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Monday, April 29, 2013

Desperation Mounts For Some As Election Nears

It appears desperation has set in for Pakatan and some of its fanatical followers. Just this morning as I dropped my kids off at school, I saw the following banner being defaced by what I assume is a Pakatan supporter who was driving a Blue Suzuki Swift with K (for Kedah) plates. He was doing this by pasting 'ABU' or 'Asal Bukan UMNO' stickers across the part of the banner saying BN.

This appeared to me to be a desperate move in large part as I did not think it was done with much thought, as:

1 - The act is of course illegal just as any act to sabotage legitimate campaign activities. Wanna compete, do it legally lah brader!

2 - The campaign Asal Bukan UMNO is a little irrelevant seeing as UMNO is not competing in this election, BN is! Perhaps they are frustrated now that all that ABU campaign materials they have prepared are wasted being redundant!

3 - The BN candidate is Segambut where this poster was defaced isn't even from UMNO! Jayanthi, the BN candidate for Segambut is from Gerakan? Is the saboteur even from Segambut or an outside influence?

Signs of desperation also abound with personal attacks by DS Anwar Ibrahim on Tun Dr M in Segamat a few days ago. I suppose if Lim Kit Siang could be booed out of a coffee shop including by Chinese voters during his walkabout in Gelang Patah, Pakatan have reason to panic, but that is no excuse for bad behaviour!

Voters will not support ill mannered leaders who cannot control the behaviour of their fanatical supporters!

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Politics Of 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh'

In corporate life, we are always looking for 'Best Practices' as a sort of easy and low cost way to improve business. By the same token, it is the best of our people that a corporation cherishes and nurtures as it is difficult to develop such a star and expensive to bring in one from outside.

One would expect the same practices in other organisations also apply. One sees this in football, how stars nurtured in house are cherished even as they age, such as Ryan Giggs at Man U, Steven Gerrard in Liverpool, Lothar Mathauess at Bayern, with their departure seen as a tragedy, such as when
Raul left Real Madrid.

On the other hand, it is only natural for bad practices and inferior people are ejected from an organisation. This is necessary also to make space and free up funds to buy in stars from the outside - like the Robin Van Persies - to strengthen the team. The Malay saying for this is 'Buang Yang Keruh, Ambil Yang Jernih' or 'Throwing Away the Murky, Taking the Clear'.

So it is with great shock when I see political parties in Malaysia behaving in the opposite way.

OK, we do know that the 'Buang Yang Jernih' strategy has always been rampant in DAP, mainly to ensure the continued domination of Lim Kit Siang's family and cronies. It got worse recently with not just strong alternative leaders like Kerk Kim Hock and Wee Choo Keong cast aside, but an entire section of DAP delegates being left out of an AGM! However, DAP can hardly be accused of 'Ambil Yang Keruh practice.

However, in PAS, we now see a complete counter-evolution to an organisation with the full 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh' approach! For not only did they get rid of proven, quality leaders such as Hassan Ali from their fold, they have now at last replaced their strongman in Selangor with ex-UMNO 'dirt', Icon of Corruption, TS Mat Taib, of 'I don't understand English fame' of all people!

And all this during the run-up to PRU13?!?! What, PAS thought that having active songstresses and actresses among their lineup, even as election candidates, candidates previous PAS leaderships would not touch with a bargepole is not good enough? They have chosen to recruit leaders UMNO would be happy to be rid off as well?!

I have a lot of sympathy for TS Mat Taib actually, at the end of his career and with age catching up to him, maybe he thinks it would not hurt to try to escape hell and get to heaven by trying the PAS route! But why would PAS accept him willingly? Would it not put off their supporters?

Or maybe this whole PAS 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh' strategy isn't really PAS' originally but part of the corruption brought by their association with DS Anwar Ibrahim aka Darth Juburius! After all, Mat Taib was an ally of Anwar's in UMNO before... DS Anwar & TS Mat Taib are 'kawan seperdosaan'!

Question hence is not whether PAS is more attractive now with Mat Taib in their ranks, but rather whether PAS supporters will stay loyal with the rising stink among its leadership that continues to 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh'!

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Lost Viable PMs Of Pakatan Rakyat: PAS

As DAP and its fallen candidate for PM digs itself deeper into the indignity of its failure to conduct an AGM(!), our attention shifts to PAS, the oldest party in the Pakatan line-up and once seen as a fertile breeding ground for an alternative Malay PM for Malaysia to rise from grassroots OPPOSITION politics. This differs from the many PKR hopefuls who tend to be tainted by having begun their politics in BN, or in the case of Rafizi, in an NGO supported by Tun Daim.

The line-up of PAS leadership as potential candidates of PM are flawed, looking at the top 3:
  1. "Mursyidul Am": TG Nik Aziz Nik Mat - Too Old!

  2. President: TG Hadi Awang - A failure in administration in Terengganu, such that he failed to get his government re-elected after 1 term.

  3. Deputy President: Muhammad Sabu... Mat Sabu?!?!... MAT SABU AS PM?!?!?!?!... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Are there other candidates in the lower echelons? Perhaps? A fan favourite in the past that has had his lustre fade as problems keep popping up in Kelantan and his close association with DS Anwar Ibrahim is revealed, is Husam Musa. However, Husam has never been able to capture the imagination of the PAS grassroots as a candidate for leadership beyond his home state, and after all, the PM is for all Malaysians, not just for Kelantanese.

The irony is, the problem PAS is facing now is of their own doing! There was one rather impressive individual which in this blogger and many others' view would have been a viable PM candidate for PAS, former Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa! The 2 term Parliamentarian is urbane, moderate and so open minded over collaboration, he was even willing to consider friendship with UMNO!

2 events personally define Nasharuddin Mat Isa to this blogger. The first was when I bumped into him having breakfast at the Meridien KL's 6th floor coffee house just prior to Parliament. He openly welcomed me to join him for a brief chat, sort of a polite introduction to each other short of a GTKY, and his urbanity and intelligence shone through.

The second was when this blogger attended Hassan Ali's invitation to bloggers to clear the air over his expulsion from the Selangor Exco. Nasharuddin was the only senior PAS leader to loyally make an appearance that night and he was unapologetic about it! Here was a man who knew that loyalty is the only true currency in politics and holding on to the truth no matter what is the only true mark of a moral leader.

Unfortunately, for 'Nasha', he resisted the influences of DS Anwar... resulting in his now being in limbo! And he is thrown into limbo, and so PAS loses its one viable candidate for PM for this PRU13! One wonders really if this is in PAS' interest or the interest of DS Anwar Ibrahim...

In the meantime, Nasha proves himself to be indeed a lost PM candidate, remaining relevant in the Islamic NGO scene, projecting himself slowly in the global stage and continuing to be a credit to Malaysia...

Compare this to what I said of Mat Sabu earlier... preferred choice of Darth Juburius!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Lost Viable PMs Of Pakatan Rakyat: DAP

PRU13 may well be turning into more than just a battle between potential winnable candidates offered by each party, but a battle of winnable Prime Ministers that will likely lead the government should either side win. As candidates become less appealing or indeed if they remain annonymous to the electorate, the more a party relies on the candidate on offer for Prime Minister.

