment postings. It'd also be pleasing to me when I come back to this blog to see a not-too-serious, some-short-comment format.

Anonymous said...

I have a big problem with Najib leading UMNO. I think and fear UMNO/BN will lose if he continues to lead until PRU14. Whether or not he transforms Malaysia into an American satellite is not that important to me now as I have been urging UMNO here and there to replace him. Of course I'd use that as an additional reason if I find myself agreeing with the blog post after I have read it fully.

Meanwhile I'd say that I agree with the opinion that in the planning for political recovery after "the worst election results PRU13", Najib had not looked closely at his predecessor's miss-steps, and in choosing to focus on threats from the opposition, he tried to please the opposition supporters by giving in to their demands, kow towing, placating and even bending backwards to them.

Like giving many kinds of assistance to Chinese schools (instead of implementing Single Stream Education), scholarships to Chinese students who are members of the richest community in the country for many decades already and who have an exclusive system of clan and sub clan associations, business and trade guilds of various kinds where Chinese millionaires donate money to help the less unfortunate among them. UTAR even refused RM30 million donation for scholarships etc by a Chinese engineer millionaire a few years ago.

Heck, Najib even threw out the Emergency Ordinance, the Restricted Residence Act and the ISA that the DAP members and supporters resented as Lim Kit Siang had been ISA-ed a few years and so was the son Guan Eng, according to some accounts I read. He even decided to discard the Sedition Act but the opposition by the Ketua2 Bahagian, Pemuda and Wanita UMNO made him flip flop.

All those were also meant to cater to the wishes of the Americans who want to see liberalism in Malaysian government policies. Those therefore were indications of the path Najib took towards "American satellite-ism".

Anonymous said...

Najib "homed in on the political rival (he) feared the most, Anwar Ibrahim." -

He did so because Anwarul Al Juburi had been menacing against Malaysia in the US. Since before PRU13, Anwar had often been to US, cohort-ing with and bad-mouthing Najib and Malaysia to the NeoCons, Jews ad Zionists of the Israeli Lobby (described by Dr. Walt, a professor of Harvard University writing jointly with Dr. Mearsheimer a professor of Chicago University) as having "unmatched power" (and therefore influence) in the US.

Good that Anwarul is in jail now for 5 years. But not good that Najib is still leading UMNO and the country with all sorts of problems he created, especially the 1MDB and the RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts.

Anonymous said...

Agree with 247 on "Chinese Ambassador's kurang ajar and biadapness in meddling with Malaysia's domestic affairs." And on "the Chinese's blatant disregard for Malaysia and other claimants with regards to disputed territories in South China Seas by building "military-capable structures".

They are in fact military structures - landing strip for the PLA jets to be stationed there trying to thwart American jets flying over their so-called air space. American fighter jets did fly over the East China Sea (where the island Japan claimed was counter-claimed by the Chinese) as a reminder to China of their defence treaty with Japan.

Naval dockyards for PLA ships are sure on the card or even already under construction - quietly.

For now, I'm inclined to have "the Americans on my side rather than having the Chinese rampage through this region." Only 7 million Chinese in Malaysia now and the kurang ajar and biadap ones are only the DAP buggers and the like-minded but are already a nuisance and creating a sense of no long-term peace and harmony in the country. They have been known as anti-Malay, anti-Islam and caused the race riots of 1969.

Anonymous said...

The Non-Alignment Movement of yesteryears is no more. Countries have either to be on their own or take sides. Small countries may not be able to afford that. Especially if a country is a jambu/ pondan and sodomist blokes/ countries like Anwar are around. Countries are damned if they do, damned if they don't layan. Sakit bontot if they do.

The choice is always the better of two evils. But I prefer the evil that's not biadap and kurang ajar. Who may squeeze us subtly tapi tak nampak sangat maruah tercebis. And one that will not embolden any of the 7 million Chinese here to become samseng, kepala batu and anti-national in attitude and behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Sodom or not, American satellite or not, Najib has to go. Agree with all the views expressed by people who say UMNO must replace him to save UMNO/BN from losing power at PRU14 and maybe forever.

Anonymous said...

Najib is not comparable to Anwar. He was schooled mainly abroad and stayed there until University. He had not mixed around with the kampung boys and never stayed in a kampung overnight, I don't think. Tun Razak lived in a house in a then Kampung in Pekan and it's still there to day, preserved by the State Government for all to see.

So, unlike his father, and unlike Anwar, Najib would not know the real thinking, the attitude, the value system, the problems, the hopes and aspirations of the kampong folks. So, how to expect him to really care about the poor and simple people when he embarked on 1MDB, having RM2.6 billion in his bank accounts and, according to Tun Dr Mahathir, believing in "Cash Is King".

Anonymous said...

So how to expect Najib to lead UMNO d BN to victory at PRU14? No, cannot expect. That's why Tun Mahathir wants to get him out from the UMNO President and PM posts.

The kampong people cannot imagine how much RM2.6 billion really is but they know it's huge. So much comfort and luxuries he and Rosmah live with yet the kampong rubber tappers and oil palm workers always tak cukup duit, they say kena GST harga barang asyik naik.

Anonymous said...

