Sunday, March 16, 2008

Desparate Acts Of Survival Of Lah-ist Regime

I've been receiving all sorts of info and coms nowadays, both in the form of sms, e-mails and of course there is continuous drivel from the mainstream press. All basically excuse Pak Lah from responsibility for the election results (despite the PRU12 being declared as being "Badawi's Election" by Tun Musa Hitam the week before polling).

Some go as far as saying it is the collective fault of all too many UMNO and BN leaders. A couple even blame Tun Dr Mahathir's previous practices when in power!

Then of course there are the conspiracy theories. That Anwar and Najib are in cahoots or that Najib will not be able to survive Anwar's assault (to scare the Mahathirites). That Najib can't oppose Pak Lah due to all sorts of crimes he allegedly has committed (to scare the Najibites). Of course with the rise of Mukhriz through his letter and the petition for support for it (below) all sorts of stuff are coming out about Mukhriz.

Lets re-affirm a couple of things here:

  1. BN and UMNO lost its 2/3 majority under Pak Lah's leadership. The only thing that has differed in terms of leadership of this country since the 2004 election landslide was the country experiencing 4 years of Lah-ist regime in its full glory of rising crime, reduced savings and spending power of the men and women on the street, increasing racial disharmony, Islamic deviation (Hadhari) and losing pace whilst selling-out to Singapore.
  2. The reason the younger generation of Malays is against Pak Lah is not because we don't like the NEP (which is really now the NDP). What's not to like about cheaper housing, easier access and sometimes free education, government perks, business and contracts, et al? Actually, the younger generation of Malays hate Khairy Jamaluddin and how he and his cronies have perverted and hogged all the benefits of the NDP for themselves!

4 years is more than enough Lah... just withdraw into a sleepy retirement...

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Vincent Wong said...

Somehow, I am disappointed in the statement that the younger Malay generation is not unhappy with the NEP/NDP (call it whatever you want) discriminative policies.

Put yourself in our shoes for a change, and see the picture from the other side perhaps then you will understand what is Apartheid.

What Non-Malays want is just being treated equal, is that too much to ask for?

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