For the longest time, the battle has been expected to be one between DS Najib Tun Razak as the BN candidate for Prime Minister against DS Anwar Ibrahim as the Pakatan candidate. However, DS Anwar Ibrahim has always lacked appeal to a significant section of the electorate, being an ex-con - having been convicted for abuse of power, being party to much of the suspected corruption in UMNO and BN when he was Finance Minister, even seen as incompetent by some.

And of course there is the 'sex thing' with DS Anwar that seems undignified.

Perhaps this is why DS Anwar's partners in Pakatan Rakyat seem to be pushing agendas of their own, with DAP leader Karpal Singh clearly stating his aim to have a non-Malay Prime Minister chosen, probably referring to Lim Guan Eng, the Penang CM as their likeliest candidate. Of course, Guan Eng's capacity to administer is now put in question as he seems quite incapable of even organising a legal AGM and party elections for the DAP...

Nonwithstanding Guan Eng's apparent popularity as CM in Penang, which is not really a mark of genius considering his predecessor was the supremely unpopular, over-educated yet 'bean-like' and suspected racist TS Koh Tsu Koon, Guan Eng's failure to manage the recent DAP elections is monumental. His management of the aftermath of the Registrar of Societies (RoS) non-recognition of the election results has actually made matters worse!

The idea of having DAP candidates contest under the PAS banner in Peninsular Malaysia and PKR banner in East Malaysia was not just unneccessary (DAP is not de-listed yet, there is time even after PRU13 to recover with an EGM or re-do of an AGM), it undermined DAP's candidates with PAS gleefully claiming that they welcome DAP's support of 'Hudud' laws. PKR of course is a highly unpopular party in East Malaysia, seen as a 'Peninsular' party.

And so at the eve of PRU13, the DAP has lost its only viable candidate for PM and must rely on the DS Anwar Ibrahim offering... surely Karpal is fuming...

A Battle For Power And The Soul Of PAS Rages As PRU13 Unfolds

Consider the following:

With the rise of Mat Sabu and the so far demise of Nasharuddin Mat Isa following Hassan Ali's expulsion from PAS' leadership line, the so called 'Erdogan' or pro-Anwar Ibrahim group has never been so close to seizing power in PAS. So, sure enough, despite the importance of PRU13 to DS Anwar Ibrahim personally and in fact to all the Rakyat... personally also(!), party politics are being played out in PAS(!), with...
  1. The attack on the personal character of Mustapha Ali through the revelation of a (likely fake) sex video, that Pakatan insiders have indicated are likely not by UMNO or any other Barisan Nasional component! An attack on Mustapha Ali is an attack on PAS President TG Hadi Awang himself, who besides the politically less effective Harun Din, is the last remaining bastion against Erdogan control of PAS. Mustapha is Hadi's 'enforcer' or rather 'consiglieri' in the party.

  2. Looking back, this follows year-long attacks on another TG Hadi ally and anti-Erdogan stalwart, Kedah MB Syed Azizan. The main contenders against Azizan are Erdogan leaning at least.

  3. PKR candidates competing against PAS candidates in what would otherwise have been safe  or at worse grey seats for PAS in Terengganu. Similar tussles such as in Pantai Acheh are just thrown in to confuse the real purpose - a sabotaging of PAS' albeit slim chances of winning Terengganu! This is to ensure TG Hadi Awang has no chance of regaining the powerful position of Menteri Besar of the state that would make him unassailable.

  4. TG Hadi Awang himself suddenly attacking PKR visciously in the state, probably realising that these moves by PKR are part of a strategy towards ousting TG Hadi Awang himself, perhaps through a forced retirement, to allow Mat Sabu to be acting President of PAS (!) or even to open the door for the more credible Salahuddin Ayubb or an Erdogan Ulama to topple TG Hadi.
That this madness is happening in PAS during PRU13 is further evidence of the insanity that surrounds DS Anwar Ibrahim. Perhaps like the Sith Lord Darth Sidious, DS Anwar is so imbued in the Dark Side that everything around him, including his allies, are just naturally corrupted! May he not succeed in his grasp for power unlike Sidous who eventually became Emperor in that famous space opera!

PS what does that make Mat Sabu? Anakin Skywalker?!?! Naaaaah.... more like Jar Jar Binks! So easily duped!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Anwar Ibrahim And The Papagomo Phenomenon

I didn't really have much time for Papagomo in the past. Whilst the guy is clearly pro-BN and pro-UMNO, he reflects the worst of what a Blogger could be from either part of the divide; crass, populist, always aiming at the highest hits, to attract the most friends or fans or followers and quite unscrupulous over the morality of what or how he writes or projects in his postings. Nevertheless, he has now turned into a fascinating symbol in this election.

What is Papagomo a symbol of? Papagomo and his harassment of DS Anwar Ibrahim by threatening to contest against the opposition leader in Permatang Pauh (and presumably anywhere else Anwar chooses to contest) has become the symbol of how lowly and pathetic Anwar has become! It is one thing for Anwar to be challenged by former PAS leader Nasharuddin Mat Isa, since refuted by 'Nasha' - there is dignity in  being challenged by a man of stature. But to be challenged by Papagomo?

Wait, am I being elitist here? Doesn't Papagomo have the right or dignity of any other individual to challenge Anwar? And doesn't DS Anwar Ibrahim as a 'man of the Rakyat' then have the right to welcome a challenge from any citizen in the country? It is not that I am being elitist here. Anwar can indeed be challenged by anyone and Papagomo can choose to participate in this election in any way he likes. That is not the problem. The problem is...

Imagine that... the great DS Anwar Ibrahim being a target for blog hits, with Papagomo simply doing what Namewee was doing when he abused the Negaraku, lampooned TNB and other institutions as a tool for his brand of populism! In a sense, Papagomo is the rather nasty pro-BN ultra-Malay antithesis of Namewee, so the shoe does fit. And Papagomo is attacking Anwar the symbol, not the man!

But will this just be another sideshow for this election? Will it in fact then backfire? As whilst Papagomo is supposedly backed by an NGO, he is so blatantly anti-Anwar that it would be hard put for any BN or UMNO leader to deny his political leanings. Nevertheless, Papagomo does present an interesting challenge to the electorate considering DS Anwar is supposedly Pakatan's prefered candidate for PM still... will DS Anwar still be viable as a PM after indignities like this!

Then again... Anwar is already infamous for many past indignities...

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Nurul Izzah Sepatutnya Sibuk Dengan Obama-Romney, Bukan Isu Murtad!

Malam tadi jurublog ini betul-betul seronok berhujah di Astro Awani - ye lah, cerita pun tentang Pilihanraya Presiden USA, pilihan antara Obama dan Romney. Isu tersebut memberi peluang seseorang yang beraspirasi untuk menunjukkan keperihatinan tentang dunia luar sekaligus kelincahan berhujah tanpa batasan oleh kerana risiko topik hampir pasti tidak akan menjejaskan senario lokal sama-sekali, baik dari segi politik, ekonomi, sosial... agama.

