Monday, October 20, 2008

This Blog May Be Sued Soon... COOL!

It would seem YB Ms. Teresa Kok is on a suing spree. LOL... COOL! Maybe she'll sue me for this blog posting too. Then I can also be 'glamer'!

Seriously though, Teresa can hardly be considered colour-blind can she... oh well, maybe we'll give her some credit. Maybe she's just 'insensitive' of the feelings of other races and religions. Or maybe she's just insensitive of Malays and Muslims. I mean, how else would you explain why she celebrated BN's loss of 5 States by having her supporters slaughter and roast 5 pigs, each pig representing a state, in March. As a Kedahan, I take exception to Teresa symbolising Kedah as a pig...

Wonder how the Muslims in Perak, Selangor, Penang, KL and indeed Kelantan would feel!

Whoever is advising YB Teresa should probably ask her to calm down in case she either drives herself over the edge or ultimately makes herself, and her party, again unvoteable by Malays. The prolonging of this saga only shines a spotlight on her racism, not healthy for a Malaysian politician. Sure, suing is the way to go in Singapore, which is where the DAP probably got the idea from, elder brother Lee at the PAP, but not here, as their friend Uncle Kali would advise them.

So guys, if you think this posting is not enough for me to get sued, please advise me. I need the hits... LOL


bZz said...


Saman orang lagi untung dari jual unta!

Lembaran said...


You serious about this? urself any lawyer?


Che Moq said...

hahaha...luckily they dont paint these 5 states (kedah,slgr,perak,penang and kltn) flag on the roasted pig..if they do so..what we can do? sue..sue..sue..sue..and sue..

whackthembugger said...

When a bitch is pig headed, she becomes a two timing good for nothing slut politician except to be b……..d; food for DSAI. Typical of a daughter from a rich family, she knows nuts about local politics and sensitivities of the poor, so her high strung hypocrisy in defending the rights of the multiracial and religious people of this nation. Nay, she’s so far off being a saint, she’s arrogant and pig headed. I would believe she is marked for life with no place in local politics. Her political death is a sure certainty. Continue praying for her to receive “balasan setimpal”; already she is loosing her marbles! Cool, man, its real cool to see the bitch in desperation

anonymous said...
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syarimann said...

i wish you will be more BRAVE on this issue. you know a lot (facts, of course). so that the muslim leaders will realise what is happen.
suit culture is not heathlty.............after all, is our 'bapa demokrasi' who started it first.

My Oh My said...

As far as I am concerned, she has gone cuckoo, or kokuu.. whichever suits her.

She is not suitable to be a malaysian politician as she now appears as the embodiment of racial extremities. And now she is bordering on being paranoid, afraid of her own shadow, assuming everything is about her and her alone. The song "you're so vain" comes to my mind.

This is a real cuckoo case!

Omong said...

the opposition should realise that they are not on the brink of governance

I'm sure winning the 5 states shocked them as much as the rest of Malaysians and neighbouring countries

which is why they call it the political tsunami

she shoild get a hold of herself, the votes are protest votes not true opposition votes

chua soi lek got re-elected as mca no 2, what does that tell you?

get off the high horse and start getting the ground feel. TK could be in for a surprise

AND this is not singapore, in case she forgets

PsyTroopers said...

Teresa Kok is a color-blind-politician?? No more jokes please!!

suhaila said...


but when the PM got married, the slaughtered cows (animals that are respected at the same levels GOD is respected by our hindu brothers) at the PARLIMENT couryard.

Now, the PM and all malay MPs are very very sensitive towards the hindus no, as such they, the pendatang and penumpang should not slaughter pigs at their private place to celebrate their private victory!!!!

you are as much of an ass as your father. maybe more.

A M Ubaidah S said...

Ah Suhaila, you should read my blog a little more. I actually did find Pak Lah worse than Teresa... at least until recently... Perhaps all this success has gone to Teresa's head?

And I am indeed proud to be as big an ass as my dad LOL, LOL, LOL, ROTFL, ROTFL... :-)

iman said...

Hello bro...
Didn't you people slaughter some cows in the Parliment compound?

Now do you understand how Hindu's felt?

A M Ubaidah S said...

Hey bro iman. Asked and answered above la bro. I'll repeat in the spirit of Syawal: should read my blog a little more. I actually did find Pak Lah worse than Teresa... at least until recently... Perhaps all this success has gone to Teresa's head?

suhaila said...

sir ubaidah,

the cows were not slaughtered by the PM!!!

by the way, why did you not comment on the act of cow slaughtering in parliment compound? i am not interested to know weather you hate pak lah or you are sharing bed with Mukhriz at the moment or whatever!!

You questioned Teressa's choice of animal to be slaughtered to celebrate her victory. if her act is insensitive towards Muslim, then the act of UMNO MPs are insensitive towards Hindus too, no? tits for tat! Or perhaps you think that Hindus are not as sensitive as Malays?

Etchy Tyrant said...

Well, we can just say each race or ethnic group has a preferred diet. And if you hold a banquet, you choose the food most suited for you guests. You of course do not serve vegetarian fare for many who are known to enjoy their roast lamb, beef, chicken pork and satay.

I would say out of all the races, there are only two meats that seem kosher/halal/ acceptable and these happen to be lamb and poultry.

What is wrong with Teresa declaring victory with her friends who are Chinese by roasting 5 succulent pigs? Did she invite the PAS and PKR malays (and DAP malays) to share in the feast? If you can prove this I can agree with your assertion that she is insensitive.

The PM having cows slaughtered, well I would still say this is considered a tradition or ritual, but the timing was just not right. Any other day or at any kampung, the slaughtering of a cow probably signals a feast taking place. And what is so wrong with that? The Hindus were not invited or coerced to take part in the slaughtering or feasting. If they were and they did not refuse, then blame their own weakness in their conviction as Hindus. Similarly if any Malay took part in Teresa's feast, then is it not your own weakness?

And did we all not say "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" before? If your religion impedes you from integrating in a society, blame not the society that was there, but your religion which forces some sacrifice upon you. But do not even blame the deity you worship, but merely that you find weakness in being unable to sacrifice happily in service of your deity.

Seeing the five roasted pigs as the five states is something I wish to challenge. Why not see the five roasted pigs as five trophies for five victories? This would be a more neutral and acceptable interpretation, no? But then again, it is up to you to employ your mind, and I will reserve my opinions to saying that it is nothing great to me and if you are that sensitive, well boo hoo, go get a life.

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