Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tahniah Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, Presiden Baru Kita...

Tahniah diucapkan kepada Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak atas kejayaannya sebagai satu-satunya calon yang layak bertanding jawatan Presiden UMNO, sekaligus 'menang tanpa bertanding' ke kedudukan tersebut. Diharap kepimpinan baru DS Najib dapat membawa UMNO ke zaman kegemilangan sebenar apabila rakyat kebanyakan menikmati hasil perjuangan parti kita.

Terlihat sejak beliau mengambil alih Kementerian Kewangan, salah-laku dalam pemberian kontrek semakin jelas dipantau. Contohnya, projek Eurocopter yang hanya menguntungkan segelintir individu 'berkabel', seperti para pemegang saham terbesar syarikat SCOMI, dibatalkan oleh DS Najib demi menyalurkan wang untuk program menangani krisis ekonomi.

Cuma yang kini menjadi tanda-tanya, memandangkan Datuk Seri Najib insya'Allah akan mengambil alih kepimpinan UMNO kelak, bilakah akan Pak Lah menyerahkan jawatan Perdana Menteri kepada Datuk Seri? Tunku Abdul Rahman pun menyerahkan jawatan Perdana Menteri kepada Tun Razak berbulan-bulan sebelum penyerahan jawatan Presiden UMNO. Tun Mahathir pun begitu apabila menyerahkan kuasa kepada Pak Lah. Mungkinkah menjelang tahun baru?


kluangman said...

Peralihan kuasa yang telah lama kita gemburkan, kita berdebat dan berhujah, ditangguh dan ditangguh berulangkali dan hingga kini walaupun muktamad tetapi sebenarnya siapa yang berani kata 'final dan pasti'.

Malahan Najib selalu memainkan peranan yang agak penting kehadapan ketika Paklah masih menjadi PM dan sebok berada di luar negara 'berhoneymoon'. Najib banyak ditolak kehadapan untuk membuat beberapa kenyataan untuk dilihat kenyataan yang berwibawa untuk menghuraikan beberapa isu.

Sesungguhnya walaupun 'bila' peralihan kuasa itu benar benar berlaku, nyata ia bukan sesuatu yang 'mendebarkan' malah semakin lama, ia menjadi hambar.

ChengHo said...

Najib already de facto president of UMNO so what AAB waiting for?

Najib can start as an acting PM after 8th nov 2008, when all UMNO div complete the div meeting.

rahman332 said...

Akramsyah you must've got ur facts muddled up. The Eurocopter deal was 'lobbied' no one other than your man Nazim Razak. The deal was way before PM's sitting in MOD. I thought u were a smart chap Akram. It seems that you are doing the lobbying now.

This is why i have always remained -apolitical from our PROMUDA/YPCS days, because i know this is the type of slope that i will know you would likely fall into.

As much suspicion arouses your maligned senses, how can you condone Kencana Mermaid raping millions out of Petronas with your old man still the advisor/helm? If you see yourself as some reform agent, i think you are delusional and greatly mistaken. You just wan to bring the good old UMNO that your father and Tun Mahathir wanted.

Fariz Alwi

Zuhri Aziz said...

Salam Saudara Akramsyah,

I too congratulate Dato Sri Najib on his Presidency. However, according to news reports it was a collective decision of the National Economic Council chaired by Dato' Sri Abdullah Badawi that decided to put the Eurocopter EC 725 purchase.

Also, I seek your clarification on your accusation of SCOMI's involvement in the deal. As an UMNO Youth member, I hope these wild accusations that is directed at selected UMNO leaders would cease in view of our collective effort to strengthen the party.

Zuhri Aziz

A M Ubaidah S said...

Rahman332. Welcome back and I am pleased your comments are much improved. I find it of great interest that you have pointed to new elements to the Eurocopter deal that needs highlighting. I was not aware of Nazim's involvement nor that the MOD can approve such large contracts without the agreement of the MOF...

Would be happy to attack Najib when I am convinced of his wrong-doings. At the moment, these are still unclear, unlike some others' of which I have had some personal experience. I am indeed also interested in your view that as an adviser Tun Dr M has any influence on Petronas' day-to-day activities. Does he have the same at Proton? ... :-)

A M Ubaidah S said...

Zuhri! Nice of you to visit and comment on my blog. Hope you're not here just to do your master's bidding like the last time we had an exchange whilst Promuda was being shredded through your master's plotting.