Jurublog Tengah Ghairah Berhujah Di Astro Awani
Ini terlihat berbeza sungguh dengan pendekatan YB Nurul Izzah Anwar, mungkin akibat beliau merasakan dirinya tetiba lebih ahli tentang ilmu agama dari hal politik USA, kini dirinya sudah terjerumus dalam isu getir buatan sendiri. Tetapi kita mungkin sukar juga untuk menyalahkan beliau, kerana Papanya pun lebih kurang begitu! Kan DS Anwar Ibrahim di antara orang yang paling corot pengetahuan agamanya namun cukup riak sehingga naik ke mimbar untuk berkhutbah?

Dalam hal DS Anwar, mungkin beliau tidak ada pilihan. DS Anwar memang corot pengetahuan dalam pelbagai hal, sehinggakan bidangnya sendiri, Pengajian Melayu, sekalipun beliau takat boleh lepas dengan General Degree sahaja, maka beliau mungkin merasakan lebih mudah bantai cakap agama dari benda lain! Kalau YB Mat Sabu boleh buat dengan habis belajar takat SPM je, apa salahnya DS Anwar buat mungkin fikirnya?!

Tapi masalahnya, YB Nurul Izzah tak perlu buat begitu! Beliau lebih cerdik dari Ayahnya dengan kelulusan akademik yang lebih menyegankan - ye lah, benih maknya DS Wan Azizah kan seorang doktor pakar mata! Jadi apalah YB Nurul Izzah buat sampai naik pening dah sekarang, tengok gambar bawah peningnya beliau sekarang? Ni sekarang teman-teman lama Papanya Hj Ismail Mina dan YB Datuk Dr Hassan Ali pun dah steady nak bantai YB Nurul Izzah di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman pada Khamis 8 November, 8 malam!

Nurul Izzah Anwar kan dan PENING sebab tak biarkan isu Agama dijawab Tok Guru je! (NST pic)
Padahal banyak bebenor hal yang boleh diceritakan tentang Obama-Romney nih! Contohnya, bagaimana US$2.6 BILLION(!) telah dibelanjakan oleh kempen Presiden Amerika Syarikat tahun ni! Ini belum lagi termasuk wang kempen untuk Senate serta Dewan Perwakilan Kongres deme! Ah, tapi mungkinkah YB Nurul Izzah tak mahu bercerita sangat tentang Obama-Romney sebab ada sebenarnya risiko buat partinya dan Papanya? Yelah, parti pun duitnya dari Soros & Co  kan? Mungkin orang yang sama juga yang membiaya kempen Obama-Romney?!

Takpelah, yang penting, diharap semua ahli politik muda yang tak berapa berilmu agama, walau yang ingat dia ahli sebab ada kertas dari pusat kajian Islam di Oxford, sedar sikit sekarang yang tak wajar berceloteh perkara agama bila diri sendiri pun belum cukup ilmu di dada. Ini bukan zaman Papa lagi, nak muhong tentang apa-apa pun susah, apatah lagi hal agama!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Why Is Pakatan Rakyat Campaigning So Early?

I was undertaking one of my infrequent forays into Twitter on Saturday when I found PKR (not Pakatan but PKR) leaders busily inviting people to view their new PRU13 posters. There is just one problem, PRU13 hasn't been declared yet! Which begs the question, why are PKR leaders 'campaigning' for PRU13 so soon? The following are in my view the more 'interesting' potential reasons...

  1. It's a budgetary issue! PKR budgetted for PRU13 to be held this year and had received financing from their overseas funders for campaign paraphernalia to be spent before year end. If PKR does not spend the money, they may have to return the money to Soros and co! So, might as well spend first meh before year end!

  2. Some of the PKR folks with kids in Government schools are freaking out seeing scenes like this in schools all over the country.

    PKR feels pressed to react... doesn't matter how, just react!

  3. PKR has come to a realisation that it cannot be too linked to its de-facto leader, DS Anwar Ibrahim, any more as he is starting to become a liability now what his many 'peculiarities'. So? Time to 'brand-build'! No wonder you have PKR posters with no DSAI around! (One distinct possibility related to this is that they have conceded losing PRU13 and are planning for PRU14 already!)

  4. PKR has come to realise it cannot compete with PAS and DAP for many seats in the elections because, it doesn't have enough members to generate enough viable, let alone winnable, candidates! So, its actually a desparate recruiting exercise they are in - not campaigning for PRU13 la!
OK, I am having a little fun here, but seriously, numbers 3. and 4. above may not be far from the truth!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

WHO In The Selangor Government PROFITS From The Talam Scandal?

When doing business, everyone, even governments, monks and mosques, would want to make a profit. If you ask a man on the street then why the Talam deal looks very funny, it is because it is not clear until now why the Selangor government would want to do what they did. This is because all the proof shows that the Selangor government came out of the Talam deal at a loss, with land which they do not need and at values far less than what the state ‘paid’ for. Even so called Oxford trained YB Tony Pua struggled to explain how the Selangor government could make a profit from Talam. So why did it happen? Did anyone profit?

Of course Talam, or its new name Trinity Corporation, and its shareholders including TS Chan Ah Chye, his wife and Kumpulan Europlus (who in 2009 controlled Talam AND Europlus), profited. However, for a deal like this to happen, it is the Selangor government that should have seen a bigger profit. This was because Talam, before the deal, was a company in trouble. It had so much unpaid debt that it was delisted from Bursa Malaysia as a PN17 company or labeled in layman’s terms, ‘company with cashflow problems’! Surely the Selangor government could have made a better deal with Talam so desperate?

So the question must be asked, did 'someone' in the Selangor government profit from the Talam deal? Maybe someone very influential? But who? And how was the profit made? Someone did profit from the Talam deal who is very influential with the Selangor government, and how he and his friends profited will be shown here. To understand how the profit was made, your must look back in history and begin with what happened in the year 2006. What happened then made what happened in 2009 possible. It made it possible for someone influential with the Selangor government profit from the Talam deal.

In 2006, Talam was already a company in trouble and about to be delisted. It used to have many, many 'friends' in the BN establishment, you could even argue these BN friends were the ones that got Talam into trouble in the first place! However, there came a time even these friends could not save it. Somewhere along the way of it trying to save itself, Talam converted some of its loans to preference shares, loan stock and Islamic financial instruments to the value of RM423.4 Million to Abrar Discount House. This was all done legally and would have remained innocent if Talam was not delisted from Bursa Malaysia then soon after!

See here and here.
However, with Talam delisted or made a PN17 company, all the RM423.4 Million worth of equity and financial instruments of Talam that was owned by Abrar Discount House effectively has no value! The value of all these Talam ‘financial paper’ was effectively zero because no one could buy or sell them on the open market with Talam being delisted. In addition to that, no one would want to buy them because Talam was immediately seen to be such a lousy company that was delisted!

So, Abrar Discount House was then holding all of this Talam paper with effectively zero value that they ‘bought’ for RM423.4 Million.

In 29 June 2009, something interesting happened. Kumpulan Europlus, a major shareholder of Talam also controlled by TS Chan Ah Chye, announced that it was buying all of the Talam paper from Abrar Discount House for RM125 Million. When the news came out, it was reported as being a good deal for Kumpulan Europlus, as it was buying RM423.4 Million worth of equity etc. from Abrar Discount House for RM125 Million, a 71% discount! However, there is just one problem. With Talam still delisted, still PN17, any of its financial paper would be worth zero! Including the ones Abrar Discounts House held!

