Friday, April 26, 2013

Politics Of 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh'

In corporate life, we are always looking for 'Best Practices' as a sort of easy and low cost way to improve business. By the same token, it is the best of our people that a corporation cherishes and nurtures as it is difficult to develop such a star and expensive to bring in one from outside.

One would expect the same practices in other organisations also apply. One sees this in football, how stars nurtured in house are cherished even as they age, such as Ryan Giggs at Man U, Steven Gerrard in Liverpool, Lothar Mathauess at Bayern, with their departure seen as a tragedy, such as when
Raul left Real Madrid.

On the other hand, it is only natural for bad practices and inferior people are ejected from an organisation. This is necessary also to make space and free up funds to buy in stars from the outside - like the Robin Van Persies - to strengthen the team. The Malay saying for this is 'Buang Yang Keruh, Ambil Yang Jernih' or 'Throwing Away the Murky, Taking the Clear'.

So it is with great shock when I see political parties in Malaysia behaving in the opposite way.

OK, we do know that the 'Buang Yang Jernih' strategy has always been rampant in DAP, mainly to ensure the continued domination of Lim Kit Siang's family and cronies. It got worse recently with not just strong alternative leaders like Kerk Kim Hock and Wee Choo Keong cast aside, but an entire section of DAP delegates being left out of an AGM! However, DAP can hardly be accused of 'Ambil Yang Keruh practice.

However, in PAS, we now see a complete counter-evolution to an organisation with the full 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh' approach! For not only did they get rid of proven, quality leaders such as Hassan Ali from their fold, they have now at last replaced their strongman in Selangor with ex-UMNO 'dirt', Icon of Corruption, TS Mat Taib, of 'I don't understand English fame' of all people!

And all this during the run-up to PRU13?!?! What, PAS thought that having active songstresses and actresses among their lineup, even as election candidates, candidates previous PAS leaderships would not touch with a bargepole is not good enough? They have chosen to recruit leaders UMNO would be happy to be rid off as well?!

I have a lot of sympathy for TS Mat Taib actually, at the end of his career and with age catching up to him, maybe he thinks it would not hurt to try to escape hell and get to heaven by trying the PAS route! But why would PAS accept him willingly? Would it not put off their supporters?

Or maybe this whole PAS 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh' strategy isn't really PAS' originally but part of the corruption brought by their association with DS Anwar Ibrahim aka Darth Juburius! After all, Mat Taib was an ally of Anwar's in UMNO before... DS Anwar & TS Mat Taib are 'kawan seperdosaan'!

Question hence is not whether PAS is more attractive now with Mat Taib in their ranks, but rather whether PAS supporters will stay loyal with the rising stink among its leadership that continues to 'Buang Yang Jernih, Ambil Yang Keruh'!

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Orang Kampung Jambi, Rengit said...

Mike Tyson acceptance into PAS is more likely for the expected "shock factor" to UMNO. He's just a tool for PAS in it's quest for power. When the expected tremors did not occurs, Karpal Singh immediately went on the offensive and attack MT as a corrupted man thus preventing PR to be associated with corruption. Smart move. Now MT has become and extra baggage for PAS. I don't know whether to laugh or cry for MT.

Anonymous said...

Saudara2 sekelian HANYA 6 hari saja lagi kita akan MERDEKA dari pemerintahan KUKU BESI UMNO

Merdeka ...!!! Merdeka ....!!! Merdeka ..... !!!!

wHY maintain a defective administration when it is proven to be corrupt but also continue to be hated by the masses ...

The ONLY and MAIN reason why UMNO is fighting hard to WIN - is because it needs to keep the many skeletons it has kept hidden remain hidden.

The 6th of MAY will mean the end of BN and UMNO, it will be the day people the likes of ROSMAH MANSOR, TAIB MAHMUD, NAJIB himself,TENGKU ADNAN,ZAHID HAMIDI, NAZRI AZIZ, ISA SAMAD,MUSA AMAN, CHUA SOI LEK, past BN leaders MAHATHIR MOHAMAD,SAMY VELLU, RAHIM THAMBY CHIK, SHAHRIZAT JALIL will liken to be the DAY the ANGEL of DEATH will be staring in their FACES,

It will be the day that they had wished that they had never been bORN into this WORLD, and had never entered POLITICS,

IT will be JUDGEMENT DAY for them causing many to suffer STROKE, HEART ATTACKS, CHRONIC DEMENTIA


IT will be the DAY the BATTLE by many will be remembered

AND many in the CIVIL SERVICE, will begin to wonder what will happen them for their wrong doing in helping their masters remain in POWER. The likes of the EC Chairman, the likes of the Chief Secretary to the Cabinet, the likes of the FALSE Attorney General .... probably be will be shitting in their PANTS ....

6 days to GO - MALAYSIA will once again be INDEPENDENT and time for the population to celebrate.

I personally hope to see the day ROSMAH hauled to KAMUNTING or JEREJAK

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