Btw, I thought your brother just got played out by your master's chums/business-partners/spymasters?

Anyway, on your comments, I may well stand corrected on who made the decision, only the report linked below indicated Najib decided to cancel the deal.

Hmmm.. are you reading selectively again?

On the involvement of 'certain companies', I again may stand corrected, but the grapevine is very convincing, and you forget that I have my own ways...

Btw, I've been an UMNO member for >15 years now, and in all that time I've been persistently strengthening the party by attacking useless and corrupt UMNO leaders. I will continue to do so as I see it as my duty as a member. Who taught you how to be a good UMNO member? Hope it's not the corrupt and useless leaders you now seem to be defending!

Abol - Hasbullah Hassin said...

Salam Akhram,

It’s me Hasbullah or Abol, it has been a year since we last met. My apologies to for not attending your Hari Raya Open house as I was away on that day. I saw you about 2 months back at Taman Tun Pasar Malam and you looked very sleepy though… haha. I wanted to say hi but it was drizzling and had to leave soon, especially when my son was there with me.

I now have a new addition, and, Alhamdulillah, I now have a lovely pair. But, I’m still trailing you from behind. Haha.

As you know, from my previous comments on Promuda and in our discussion, I have always been apolitical and prefer to be stationed as mere onlooker to the ups and downs of political happenings.

But the PRU 12 changed my stand. I believe that the astronomical rise of the opposition was not justly justified, that people had been conned by them and hence something must done. I believe in the cause-effect theory and as engineer, you must agree with the system theory on this as well. At the same time, I also agree on the pull and push for result to materialise.

And you know what? I decided to join in UMNO. But this decision is not solely based on the aforesaid. I also believe of the potential of a personality, heavily demolished by attacks from within and outside the party and that personality is famously known as KJ.

I attest that I would not have joined UMNO if not supported by my conviction that this man can actually do and deliver something for the party and the country. The problems he faced now mainly galvanised by delayed responses to allegations fabricated and castigated upon him. He to me is more than a personality, he is now an institution. To me, he is best candidate to connect and engage with the young segment.

I have known you as a civic person who believes pluralism of views and thought. Likewise, I subscribe to the same. Hence, I am confident that you can accept my view thought the person I prefer to lead Pemuda is probably different from yours.

As on debate, I can fathom and empathise your reasoning on why Pemuda debate should not be pursued. But, should we not look beyond partisan view or silos domestic thinking that the race is not only for the young Malays, but the young generation, overall. Hence, public endorsement, acceptance and positive perception of the candidate is also relevant to be considered; the least of many reasons one can argue for the debate.

All the three candidates are now qualified, dah dapat lessen – so to speak. In all fairness, and I know that you like this term, let us give them equal scrutiny and chances. At the moment, the bombardment is heavily channelled to KJ, don’t you think?


A M Ubaidah S said...

Hasbullah. Thanks for your comments and indeed as ever, I respect your decision and views. Congrats also for bringing another Achehnese into the world! We'll make up the numbers lost to the Tsunami yet!

On KJ, I respect your views. My postings here on him or of him and associated acts, direct and indirect (such as Promuda's crisis) attest to my views of him. I will be posting on specific acts I have witnessed during pencalonan which further justify my views, though will not be able to be specific. This is where my more personal conviction comes from.

KJ's current biggest problem is credibility. His brand is so poor among the grassroots internally and with those outside of UMNO. The former can be addressed more easily, the latter will be tough. Is he so great that we can afford to wait for his name to be reha'ed among the people? Every defence he puts up is seen to be a lie, some actually are, so how?

Even if he has a future, the best advice he could take now is to take a break. Seriously, if he withdraws from the race now, he will be able to do so with dignity and retain much of his strength and finances (whilst it remains part of his dodgyness). Within 3-4 years, with deeds in Parliament and as Rembau KP under his belt, he will return stronger.

Finally, welcome to UMNO! You are exactly the type of individual UMNO needs. Lets chat 1-2-1 soon!

Zuhri Aziz said...

Salam Saudara Akramsyah,

It is a pleasure to comment on your blog. Must admit I did not expect such a warm welcome from you.

