Sunday, November 09, 2008

Apologies To Tun Salleh & The Other SACKED Judges, I Was Wrong...

I had made the error some time ago of accepting a number indicated by a sitting MP of the amount of ex-gratia payment given to Malaysia's most famous group of SACKED judges. I was actually inaccurate. They did not get paid RM1.5 Mill each resulting in a sum of RM9 Mill of extra tax-payers' money going their way, they were collectively paid more!

Actually, sorry also to three of the judges in particular, as they actually got 1 Mill less than I reported. A couple of them got more than was reported, whilst one ex-judge got A LOT MORE! How JUST! Well what else can you expect from Pak Lah's inspired choice of an ex-minister, Dato' Zaid Ibrahim, who's now struggling to answer some interesting questions... was he trying to please the Bar Council?

Perhaps Dato' Zaid would take some solace from the fact that his 'successor' isn't doing too well on this issue either...

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