So why would Kumpulan Europlus, and TS Chan Ah Chye, which already had control of Talam with its existing shares, pay Abrar Discount House RM125 Million for worthless paper that it does not need? Most Malaysians know that Abrar = DS Anwar Ibrahim. In fact, more accurately, Abrar = Dr Wan Hasni Wan Sulaiman = DS Anwar Ibrahim’s crony. At the same time, we know that DS Anwar Ibrahim is very influential in the dealings of Selangor government, being its ‘Economic Advisor’!

A few months after this RM125 Million payment from TS Chan Ah Chye’s Kumpulan Europlus to DS Anwar Ibrahim’s Abrar Discount House for its worthless paper, the Selangor government executed the many land deals with Talam now known as the ‘Talam Scandal’ in Selangor, that actually made Talam so much profit that it even left it financially liquid enough to be relisted in Bursa Malaysia! In fact, RM125 Million bought Tan Sri Chan Ah Chye a lot of support, as DS Anwar Ibrahim personally supported the deal when Pakatan ADUN’s voted for the deal in the Selangor State Assembly!

I suppose RM125 Million is too much money for even DS Anwar to ignore, as in supporting this deal, he actually backed up TS Khalid Ibrahim in his clash with then PKR Secretary-General Datuk Salahuddin Hashim. Datuk Salahuddin Hashim left PKR and began criticising DS Anwar some 2 months after the entire drama around Talam ended at the Selangor State Assembly. Ironically, TS Khalid Ibrahim now wants to appoint 5 separate audit firms to audit the Talam deal! I understand TS Khalid is not so close to DS Anwar any more, so, is this an effort for TS Khalid to reveal the truth behind the Talam deal?
So, the deal DS Anwar supported for Selangor State agencies to buy Talam water over land, buildings with no tenants on dodgy land, etc. is detailed with much complication here. How Anwar profits from the Talam Scandal is shown in the graphic below. Of course, this is very simplistic. We suspect more shenanigans than this as during this time, Talam was on the verge of being re-listed (so you can ask the confusing question of why Abrar Discounts wanted to sell the Talam paper!?) and Talam even lost an influential royal person as a Director and discontinued its relationship with highly reputable accountants Deloitte Kassim Chan!

So, in short, Talam and its shareholders benefited from the Selangor Talam Scandal. However, someone with influence over the Selangor State Government also benefited from the Talam deal and allowed the deal to happen. The influential person who benefited on the Selangor side was its Economic Advisor, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim with his cronies in Abrar Discount House. How much did they benefit from the deal? RM125 Million! Is it legal? Most likely. Is it right? Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his cronies getting RM125 Million cash whilst Selangor state overpays for land under water? Hell no!

But... the story does not end there! For the deal for Abrar Discount's Talam paper to go through, Danaharta had to be party to it. So who in Danaharta agreed to this and why? All legal we are sure, but...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pengasas ABIM Masih Dalam Keadaan Kritikal - ABIM Founder Still In Critical State

Pada tahun 1971, seorang anak Melayu yang ingin berdakwah telah mendapati dirinya serta kawan-kawan berpendidikan bukan 'pondok' amnya ditolak oleh para tokoh agama yang lazimnya kelahiran sistem 'pondok' dari terlibat dalam memimpin aktiviti keagamaan. Atas niat murni mewujudkan 'platform' untuk berdakwah bagi anak-anak muda Melayu, terutama lepasan jurusan universiti yang bukan berbentuk keagamaan, ADAM telah dicadangkan.

ADAM, atau Angkatan DAkwah Malaysia, dibiayai penuh penubuhannya oleh anak Melayu demikian, yang pada masa tersebut merupakan antara pegawai bank tertinggi jawatannya di kalangan rakyat Malaysia, seorang insan bernama Sanusi bin Junid. Namun nama ADAM telah dipohon pertukaran namanya oleh seorang ahli barunya untuk membolehkannya terlibat dengan aktiviti belia berpersatuan. Maka ADAM bertukar nama kepada ABIM, Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia.

Dari awal penubuhannya, TS Sanusi telah mengusahakan agar ABIM mekar subur sebagai sebuah NGO ulung, walau membelakangi dirinya sebagai pengasas. Maka, walaupun ABIM ditubuhkan dan didaftarkan pada alamat rumah beliau di No.3, Lorong Batai Dalam, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur, TS Sanusi telah memilih seorang tokoh agama muda yang lebih unggul untuk menerajui ABIM sebagai Presidennya yang pertama, yakni (Prof Dr) Ghazali Nawawi.

Jasa awal TS Sanusi sebagai Pengasas dan Naib Presiden ABIM pertama kini masih dikenang oleh para pemimpin veteran ABIM yang masih ikhlas memikul perjuangan asalnya, termasuklah Profesor Datuk Dr Sidek Baba, dan juga para pemimpinnya yang lebih muda tetapi tak kurang unggulnya, seperti pemimpin kes membantah pendaftaran Lina Joy, Dr Yusri Mohamad. Pada kumpulan inilah kesedihan kini melanda mendengarkan keadaan kesihatan TS Sanusi.

Buat pengetahuan pembaca, Ayah jurublog, yakni TS Sanusi Junid, walaupun kini semakin pulih statistik kesihatannya, seperti tekanan darahnya, di bawah pemantauan Dr-Drnya, namun masih dalam keadaan yang merisaukan, apatah lagi apabila suhu badan beliau kelihatan melonjak ke paras demam pada akhir siang semalam. Namun kita hanya mampu berdoa ke hadrat Ilahi agar memanjangkan umur TS Sanusi agar jasanya bertambah dan terus dihargai.

Dengan ini, kaum keluarga besar TS Sanusi memohon semua yang sudi untuk mengambil kesempatan barakah hari Jumaat ini untuk mendoakan kesihatan beliau. Sumbangan semua yang sudi amatlah dihargai.

It is among the sources of greatest pain to Ayah I am sure, though it has always remained relatively well hidden, that he, TS Sanusi Junid, was never formally acknowledged as the THE founder of ABIM by the organisation itself. It would seem that in the drive to project DS Anwar Ibrahim as a great leader, many even of the original cohort are happy to commit the sin of bearing false witness that it is supposedly Anwar Ibrahim who founded ABIM!

Unfortunately for nay-sayers of TS Sanusi's involvement in ABIM, there is too much historical documentation that backs the truth. For instance, the articles of formation of ABIM clearly states TS Sanusi as the founding Vice President, with ABIM registered at his home address! Anwar Ibrahim's name as a key office bearer was conspicuously absent! This was as Anwar was leading the Muslim Students' NGO, PKPIM, and chasing the Malaysian Youth Council (MBM) too!

There is no denying that DS Anwar was the source of the name ABIM, proposed to replace the original name ADAM to enable him to use ABIM as a vehicle to remain active in Youth politics after his departure from university. But therein one sees Anwar's involvement was always laced in self interest. Perhaps this is why many ABIM activists from the earliest days, such as Prof. Datuk Dr Sidek Baba, has since abandoned DS Anwar for their original leader, TS Sanusi Junid.