First of all after reading your response I feel like playing catch or getting rid of the fleas on my back as you paint me to be a lap dog with an overbearing master. But no matter how you choose to treat a fellow Malay an UMNO member, the last time we had an exchange on the Promuda platform, I stood up because of my principles. I’m sure from where you were standing you can understand that. What was the line you used…duty as a member.
Long before you were flaunting your >15 years credential as an UMNO member, you were advocating an apolitical stand. I was strongly against Promuda leaders using Promuda as a political platform. I was crucified in the exchanges as I was with the incredibly small minority, but stood firm on my principles.

If my ‘master’ is as powerful as you paint him to be, I doubt he will have any interest in Promuda anyway.

I choose not dwell into family matters as it might incur wrath within me that I will not be able to manage.

I relied on my obscure and less credible sources such as below:

As a member of UMNO for more than 10 years, and maybe because of the limited availability of Internet, I have only seen you persistently strengthening the party by attacking useless and corrupt UMNO leaders very recently. Maybe there weren’t many useless and corrupt UMNO leaders previously. Maybe we can choose to forget the email exchanges almost a decade ago on the Promuda platform during the rise of Reformasi, bailout debacle, etc.

I believe and welcome dissenting views. But being professionals, dissenting views goes down better if it is made with facts and analysis and not sweeping statements. I am sure academic Professor Kamarudin Kachar would agree.

Your definition of corrupt and useless leaders might differ totally from me. But dissenting views is an element that can make us stronger. Like a debate.

I also believe in the upholding the sopan-santun culture that defines Malay in everything that we do. Don't you?


matalebam said...

KJ's "uselessness". What you hear through the grapevine should remain just that.

Of course its ur duty as an UMNO member to air ur views, but it is equally justified for us to question where your facts are. KJ's credibility is his biggest problem, but its actually people like you who propagate this problem

A M Ubaidah S said...

Zuhri. OK, lets tackle the more material first.

The Edge and Star articles are currently being seen as responding to the earlier reports that Najib has canned the deal. (Please see that dates of the reports are later than the one I presented earlier on Malaysian Insider:

After years of having our media giving Pak Lah credit for things he didn't do, this idea that the NEAC decided on Oct 13 under his leadership may be seen as 'spin'. If it was true he led the decision, then it's worse, as keeping the news of the Eurocopter canning for so long whilst Najib was being attacked on the issue amounts to poor politics.

Now on the less relevant:

Your master (as you acknowledged) unfortunately is hated in part because of his pettiness. He goes after the small fry as well as the big fish. This makes him worse than Anwar. And the attack on Promuda was as much settling old scores I suspect. Fyi, the attack didn't begin with the final act, but for more than a year, Promuda found many of its channels cut.

Interestingly, Promuda was even more rabidly anti-government (in its membership base and on-line debates) during reformasi, but the channels were nevertheless always open to the establishment, even encouraged by the Tun Dr M leadership. It was basically worthwhile being apolitical during Tun's time. You could make a difference as you were listened to.

I've been open of my UMNO membership since Uni, you just never knew. And that does not mean I could not be apolitical in Promuda.

Promuda had UMNO, MCA, MIC, DAP, PAS, PKR, etc, members galore. I was the first to invite Lim Kit Siang and MGG Pillai to a Promuda event. I also openly oppossed in writing through a Promuda platform Tun Dr M's idea to teach Maths and Science in English. Is that not apolitical enough for you?

Promuda remained apolitical as long as the organisation decided on issues in a non-partisan manner. Such as supporting a former PM's right to express his views. How is that not apolitical?Unless your a Fascist, then freedom of speech would be unacceptable!

Why am I spending so much time on Promuda, as is it not irrelevant in the grand scheme of things in Malaysia, especially now? It's because there is relevence. What happened to Promuda symbolises the Lah regime's attitude towards a dissenting voice, especially when the voice credibly represents young professionals. This contributed to the March 8 results.

I hope Datuk Seri Najib does not make the same mistakes in his time of leadership, nor allow the rampant mishandling of dissent by any of his supporters or advisers, young or old.

Btw, were you there at the event where Prof Kamaruddin Kachar and his committee invited me to speak? Maybe you can check with him if I speak with too few facts or non-salient analysis.

Finally, I do believe in sopan-santun Melayu. The same sopan-santun that teaches us that you do not pop by someone's blog accusing him of making wild accusations without facts or proof. Better say that I may be incorrect and it may be worth double checking, then baru sopan-santun.

A M Ubaidah S said...

matalebam. If KJ was more credible and didn't do so many things for people to propogate, he would not have his credibility problem.

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