Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Malaysia The Racist-Phobic State...

I have been reading the news of the resignation of Datuk Nasir Safar with much regret at the hypocricy as well as the twisted values Malaysian leaders and opinion-makers seem to proudly hold. What do I regret? Datuk Nasir's alleged words that seemed to have offended those who attended a 1Malaysia forum? No! I can't quite regret that seeing as the words weren't mine. However, I DO REGRET DATUK NASIR SAFAR HAS RESIGNED SO SWIFTLY! Why?
  1. There was much talk of his allegedly causing offence. However, nowhere was it explicitly reported what it was that he actually said. Could it be that he was foolhardy in the words used rather than going out of the way to offend? It doesn't make sense for him to say these 'alleged' things at a 1Malaysia forum, does it? Furthermore, one must know Datuk Nasir to realise this was likely an innocent gaffe... more on who he is after this...

  2. If causing offence by hurting the feelings of other races should result in the loss of a government job, why are racist senior members of government still walking around the corricors of power in the Najib era? For instance, why has no action been taken on Datuk Tan Lien Hoe since she insulted Malays by calling us pendatangs? In fact, on recent news, it seems we have replaced one racist Chief Minister with another in Penang.

  3. Is being an alleged racist in government worse than being corrupt? It certainly seems so when "icons of corruption", those found to be among the most corrupt but allowed to remain in the corridors of power, are seen frowning at Datuk Nasir Safar's alleged racist remarks! So, if corrupt can stick around, but if racist, have to go! Is 1Malaysia open to corruption as long as it isn't racist corruption?

  4. My recent writings on the Allah issue has had me being called a racist too. However, I found a wonderful context of this being shown when chit-chatting with a bunch of friends on the fringes of a wedding. A Malaysian Chinese friend declared,"You're a racist Akhram, but I still support you! At least you're not a hypocrite!". Another then followed up with,"Besides, Malaysia is a Multi-Racist state!". We all laughed... we were not 'racist-phobic'.

Many who now declare Datuk Nasir a racist don't even know him, and have judged him from some 'alleged' remarks. I admit that I know not what words were said, but this man I certainly know of. I know of Datuk Nasir Safar, the nationalist, who rose first as a leader in a multi-racial youth organisation, MAYC, before joining politics. Datuk Nasir who was deployed repeatedly to speak to the Indian community, such as when I bumped into him at the Bukit Gantang by-election.

I know of Datuk Nasir Safar who has not the slightest smear of corruption against his name. A Najib loyalist who curtailed his rise through the ranks of UMNO Youth in Johor by being the first to suggest DS Najib be DS Anwar Ibrahim's successor to UMNO Youth leadership many years ago. Datuk Nasir, who is approachable and still carries a casual air, despite having had an office on the Fourth Floor.

This is the Datuk Nasir Safar I know. Could he have said the things being so 'alleged' against him? Perhaps. Does this make him a racist? No more than the average Malaysian I would wager. Should he have been reprimanded? Sure, why not? But resign? Sorry mate, I think that would be going too far! I'd rather have the allegedly corrupt Datuk Shafie Abdullah resign first! Unfortunately for Datuk Nasir, Malaysia seems to be racist-phobic, but not corrupt-phobic...

Final thought... knowing who Datuk Nasir is, a clean, capable and loyal aide to DS Najib, why is it then we have icons of corruption helping to push him out of the Prime Minister's Office? If DS Najib was to accept Datuk Nasir's resignation, would this be based on wisdom or populism...?


donplaypuks® said...
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donplaypuks® said...
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donplaypuks® said...

That's right bro, keep giving excuses - not as serious as corruption or murder or incest.

But you forget that this is an UMNO/BN Govt that is trying to promote 1 M'sia and Nasir's public racist tirade can only be met with 1 outcome - resign or be humiliatingly sacked!

"..on recent news, it seems we have replaced one racist Chief Minister with another in Penang."

Based on what? The racism of slanted articles in Utusan and mutterings of right wing UMNO politicians? Did LGE scurrilously refer to Malays as also pendatang or that Achinese, Bugis and Mandailing mothers came here to sell their bodies?

It might help you to know that Malay contractors won 70% of open tenders under the Pakatan Govt in Penang. Quite a shocking negation isn't it, of the Ali Baba rent seeking biz model promoted by UMNO/BN these 30 years past which continues to say Malays can't compete on their own? The same is happening in Selangor.

Wake up Akhram! You will regret the resignation of racists from public office at your own peril!! If you think this is the route to an office in UMNO Youth, you will get nowhere!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

aah said...


When the Chienese and Indians say very nasty things about the Malays,they are not racist but when the Malays rebutt,oh ! Malays are RACIST.

Don ! you want to know why the Malays are reacting in this manner,its because the Chienese and Indians are becomming too demanding and have no respect on the Malays.

If the Malays in India and China behaves as the Chienese and Indian in Malaysia did they will be put behind bars and immediately thrown out of the country.

Don , a time bomb is already set and its waiting to explode.

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

donplaypuks. Please refer to Lim Guan Eng's Pakatan 'brothers' who describe him as a 'chauvinist', i.e. "Prejudiced belief in the superiority of one's own gender, group, or kind". I.e. the ones who called him a racist first! his own political brothers! A Malay supported by a Chinese as well denounce LGE as a chauvanist! RACIST!... not me...

