Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Forget About The Post-Mortem, What Is Left To Be Done?

There are too many post mortems around already on PRU12 that it isn't worth doing another one here. None are completely satisfying, but as a collective, the following combination ends up being quite comprehensive:

My friend Ong Kian Ming's:
Bridget Welsh's for Malaysiakini:
One that completes the picture with the Malay point of view, which also doubles as a petition, is MyKMU's:

All agree that the blame for BN's election losses lie in large part on Pak Lah's leadership... or lack of. Collectively, the flaws of Pak Lah's leadership analysed are so all encompassing that even his one 'positive' behaviour, devotion to his family, end up being a significant negative to the voters!

There is one problem though... PAK LAH IS STILL AROUND! He's still PM! This is of course an extremely strange situation, but then, is it really? The Lah controlled press is trying to sell the story that it's not, but we all feel this is wierd!

In 1969, the then Alliance government under Tunku Abdul Rahman also lost its 2/3 majority. It didn't lose as badly as Pak Lah's government did, but it lose the 2/3. Now, Tunku didn't step down voluntarily either, even though he was severely criticised for his losses. It took more than a year until he was forced to resign from being PM in 1970, then he stayed on as UMNO President till 1971!

Based on this lesson of history, Pak Lah's future doesn't look too bright. I mean come on, who is Pak Lah compared to Tunku Abdul Rahman? The first PM of Malaysia also founded of ASEAN, formed Malaysia, as well as led us to victor over the communists as well as Sukarno's Indonesia during Konfrantasi! Pak Lah's only father of the K(J)-Economy, the Hadhari sect and 'plays golf' with Singapore!

As Pak Lah's losses were worse than Tunku's and his achievements naught, I'd say he probably won't last longer than Tunku. The problem though is that UMNO takes A VERY LONG TIME to get rid of any leader, the higher the leader's post, the longer! A PM can do a lot of damage in a year... we've seen 4 already!

You can say its inefficient, but actually its because UMNO is Malay, and Malays are polite! See how elders like Tun Dr M and KuLi have been the ones vocally asking for Pak Lah's resignation? Even BN is being polite, with Lim Keng Yaik's hint being by far the most pointed:

So, can the rakyat do more than it already has to speed Pak Lah's exit? A petition perhaps? Banners in front of houses? Maybe even private urgings when they bump into Pak Lah at a kenduri? The job is only half done... so what is left to be done?

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