Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Lost Viable PMs Of Pakatan Rakyat: PAS

As DAP and its fallen candidate for PM digs itself deeper into the indignity of its failure to conduct an AGM(!), our attention shifts to PAS, the oldest party in the Pakatan line-up and once seen as a fertile breeding ground for an alternative Malay PM for Malaysia to rise from grassroots OPPOSITION politics. This differs from the many PKR hopefuls who tend to be tainted by having begun their politics in BN, or in the case of Rafizi, in an NGO supported by Tun Daim.

The line-up of PAS leadership as potential candidates of PM are flawed, looking at the top 3:
  1. "Mursyidul Am": TG Nik Aziz Nik Mat - Too Old!

  2. President: TG Hadi Awang - A failure in administration in Terengganu, such that he failed to get his government re-elected after 1 term.

  3. Deputy President: Muhammad Sabu... Mat Sabu?!?!... MAT SABU AS PM?!?!?!?!... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Are there other candidates in the lower echelons? Perhaps? A fan favourite in the past that has had his lustre fade as problems keep popping up in Kelantan and his close association with DS Anwar Ibrahim is revealed, is Husam Musa. However, Husam has never been able to capture the imagination of the PAS grassroots as a candidate for leadership beyond his home state, and after all, the PM is for all Malaysians, not just for Kelantanese.

The irony is, the problem PAS is facing now is of their own doing! There was one rather impressive individual which in this blogger and many others' view would have been a viable PM candidate for PAS, former Deputy President Nasharuddin Mat Isa! The 2 term Parliamentarian is urbane, moderate and so open minded over collaboration, he was even willing to consider friendship with UMNO!

2 events personally define Nasharuddin Mat Isa to this blogger. The first was when I bumped into him having breakfast at the Meridien KL's 6th floor coffee house just prior to Parliament. He openly welcomed me to join him for a brief chat, sort of a polite introduction to each other short of a GTKY, and his urbanity and intelligence shone through.

The second was when this blogger attended Hassan Ali's invitation to bloggers to clear the air over his expulsion from the Selangor Exco. Nasharuddin was the only senior PAS leader to loyally make an appearance that night and he was unapologetic about it! Here was a man who knew that loyalty is the only true currency in politics and holding on to the truth no matter what is the only true mark of a moral leader.

Unfortunately, for 'Nasha', he resisted the influences of DS Anwar... resulting in his now being in limbo! And he is thrown into limbo, and so PAS loses its one viable candidate for PM for this PRU13! One wonders really if this is in PAS' interest or the interest of DS Anwar Ibrahim...

In the meantime, Nasha proves himself to be indeed a lost PM candidate, remaining relevant in the Islamic NGO scene, projecting himself slowly in the global stage and continuing to be a credit to Malaysia...

Compare this to what I said of Mat Sabu earlier... preferred choice of Darth Juburius!!!


Anonymous said...

UMNO Cabinet Line UP

[1] Mahathir Mohamad - ini keling pendatang tanpa izin
[2] Najib - Ini laki takut bini, kote pun mungkin tak ada
[3] Muhyidin Yasin - aaaahhh tulisan JAWI pun dibuang nya
[4] Rais Yatim - walaupun loyer, tapi suka menjamah amah, kalau gi Indonesia mesti Malaysia dipermalu jawa
[5] Nazri Aziz - iini malaon suka perempuan, mampus playboy tua tak buat kerja
[6] Jamil yang kebas duit Tabung Haji, jaja Quran tunjuk alim lagi le 6 jahanam
[7] Zahid Hamidi - ini sama perangai dengan Nazri
[8] Isa Samad - lanun yang dah tak abis-abis nak jual negeri

Sudah semua calon UMNO HAPRAK .... ABU -- ABU --- ABU

Orang Kampung Jambi, Rengit said...

It's a lost for Malaysians. Ustaz Nasharuddin is the BEST candidate to be PM of Malaysia in case BN lost this coming GE. He will be the real BAPA PERPADUAN and not Tun Abdullah as prematurely declared by Koh Tsu Koon in an event of which I could not quite remember when (I doubt it if many Malaysians ever recalled he was heralded as one though).

Anonymous said...


Promoting a discovered Trojan Horse in Pas as PM?

Think Nurul or LGE or Husam will be the best PM for Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Gila apa nak bagi manusia yg GAGAL 100% sbg PM...Husam, No-Rule and LGE??

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