It is to these sincere campaigners of Islam as well as many other friends and those touch by TS Sanusi Junid's deeds that his family now turns to for assistance in the form of doa on this Friday. May your good words beseeching Allah swt to grant my Ayah more time on this earth to continue contributing his wisdom, time and energy, results in Allah swt granting us such a pleasure. With all sincerity.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Winners And Losers Of Bersih 2.0 As Well As A (Local) Hidden Hand...

Claims and counter-claims abound about who are the winners or losers coming out the Bersih 2.0 demos on Saturday. Here are my opinions:

The People of KL: BIGGEST LOSERS! The demo disrupted KL life such that the demonstrators, not the police, are being blamed, unlike for Bersih 1.0! I have heard from people as varied as Shiela Majid (on twitter) and my son's elderly Chinese Chess coach express their disappointment at the so called 'leaders' disrupting and disturbing people's lives. What more the brides and grooms as well as other for which the day should have been memorable for better reasons!

The People of Malaysia: Losers, but not too big me-thinks. The biggest concern would have been if this led to loss of investor confidence, etc. But considering how relatively tame the demos were and the relatively balanced coverage by the international media, such as by the BBC, as well as many people having visited Malaysia over the years, knowing much of this is just opposition political propaganda, the damage I believe has been relatively limited.

Bersih 2.0: Losers, but not too big either as they seem to be feeling good about themselves! Quote delusional this, as they were talking about getting 500,000 to demo, ended up having to claim only a 10% turnout of 50,000, whilst even independent analysts can only confirm an attendance of 10,000! Actually, quite a pathetic performance considering Dato' Ambiga's and Pakatan Rakyat's previous claims.

Perkasa (& known Allied NGOs): BIG WINNERS! They did not turn up in the end, hence will be taking the credit for being respectful to the Agong, to the police, the authorities, as well as concerned with the impact on the city's people! And sure enough, Dato' Ibrahim Ali has wasted no time seizing the moral high ground by criticising Bersih 2.0, especially Dato' Ambiga!

Patriot (or KJ's gang cum 'Pemuda UMNO'): Indifferent. No one really knows what they were trying to do, maybe just piggy-back ride on Perkasa's crowd? In the end, their smaller numbers were quite insignificant, and still had to suffer being water-cannoned by the police! KJ was lauded by some UMNO reps at the gathering at PWTC yesterday, but they were following a cue, and Patriot remains an organisation in a limbo legally that has achieved... nothing!

DS Anwar Ibrahim: Loser. This was probably going to be DS Anwar's swansong as demos go, as he is likely to spend a long time in prison due to Saiful. Surely he must be disappointed that he did not manage to lead a massive enough procession, so much so that news of him falling and needing the hospital was about the best coverage he could achieve... pathetic! At least no one pointed out Bersih 2.0's poor turnout is proof the DS Anwar did nothing but Hijack Bersih 1.0!

The Police: Indifferent. Actually, the police managed the situation quite well. However, I find it hard to see people agreeing to the use of any force such as water-cannons etc on demonstrators. However, the people are so annoyed by Bersih 2.0, they would probably have some respect towards the Police for doing their job that day and keeping their peace.

DS Najib: Marginal Winner. I actually had DS Najib down as Loser or Indifferent until I saw photos of his Walkabout around KL on Sunday. That was EXCELLENT! May not have addressed all the questions of the management of Bersih 2.0 over the weeks or indeed the stadium alternative debacle, for which he cannot shoulder all the blame, but the Walkabout was in welcome contrast to the life-disrupting Bersih 2.0 activity.

So, what was the point of the Bersih 2.0 demo on Saturday? That is a rhetorical question which answer is... IT WAS FOR NOTHING! There is much that the people of KL has suffered from Dr Ambiga and her Pakatan friends, but enough for many KL-ites to return to BN if PRU-13 was tomorrow? Maybe not, but DS Anwar and his allies did not gain much, but lost some on Saturday, 9 July, 2011.

On the Hidden Hand... many conspiracy stories have been flying around about 'foreign influence' upon Ambiga and her Bersih 2.0 leadership. However, it may be of interest to many that by far the biggest contributor to Dato' Ambiga's Bersih 2.0's so called 'success', with advice, influence though perhaps less money, is a LOCAL! A PROMINENT LOCAL! ONE WHO IS CLOSE TO BN's LEADERSHIP AND CAN SEE THE AGONG! But who is this 'Dalang'...

Monday, May 09, 2011

Campaign Against Reading Tun Dr M's Memoir

I have had the opportunity to personally interact with Tun Dr Mahathir several times. In each case, I have been left at least a tad wiser, whether it be when he remarked on it feeling better being buffetted by crowds of people seeking to take photos with him than being ignored with no one even giving him a friendly greeting, or when he mildly rebuffed me for asking his opinion of the best heart treatment for my Ayah, declaring that we should trust the doctors in charge.

His Memoirs I have hence found to be a delight, as it reveals to me the history of our country through his generation's eyes and gives perspective over who he was as a leader as well as why he decided the way he did on some matters when in power. It is essential reading for Malaysian opinion-makers, as it provides a basis for understanding how things came about, for better or worse, which in itself should be understood as we strive to improve matters in the post-Mahathir era.

I am hence appalled to hear recently that there are many who oppose the purchase and reading of Tun Dr M's Memoirs! The reasons given also seemed to be rather childish considering the level of education of persons concerned and indeed the roles they play in Malaysian society. The reasons given include:

  1. "Why would you want to give Mahathir your money by buying his book?" This is by far the most ridiculous reason for not buying Tun's book. If you don't want to buy, just don't buy. Why worry about whether he makes money from the book?

  2. "The book is too expensive!" This is almost as bad as 1. and is used against Malaysians who don't usually buy biographies... or even books!... but would consider buying Mahathir's Memoirs. Let me say that the Memoir is among the cheapest biographies to be found and if the RM100 is still a problem, then SAVE UP or wait for the soft-cover version la.

  3. "Mahathir said this in his book, actually wrong, then he said, actually wrong, then this also he wrote not right... ad nauseum!" I actually saw comments like this in Twitter accounts of young PKR politicos. The problem is, the comments came just a couple of hours after the book was launched! I just replied - wow, you read the whole almost 1000 pages already ka can comment so much? There was silence in reply. They just pretended.

  4. "Mahathir is old news, no longer relevant. Better buy something on Najib or Anwar." The "better buy Najib" line is smart, making the statement seem reasonable and apolitical. I actually find this argument a little narrow-minded in nature. I suppose the same guys would have people stop reading about Prophet Muhammad pbuh, Buddha or Jesus Christ?

The arguments go on, but in the end, this campaign to stop people reading Tun Dr M's Memoirs are by those who either hate him, oppose his ideas, or worse, fear the truth that he may expose, or further expose about the leaders they themselves idolise... which is why PKR politicos and other Anwaristas tend to be the most anti to the reading of Tun's Memoirs.

Which is ironic, as in the end, those who hate Mahathir and believe they are right to do so should be the ones reading the Memoirs so as to gain more ammunition to attack him no? And in the end, the attempt to stop people reading on Mahathir is futile... his Blog is still well visited, and that is current!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anwar Ibrahim Mengaku Beliau Liwat Melalui Blognya?

