Friday, February 05, 2010

Asking The Wrong Questions To The Right Man...

Questions have been asked of Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK), specifically about who may be his 'backers'. These are interesting questions, now asked by senior politicians. However, I am not sure whether these are the rights questions for politicians, who also ostensibly have backers to be asking RPK, unless of course if these questions are rhetorical... what am I saying, of course it's rhetoric!

But politicians should be careful in asking these questions, they may be asked to reveal their own backers, and some may find themselves unable to answer!

As the innocence or guilt of DS Anwar Ibrahim is a matter of far greater public interest at this present time, I would suggest politicians ask a more pertinent question, specifically, WHY DID RPK VIA MALAYSIA TODAY PUBLISH THE FAKE PUSRAWI REPORT BY DR OSMAN ABDUL HAMID THAT DID NOT EXAMINE SAIFUL FOR SODOMY?

Those that have been following Saiful Bukhari Azlan's testimony at DS Anwar's sodomy trial in the papers would know that it is in conflict with the claims of Dr Osman, suspected of having links to DS Anwar, that Saiful was not sodomised. Saiful's account, conveyed properly, via legal channels as evidence in a sodomy or homosexual rape case should be, clearly states the same Dr Osman advised Saiful that he cannot be examined for sodomy at Pusrawi, a private hospital!

So, will YB Karpal Singh in all his glory choose to introduce Dr Osman as a rebuttal witness with this revelation? Clearly, Saiful's testimony has been very convincing, judging from Karpal rushing to request that testimony on how DS Anwar sodomised his victim be 'in camera', or restricted from public view. So much for the 'open government' that DAP espouse! Will Dr Osman be as convincing as Saiful, or will he wilt when his lie is laid bare?

Going back to our politicans, they should certainly ask questions of RPK, but their questions should be aimed at why he is involved in this sodomy case in such a way? How involved was RPK in fabricating the evidence from Dr Osman? And ultimately, if it is proven true that he fabricated evidence simply to protect the rape of a young man by his powerful friend, what other 'truths' have RPK and Malaysia Today been fabricating over these many years?


Axl said...

Watch next week how Karpal Singh does the cross exam. This is a court proceeding, we have to respect the law

But a person like you who is a waste of an addition to the Chem Eng faculty of Imperial College will never get it, because like it or not, your brain power is severely curtailed. You probably just got in after having your dad/Government spend a million dollars in the prep schools in the UK, and then barely passed the exams, because you are indeed a moron to the core.

And furthermore, aren't you in contempt of court, ruling on the admissibility of evidence that has called into trial.

Thats why people are sick with the system. It is not consistent. A shame and a total shame

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

Axl. Thank you for deigning to comment to a blog posting of someone you consider to be a moron.

Indeed, agree the system's unfair. For instance, DS Anwar managed to get himself free of his last homosexual rape charge because of the prosecution messing up the dates, but all 3 judges agreed HE DID SODOMISE! If the system cared less about the time DS Anwar sodomised and more that HE DID IT, perhaps Saiful would have been spared from being a victim!

And no, I do not think I am in contempt. Please read my posting CAREFULLY. Ta!

DinsDins said...

Truth hurts to the liars & this is the best written piece on the subject matter. I salute you bro!

Regards, FIZLI- men at Work

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