Monday, April 29, 2013

Desperation Mounts For Some As Election Nears

It appears desperation has set in for Pakatan and some of its fanatical followers. Just this morning as I dropped my kids off at school, I saw the following banner being defaced by what I assume is a Pakatan supporter who was driving a Blue Suzuki Swift with K (for Kedah) plates. He was doing this by pasting 'ABU' or 'Asal Bukan UMNO' stickers across the part of the banner saying BN.

This appeared to me to be a desperate move in large part as I did not think it was done with much thought, as:

1 - The act is of course illegal just as any act to sabotage legitimate campaign activities. Wanna compete, do it legally lah brader!

2 - The campaign Asal Bukan UMNO is a little irrelevant seeing as UMNO is not competing in this election, BN is! Perhaps they are frustrated now that all that ABU campaign materials they have prepared are wasted being redundant!

3 - The BN candidate is Segambut where this poster was defaced isn't even from UMNO! Jayanthi, the BN candidate for Segambut is from Gerakan? Is the saboteur even from Segambut or an outside influence?

Signs of desperation also abound with personal attacks by DS Anwar Ibrahim on Tun Dr M in Segamat a few days ago. I suppose if Lim Kit Siang could be booed out of a coffee shop including by Chinese voters during his walkabout in Gelang Patah, Pakatan have reason to panic, but that is no excuse for bad behaviour!

Voters will not support ill mannered leaders who cannot control the behaviour of their fanatical supporters!

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Anonymous said...

No more finger nails to bite

In 5 more days the Malaysian self proclaimed First Lady will have to leave the official residence of the Prime Minister, this in accordance to accepted practice of British based democracy.

It would not be known as to what part of the house hold and inventory will go missing before that day will finally come about.

It would probably be a new beginning when the water bill will now longer go beyond RM 40k+ per month as there would no longer be the need to wash the official water bufflo and fat hippo resting in the lavish swimming pool of the official residence.

Would the famous ring be left behind or would this still be considered private property from the long days of selling tow foo ?

It will be a new brand beginning when the news paper will no longer be putting the picture of the very fat lady on the front pages normally reserve for the real First Lady of the nation ....

It will be for all to rejoice as we will no longer have to foot the bill for the FATTEST LADY of the house ....

May the 6th of May bring new prosperity to the nation, and may the FAT LADY be hauled up and sent to KAMUNTING

Anonymous said...

Defacing an illegal banner cannot be considered as vandalism.
the banner has no dbkl permit nuimber displayed as the law requires that the permit to display number MUST be shown.

Anonymous said...

an idiot wet dream

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