Saya tersentak apabila membaca penulisan sahabat saya Jebat Must Die (JMD) yang memetik akhbar Financial Times mengenai kes liwat DS Anwar Ibrahim. Antara yang ditonjolkan oleh JMD adalah bagaimana akhbar tersebut tidak menidakkan berlakunya kejadian tersebut! Malah, akhbar tersebut cuma menidakkan yang DS Anwar kini dituduh merogol Saiful, menurut Financial Times:

"Malaysia should be embarrassed that it is threatening to send a man to prison for consensual sex with another adult."

Dialih bahasakan (dengan penjelasan): "Malaysia seharusnya malu kerana mengancam untuk menghantar seorang (DS Anwar) ke penjara kerana melakukan hubungan seks saling bersetuju (zina) dengan seorang dewasa (tak kira jantina) yang lain."

Lihatlah bagaimana akhbar Financial Times tidak menidakkan berlakunya kejadian tersebut, tetapi cuma meng'spin'kan cerita mengatakan Saiful bukan dirogol tetapi rela diliwati DS Anwar! Terlihat juga di sini bagaimana akhbar Barat tersebut sedia mempertahankan 'hak' DS Anwar untuk berzina tak kiralah dengan manusia berjantina apa sekalipun!

Kita mungkin boleh memaafkan akhbar Financial times kerana tidak melihat perbuatan zina mahupun seks sekelamin sebagai kesalahan dari segi moral Barat yang rasminya sudah lama meninggalkan lunas-lunas agama demi 'kebebasan'. Namun, yang peliknya, blog DS Anwar telah memilih untuk memetik rencana akhbar Financial Times tersebut! Betul... tak caya, kilk sahajalah link tu!

Memandangkan akhbar Financial Times tidak menidakkan berlakunya hubungan kelamin antara DS Anwar dan Saiful dan cuma menyangkal tuduhan yang ianya perbuatan rogol, bukankah ini merupakan sejenis pengakuan? Setidak-tidaknya, dengan membenarkan petikan akhbar tersebut dipaparkan pada halaman web rasmi beliau, tanpa pembetulan, bukankah DS Anwar mengiakan, mengakui, yang memang hubungan seks berlaku antara beliau dengan Saiful?

Tak kiralah sama ada hubungan seks sekelamin tu merupakan rogol, liwat atau kata kerja apa sekalipun, perbuatan sejantina sebegini haram belaka! Adakah akhirnya bibit-bibit kebenaran tentang peribadi comot DS Anwar sudah mula terbit dari rekahan imej beliau yang kian menjadi-jadi? Tu lah, hina lagi Allah S.W.T. dengan membenarkan nama-Nya digunakan sewenang-wenangnya oleh penganut agama lain! Kan dah pecah tembelang... konon 'Pejuang Islam'!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hijack Atau SABOTAGE?!

  1. Siapakah yang mungkin ingin meng'hijack' usaha menunjuk perasaan secara aman ini, memandangkan pakar 'hijack' tunjuk perasaan seumpamanya, yakni DS Anwar Ibrahim, tak mungkin bersetuju isi memorandum tersebut! (Kalau tak, memang DS Anwar pakar yang telah berjaya meng'hijack' tunjuk perasaan dari tahun 70'an lagi, termasuklah 'gelombang kuning' anti-Pak Lah usaha pemimpin UMNO yang rapat dengan istana beberapa tahun lalu!)

  2. Kenapakah usaha untuk meng'hijack' tunjuk perasaan ini kelihatan begitu lembap sekali, sehinggakan para pengelola asalnya dapat mengesan akan usaha ini sebegitu awal dan pemantauan serta tindak-balas kini sempat dilaksanakan? Kumpulan politik manakah yang berupaya menunjukkan kelembapan tindak-tanduk sebegini rupa, seakan-akan budak-budak membuat kerja orang tua!
Awal pagi tadi, saya menerima sms yang mengesahkan serta menjawab segala persoalan di atas. Rupa-rupanya, yang ingin meng'hijack' usaha tunjuk perasaan dan penghantaran memorandum ini adalah tidak lain dari YB Hj Khairy Jamaluddin! Patutlah nampak lembap sekali usaha ini terlaksana, dan sememangnya adalah lojiknya yang YB KJ tergerak hati untuk mencontohi idolanya DS Anwar. Malangnya, bakat KJ memang dari dahulu tak kesampaian...

Masalah bagi penganjur asal tunjuk perasaan dan penghantaran memorandum bantahan kepada Pesuruhjaya Tinggi Australia pula adalah, takut bila orang nampak sms baru jemputan KJ untuk tunjuk perasaan bersama-sama, nanti orang naik berbulu dan tak pergi! Faham-fahamlah, mana ada makhluk yang mahu dilihat bergaul dengan idola korupsi seperti KJ sekarang! Maka adalah yang tertanya-tanya, KJ ni, nak 'hijack' acara ini kah atau berusaha men'sabotaj'?!!!


Woi KJ, dari sibuk nak 'hijack' perahan peluh orang lain, kenapa tak menjuarai Bakri sahaja oi! Bukan kerja engkau ke nak memperjuangkan nasib anak muda Melayu?! Ke ADUN Sekinchan tu pun kawan akrab kau juga?! Dia pun 'black crow' ke, sebab dilanggarnya Bakri dengan 4WD juga?!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

MP Malaysia: (Pendatang) Australia Patut Menjadi Manusia Dahulu Sebelum Mengkritik Orang Lain

Dipetik dan dialih-bahasa beredit dari blog Marahku.

Ribuan MP (Manusia Penduduk) Malaysia mendesak Australia menghentikan penindasan terhadap golongan aborigin, menuntut pampasan ke atas segala jenayah keji terhadap masyarakat aborigin, menggesa pemberhentian diskriminasi terhadap pelarian baragama Islam dan secara amnya menjadi Orang atau Manusia dahulu.

Semata-mata kerana mereka baru sahaja meminda undang-undang melarang liwat tidak menjadikan mereka lebih 'bertamadun', is cuma bermakna masyarakat Australia tak kisah kalau seorang lelaki meliwat lelaki lain! Apakah ini petanda ber'tamadun'... Kalau berlandaskan ide ke'tamadun'an ini, adakah 'hak' seorang penagih dadah menghancurkan hidupnya atau 'hak' seorang anak berumur 12 tahun melakukan kegiatan seks patut diterima? (TIDAK!)

Keputusan Australia melupuskan undang-undang yang melarang liwat dan perilaku homoseks paling-paling adalah tindakan rambang dan menurut kelaziman terkini masyarakat Barat.

Sekiranya Australia kini merasakan dirinya berperibadi tinggi, ia seharusnya membayar ribuan juta sebagai pampasan kepada aborigin kerana menggangu kehidupan aman dan harmoni masyarakat tersebut malah menindas dengan begitu kejam sekali penduduk asal negara mereka tanpa berperi-kemanusiaan. Berikan pampasan dahulu kepada 'generasi yang hilang' dan juga keturunan mereka yang dibunuh secara suka-suka oleh peneroka awal berkulit putih berketurunan banduan dari Britain.



