Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pakatan Perak Schizophrenic?

I have been following and occassionally commenting on the situation in Perak without having a clear description sussed out for the Pakatan leadership which used to rule the state. However, recent pronouncements by DS Nizar, the former DAP-puppet MB of the state, has me convinced that, whilst Pakatan Selangor is Incompetent and Pakatan Penang is led by Hypocrites, Pakatan Perak appears to be Schizophrenic!

Consider these points:

  1. After blatantly ignoring the views of not just state BN legislators, but even BN sympathisers among community leaders when they were in power, now that the courts have decided for BN's DS Dr Zambry's state government, Nizar and co have gone back to their pre-PRU12 claims of wanting to 'work with' BN?

  2. Whilst they are willing to 'work with' the Perak BN government, DS Nizar laid down 'conditions' if BN 'wants' their cooperation! Wah, as if Pakatan Perak will be doing the BN government a favour by 'working with' DS Dr Zambry's team. Why, DS Nizar wants to claim joint credit is it when BN Perak successfully runs the state? Why, Ngeh and Nga just advised Nizar that DS Dr Zambry have FDI coming into the state soon, despite Pakatan's lies is it?

  3. Whilst Pakatan Perak wants to 'work with' DS Dr Zambry, DS Nizar also states that,"...but we (Pakatan Rakyat) are not conceding." So, which is it, is Pakatan happy to accept the court ruling by 'working with' BN in Perak, or are they rejecting the court ruling? The two scenarios are mutually exclusive! In the meantime, DS Nizar and an Ipoh MP from the DAP is clearly opposed to the court's position, but in doing so, may have bitten off too much to chew:

  4. We saw symptoms of this Pakatan Perak schizophrenia even when they were in power. They had in the past accused BN of abuse of power and corruption, then when they were in power, timber concessions were given to Pakatan leaders in the state, even those who knew nothing about the business. So ignorant were they that they turned to BN members from the business to develop the timber concessions! Schizo!

Actually, I don't really know if being Schizo is necessarily that bad for a politician. Certainly it isn't as bad as being Incompetent or a Hypocrite. At least Pakatan Perak have a better excuse for not fulfilling their promises or for not behaving in a civilised manner... THEY"RE NUTS! But of course, in the end, it is up to the people of Perak to truly judge them for what they are...


donplaypuks® said...

Being schizo has been, for at least since 1981, a prime pre-requisite for UMNO/BN politicians because 'Cakap tak serupa bekin' has been their byword!

Its an occupational hazard for all politicians!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Man at Work said...

donplaypuks....even in human racing we hv difference in perspectives OK. Plse do NOT bundle Malays for yr own benefits. We can be nice in many ways!

man s cekak said...

ayuh lihat khalimah pak

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