GONDUBOY said...


Why do the Malays demand respect from the Chinese and Indians? Is respect not earned and not demanded or imposed, as it is one's birthright?

Was Mr.Safar not reading Najib's speech during that UNITY function? If yes, then why blame him?


Shamsul Yunos said...

I do wonder why Anwar thinks the 'fabricated' evidence would embarrass him or his family

since when is a lie told about you embarrassing

read it http://marahku.blogspot.com/2010/02/why-is-lie-embarrassing.html

kita anak melayu said...

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ataku klik http://kitaanakmelayu.blogspot.com/2010/02/blog-unspinners-fitnah-anwar.html

donplaypuks® said...


Two wrongs don't make a right. If Indians and Chinese have been disparaging the Malays let the police pull up the scumbags and charge them in court for racial insults. I support that 100%!

But really, to say Indians came here as beggars and Chinese mothers to sell their bodies is the depths of uncouth (biadab) behaviour and racism of the pits!

Know your history. Princess Hang Li Po from China married Sultan Mansur Shah of Melaka in the 15th Century. Is anyone suggesting our Royalty married prostitutes?

Or that Dr.Mahathir's grandfather, an Indian (religion irrelevant to DNA) from Kerala, India came here in the early 1900's as a beggar?

Don't also forget that many indentured labourers from India were forced here on pain of prison or death to toil in the rubber estates and PWD by the colonialist BRitish. They did not come here as of choice!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

donplaypuks. Good point, so we agree. We should punish all who make disparaging racist remarks or perform acts of racism.

My only additional argument here is that I'd rather the corrupt be punshined first.

And I most certainly deplore double standards. Why hasn't Tan Lien Hoe and Lim Guan Eng been charged for sedition for their own racist words and actions?

We seem to be in agreement, no?

donplaypuks® said...


You ask me, I ask you. I am not the police or IGP. If you are convinced, go make a police report. After all you voted for this UMNO/BN Govt, so go ask them for action and accountability!

But, it would be helpful if you could reproduce here what is that LGE said that you deem seditious. I have not seen anything in print or on the web about it. Pardon my ignorance.

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

donplaypuks. I actually don't believe in making spurious police reports. If the guy is racist, just vote or pressure him out. Being a racist is not a crime...

I never voted this government in. No one did. This Najib government is different from the PRU12 one, which for the record, I didn't vote for either.

Finally, I decided to quote the Pakatan leaders who have called LGE a Chauvinist. Frankly, I am surprised that you are asking for evidence. I would have thought as a Pakatan leader said it happened that you would believe, just like when they spoke all sorts of other nonsense about the Altantuya case without evidence. Oh well, live and learn...

dincbee said...

This is quite irresistible not to leave a piece of my mind.
Racial polarity between the Malays and Chinese plus Indian ( as one group, CnI) is a simple clash of fundamental characters between the two groups.
Let us see the truth ,a layman truth which are as follows:
Malay ( mostly Muslim) believe eternal life after death.Heaven and hell.
CnI believe life reincarnation,to
be borne again into this earth in different entity.
In a competitive situation,the Malays will make way,after all it is only worldly issues.Heaven is the ultimate destiny.CnI has advantage here.
2.Malays are sympathetic lots.CnI look at misfortunes as "sorry for the bad luck" but business is business.No discount for the bad luck mate.
3.To a certain degree,this one is related to the above,Malays are easy to trust others.CnI is the opposite.Suspicions on others is inherited.Probably due to past generations bad experience.
4.Profit maximization is seen as smart business i.e outsmarting the other party is rewarded with max.profit to the CnI.In the sixties,when hand dacing was used in sundry shop,who can confirm the exact weight.The apek would do it ( short weight most of the times ) artistically. But Malays feel guilty is profit is too ridiculously high.Must follow the Prophet's teachings and business ethics.Remember heaven and hell.Conscience at play here.Most CnI have less understanding of the word conscience,more so if money is in the equation.
5.Malays are Johnny come lately in business.After all, the colonial master's divide and rule policy had entranced vocation by racial types.
The Malays entry into downstream business in the seventies and until now is doubly hard.Most sectors are already controlled by the Chinese.Double standard is prevalent,Malays are labeled as high risk group,premium has to be imposed.
6.Wealth bring power.The wealthy CnI ,using their wealth buy power,as long as it is profitable.Corruption is not a Malay culture but the Chinese "ingenuity" in their adaptation into the local culture.Just look at the Philippine ,Indonesia and Thailand.Same metamorphosis had happened.
7.Accumulation of the above factors lead to uninformed new generations who grew up looking at the Malaysian world out of their father's Mercedes windows.More wealth have to be amassed to maintain comfort levels.Experience in vernacular schools distanced them away from social dynamics.Arrogance set in ,for being rich have privileges of their own.Prejudice to the Malays thicken.
I will not offer any apologies if the truth is painful to the Chinese,in particular.Come on,most of us have gone through these experiences,to deny them blatantly is hypocrisy.
To sum up,unless the minority groups conform to the reality,that Malaysia is Malay dominant nation and be more humble in their social and political dispositions,the beloved nation will head for chaos in time to come. We can start all over again,beginning with one school system.We can always start from where we begin.

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