Sehingga menjadi orang... nikmatilah hak kamu untuk meliwat satu sama lain dengan diam... wahai Australia...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Kepimpinan Baru PKR Pasca Malapnya Era DS Anwar Ibrahim... Hasil Musibah Dari Allah...

Tidak boleh dinafikan yang DS Anwar Ibrahim bijak dalam memilih dan mengasah bakat kepimpinan muda. Di UMNO sendiri, terlalu ramai pemimpin generasi DS Najib ke bawah yang bertunas bakat kepimpinan organisasinya di bawah didikan DS Anwar. Ini termasuklah mereka yang kini berada dalam barisan kabinet, seperti Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, Datuk Dr Puad Zarkashi, Datuk Shabery Cheek dan DS Ahmad Zahid Hamidi mahupun Menteri Besar seperti DS Dr Zambry Kadir.

Malah, adalah menarik dilihat yang pemimpin bawahan DS Anwar yang berkualiti dan celik mata seperti disebut tidak menurutnya keluar dari UMNO apabila beliau dipecat dahulu. Pemimpin seperti ini berpegang kepada prinsip perjuangan lebih dari setiakawan, maka apabila timbul percanggahan pendapat tentang halatuju agama, bangsa dan negara, tak hairanlah apabila mereka berpecah barisan dengan DS Anwar memandangkan beliau mula berlaku terlalu liberal dan populis.

Kemudian dilihat, DS Anwar mampu mengumpulkan barisan baru yang berbakat, lebih muda serta cukup bertenaga untuk menggerakkan agenda Reformasinya pada suatu masa dahulu. Namun, tulang belakang barisan tersebut, seperti para pemimpin ABIM veteran seperti Dr Siddiq Fadzil dan Dr Mohd Noor Manuti serta anak-anak buah mereka, mahupun pemimpin politik muda seperti YB Zulkifli Nordin, kini tidak kelihatan di sisi Anwar menghadapi Sodomi II. Kenapa?

Hilangnya sokongan terhadap DS Anwar pada hemah saya adalah kerana pendirian beliau yang kalimah 'Allah' boleh dikongsi oleh umat Islam di Malaysia dengan para penganut agama lain. Malah, DS Anwar memberi hujah bertubi-tubi, menyatakan pendapat yang memesongkan hujah dari para ulama terkemuka atau lebih buruk lagi, seolah-olah bersekongkol dengan Islam Liberal Indonesia pimpinan Nurcholish Majid yang tiada kredibiliti di kalangan umat Islam Malaysia.

Pada masa yang sama, kepimpinan PKR yang benar-benar membawa nilai yang disokong oleh rakyat kebanyakkan, seperti YB Tan Tee Beng, YB DS Zahrain Mohd Hashim, YB Wee Choo Keong, YB S. Manickavasagam dan juga YB Zulkifli Noordin semakin menjauhkan diri dari kepincangan kepimpinan DS Anwar yang merugikan PKR. Ia semakin menjadi-jadi apabila Ketua Menteri DAP, Lim Guan Eng, tertuduh sebagai 'diktator bersifat perkauman' di negeri DS Anwar sendiri, Pulau Pinang.

Sekiranya YB Saifuddin Nasution terbuka hatinya untuk berpaling tadah, maka tak mungkin mereka yang mencengkam kuasa semata-mata kerana kasih DS Anwar, seperti YB Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Sivarasa Rasiah, mahupun Syed Husin Ali, dapat kekal ditampuk kuasa parti, apatah lagi menyelamatkan PKR untuk Anwar. Menarik sekali, PKR mungkin kemudian akan ada masa depan sebagai sebuah parti politik berdasarkan prinsip, bukan sebagai pentas peribadi DS Anwar!

Lebih menarik lagi, mungkin sudah ada pun pengganti kepada DS Anwar sebagai pemimpin ulung yang diakui walau di peringkat antarabangsa ... YBM Tan Sri Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah (KuLi)! Dan DS Anwar juga yang tak semena-mena membuka jalan untuk KuLi dengan menjemputnya untuk memimpin 'kaukus' royalti minyak!


Friday, February 05, 2010

Asking The Wrong Questions To The Right Man...

Questions have been asked of Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), specifically about who may be his 'backers'. These are interesting questions, now asked by senior politicians. However, I am not sure whether these are the rights questions for politicians, who also ostensibly have backers to be asking RPK, unless of course if these questions are rhetorical... what am I saying, of course it's rhetoric!

But politicians should be careful in asking these questions, they may be asked to reveal their own backers, and some may find themselves unable to answer!

As the innocence or guilt of DS Anwar Ibrahim is a matter of far greater public interest at this present time, I would suggest politicians ask a more pertinent question, specifically, WHY DID RPK VIA MALAYSIA TODAY PUBLISH THE FAKE PUSRAWI REPORT BY DR OSMAN ABDUL HAMID THAT DID NOT EXAMINE SAIFUL FOR SODOMY?

Those that have been following Saiful Bukhari Azlan's testimony at DS Anwar's sodomy trial in the papers would know that it is in conflict with the claims of Dr Osman, suspected of having links to DS Anwar, that Saiful was not sodomised. Saiful's account, conveyed properly, via legal channels as evidence in a sodomy or homosexual rape case should be, clearly states the same Dr Osman advised Saiful that he cannot be examined for sodomy at Pusrawi, a private hospital!

So, will YB Karpal Singh in all his glory choose to introduce Dr Osman as a rebuttal witness with this revelation? Clearly, Saiful's testimony has been very convincing, judging from Karpal rushing to request that testimony on how DS Anwar sodomised his victim be 'in camera', or restricted from public view. So much for the 'open government' that DAP espouse! Will Dr Osman be as convincing as Saiful, or will he wilt when his lie is laid bare?

Going back to our politicans, they should certainly ask questions of RPK, but their questions should be aimed at why he is involved in this sodomy case in such a way? How involved was RPK in fabricating the evidence from Dr Osman? And ultimately, if it is proven true that he fabricated evidence simply to protect the rape of a young man by his powerful friend, what other 'truths' have RPK and Malaysia Today been fabricating over these many years?

Monday, November 30, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim Seharusnya Memainkan Peranan Anti-Aids

Sebagai tokoh biseksual paling terampil di Malaysia, DS Anwar Ibrahim seharusnya memainkan lebih peranan dalam usaha menghalang kemajuan wabak AIDS serta jangkitan HIV pada peringkat nasional. Tambah pula, baru-baru ini, dikatakan jumlah wanita dijangkiti HIV melonjak ke tahap 30% dari keseluruhan pesakit yang dilaporkan. Adalah dikatakan bahawa terlalu ramai isteri menjangkiti HIV dari suami mereka yang berzina secara rambang!

Kehebatan ketua Pembangkang kita terserlah melihat DS Wan Azizah bebas dari jangkitan HIV walaupun DS Anwar tertuduh 'masih cerdas' sebagai peliwat. Tambah pula, rekod beliau yang bebas penyakit walaupun sudah lama berlaku 'rambang', seperti diakui ramai, termasuklah hakim-hakim yang membebaskannya, menimbulkan persoalan; ada kah ilmu yang harus diperturunkan oleh DS Anwar kepada yang sejenis dengannya?