Najib may not be able to transform Malaysia Into An American Satellite if he allows even Parliament to restrict press personnel reporting on parliamentary proceedings, according to media reports.

That will isolate them in a separate building away from where legislative sittings are held, limiting the media’s access to lawmakers while also making it harder for MPs to hold briefings, they said.

The move has been criticised by two MPs, one from the ruling Barisan Nasional and the other, an opposition MP.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that "our PM's new 'friends' in the US" put pressure on the signing of the TPPA by getting the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal to put out the accusations of wrong-doing in the running of 1MDB? I don't think so.

Newspapers in the US are quite independent. The Jewish-owned ones like NYT and WSJ would first consider newspaper sales value of sensational news they publish and, after that, perhaps whether such news help the overall Zionist interest of weakening Muslim-led governments of the world.

Anonymous said...

"And so Malaysia's enslavement to the US, beginning with the TPPA, will likely be the likely greatest legacy of DS Najib as our 6th Prime Minister..."

Are you sure it didn't begin with the "selling" one of poor MAS birds (MH 370 for instance) for them to use in their geopolitical strategem against... possibly China (with the most number of passengers on the flight, including 20-21 IT folks)?

A good indication of this being one of those moves was how their chief goodfella in Asia went out of their way to "locate" the plane, which against all the beliefs of experienced pilots and aviation experts everywhere did a ninety degree turn and crashed off Perth. Yeah!

The questions that have been ignored by Malaysians (but not from others in the world) is who are complicit from within the country in that whole aviation sleight...

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations secret? Where the hell is US and freedom of information, transparency and all going?

Don't they know that if the TPPA is about containment of China or getting satellites in this region, the Chinese would have known. They even excel in cyber theft that US been complaining about when the Chinese President visited US, what more the normal economic and political intelligence gathering. They have potential Fifth Columnists all over the world, and a lot in Malaysia.

And Najib not tackling them head on, even making things easy for them, like abolishing the ISA when the US still has ISA-like detention in Guantanamo Bay. Crazy this Najib guy.

Anonymous said...

"The TPPA may have a negative impact on, for example, the automotive sector. Automotive companies may have to close shop if they are unable to compete effectively and this may result in the retrenchment of workers," said senior lecturer in international business at Universiti Utara Malaysia's School of International Studies Dr Nurhaizal Azam. (Bernama)

Sure it'd frustrate Tun Dr Mahathir who had pioneered Malaysia's own automotive industry, spent tons of money on Research and Development, had problems even on getting the Government protection after he was no longer PM. Tun Dol, perhaps out of fedapness being accused "flip flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy", allowed Kia Motor cars assembled in this country.

Now Najib and his TPPA, though what would be tabled to Parliament would take 2 years to be implemented. But thn how to expect Najib to really care about Malaysia's own car industry with his record on 1MDB and RM2.6 million Cash Is King.

sani said...

Malaysia is too small a country in many ways. ..geographically every big brother will want to have control over it...dont try to be a hero or another plane will dissappear. ..

sani said...

Malaysia is too small a country in many ways. ..geographically every big brother will want to have control over it...dont try to be a hero or another plane will dissappear. ..

Anonymous said...


Sad to hear you say that. It reflects an ever-defeatist stand, no self respect, no maruah as a country. The very thing that Tun Dr Mahathir has tried his utmost to instil and build ino the minds of Malaysians when in power for 22 years before.

Maybe that's the grounding you got under Najib? Heard of Singapore a small island state having at least 2 submarines whereas Malaysia, spread between the Peninsular and Sabah and Sarawak with thousands of miles of coastlines to defend, also has 2?

What are you saying, my friend? That MH17 and MH370 disappeared because we "tried to be a hero"? Would you like to say what makes you say so? It would be very interesting to know if you have reasons for saying so and am looking forward to it. Let's chat it out, converse, shall we.

Anonymous said...

It sometimes crosses the mind what do we do if the Chinese start building an island next to the island Malaysia claims in the Spratlys, like they have done further north. Not now or soon after the Malaysia-China joint military exercise that Hishammudin is in Beijing shaking the Chinese hands for now. But maybe in the not too distant future.

Malaysia has only 2 submarines. Wonder if the Vietnamese newly arrived 6 Russian-made submarines would help. The Thai has a few China-made subs, but sure supply of spare parts etc would be stopped once Thailand steps in to help - if they would, that it is.

Singapore, a small island state, has 2 submarines, like Malaysia. Indonesia has several subs bought second hand years ago and wonder how reliable. Australia has 6 Collins class Australian-made diesel engines, so old that Australia is having a tender exercise to build replacement ones.

Submarines are supposed to be the front line in thwarting an invading force. So, what do we do if we don't have a "satellite" arrangement like Singapore does? Let China be literally our next door neighbour in the Spratlys island chain?

Anonymous said...

Here's a safety valve on the American satellite thingy -

Malaysia can withdraw from TPPA if 'uncomfortable' with it, says Mustapa
The Rakyat Post - ‎10 hours ago‎

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed says no penalties will be imposed on Malaysia if it withdraws as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is a voluntary agreement.

But once in, damn difficult to get the gomen to get out.

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