Setidak-tidaknya, hari AIDS sedunia memberi peluang DS Anwar untuk menggunakan ketokohan beliau bagi menyedarkan masyarakat tentang bahaya jangkitan HIV, agar masyarakat menjauhkan diri dari aktiviti zina atau seks rambang di rumah-rumah urut lindungan Ronnie Liu serta seumpama dengannya. Pasti ini lebih berguna dari usaha DS Anwar untuk menjatuhkan DS Najib dan DS Hj Hadi yang sehingga kini masih belum ternampak hasilnya pun!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Masa Depan Anwar Semakin Cerah?

Gambar foto DS Anwar minum bersama DS Najib di Parlimen menjadi topik perbincangan pagi ini. Jelas sekali masa depan DS Anwar semakin cerah... Sejak minggu lepas, banyak berita yang pasti menggembirakan DS Anwar:

  1. Serangan terbaru beliau terhadap DS Najib melalui Malaysia-Today mengingatkan kembali segelintir rakyat akan fitnah-fitnah lapuk terhadap DS Najib. Namun boleh lagi DS Anwar dilayan dengan senyum-tawa di Perlimen. DS Anwar pasti merasa sungguh kehebatannya.

  2. Beliau dilantik penasihat ekonomi dengan gaji RM 1! Saya rasa gaji tu tak penting, sudah pasti DS Anwar cukup berpengalaman untuk meraih lebih dari RM 1 gajinya dari jawatan tersebut! Tambah pula, jawatan tersebut akan memberinya 'glamer free' memandangkan banyak usaha ekonomi kroni-kroni DAP bakal diumumkan di Selangor... pasti DS Anwarlah akan dikatakan pemankinnya!

  3. DUN Kota Siputeh bakal dikosongkan, dan memandangkan 'faktor Mukhriz' tidak timbul serta calon terbaik UMNO iaitu ADUN sekarang, Datuk Abu Hassan Sarif akan dipertikaikan pencalonan semulanya, ada lah peluang DS Anwar nak menebus malu di Bagan Pinang di sebuah kubu tradisi PAS.

  4. PAS semakin bergoncang hasil kerja kuncu-kuncu DS Anwar, baik cyber-trooper Anwar bertopengkan PAS mahupun pemimpin PAS yang berjiwa ABIM (ramai benar ni!), IKD (Kamaruddin Jaafar, dll) atau Yayasan Anda (Husam Musam, dll). Sekarang TG Nik Aziz pun terdedah ada unsur Rasuah dan Nepotisma dalam gerak kerjanya! Seronoklah DS Anwar!

  5. Anak buah kesayangannya Azmin Ali semakin gagah di PKR dan berjaya menunjukkan 'kejantanan' beliau dengan menyingkir Dato' Zaid Ibrahim dan Dato' Jeffrey Kitingan. Manalah tak bangga DS Anwar, sehingga 'fan' beliau KJ pun turut berusaha menaikkan nama Azmin dengan menyerangnya... padahal Azmin Ali tak relevan pun sebagai seorang pemimpin peringkat nasional...

Ah, gembira sungguh DS Anwar, pasti.... cuma ada kes liwat aje...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Memahami Nik Aziz...

Mursyidul Am PAS, Tok Guru Nik Aziz Nik Mat, seorang ikon party yang imejnya merupakan asas kekuasaan PAS di Kelantan, kini dipertikaikan kewibawaannya.

Agak malang bagi beliau yang usahanya mengadakan Mesyuarat Agung Tergempar (EGM) ala-MCA untuk mengganyang 3 tokoh kepimpinan parti bukan sekadar diperlekehkan dan diubah menjadi 'Mesyuarat Khas'. Kini kelihatan beliau tertuduh menimbulkan ide EGM ini, bukan atas dorongan DS Anwar Ibrahim, tetapi semata-mata untuk menyembunyikan berita perlantikan menantunya ke jawatan CEO Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan Bhd.

Namun sekiranya lebih ramai mengetahui asal-usul politik PAS-nya TG Nik Aziz, mungkin mereka akan lebih memahami yang seolah-olah mementingkan diri sebegini merupakan titik-tolak perjuangan politik beliau.

TG Nik Aziz dahulunya seorang penceramah agama di bawah naungan Kemas. Ya, Tok Guru pun berasal dari jentera dakwah UMNO sendiri, seperti juga Hj Hadi Awang dan tak jauh berbeza dengan kedudukan pendakwah kerajaan seperti Datuk Hassan Ali, Ismail Kamus serta ramai lagi yang menidakkan budi demi mengejar kuasa... apa nak buat, dah nak kiamat!

Pada tahun awal 60'an(?), TG Nik Aziz memohon dinaikkan pangkat ke Penyelia Kemas atas dasar kualiti kerjanya sambil mengharapkan ihsan kerajaan melihat anaknya agak ramai. Malangnya bagi beliau, walaupun Menteri Pembangunan Negara dan Luar Bandar pada masa itu menyokong kenaikkan pangkat beliau, arwah Tan Sri Mohamad Yaacob, Menteri Besar Kelantan, tidak bersetuju malah menyarankan jawatan tersebut diberikan kepada seorang yang lebih layak.

Apabila mendapat berita penolakkan permohonan naik pangkat tersebut, TG Nik Aziz marah. Malangnya, konsep kesabaran yang sebahagian dari iman lari dari pemikiran, lantaran itu, beliau meninggalkan KEMAS dan terus menyertai PAS! Susahlah nak kata TG Nik Aziz masuk PAS sebab memperjuangkan Islam, ternyata beliau menyertai kerana hangat dekat Menteri Besar tersebut (semasa itu pemimpin Perhubungan negeri) sebab tak dapat naik pangkat!

Ini mungkin menjelaskan sedikit kenapa TG Nik Aziz bersedia menidakkan agama, malah membuat pelbagai hujah yang agak senget semata-mata untuk menghentam UMNO! Mungkin walaupun sudah mencapai nikmat kuasa sekian lama, dendam beliau sebab tak dapat naik pangkat dahulu masih belum reda! Namun pada hemah saya, telatah Tok Guru kini kelihatan kian buruk berpunca dari salah satu larangan yang kerap membawa kecundang kepada pemimpin, riak.

Sayangnya, ilmu pada TG Nik Aziz memang ada dan beliau mampu mengolah kefahamannya dengan indah, seperti di dalam video 15Malaysianya. Namun kerana riak, riak ilmu, riak kuasa dan pengaruh, riak dipuja, segala keindahan yang mampu dibawa oleh beliau bakal terhakis bersama dengan nama baik serta jasa-baktinya. Yang menyusahkan lagi adalah apabila anasir-anasir negatif, seperti DS Anwar Ibrahim, kini kelihatan lebih dekat dengan Tok Guru dari ulama!

Di dalam memahami kisah TG Nik Aziz, yang sudah sekian lama kelihatan tanpa had kuasanya, baik di negeri Kelantan mahupun di dalam arena politik dalaman PAS, kita mengambil iktibar dari kata-kata bekas Perdana Menteri Inggeris, William Pitt the Elder, yang pernah mengatakan:

"Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it"

"Kuasa tanpa had sering mengkorup minda pemegang kuasa tersebut"

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