Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim's Favourite Game: (Political) Dodgeball!

Dodgeball is an American game. In this game, balls are thrown by players of opposing teams at each other, there's a lot of running around 'dodge'-ing balls and much throwing of balls back and forth with players being pulled in and out of bounds... it's complicated. Nevertheless, once you've read this Wiki description of dodgeball, you will appreciate what I have to say about Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's skills as a political dodgeball player.

DS Anwar's dodgy... hahahaha... very droll...

Anwar is very adept at running very fast from nasty looking political 'balls'. Even if he is not successful he makes a good run and dodge of it! Examples, from the more recent to the not so:
  1. He missed the opening of the recent Parliament, where DYMM YDP Agong pretty much endorsed the transition of power from Pak Lah to Najib. This was a subtle 'dodge', as I'm sure the cameras would have focussed on his face to try and catch a 'jeling' or some look on his face... Subtle or not, Anwar 'royally dodged' this.

  2. His being 'in the Middle East' during the above is also a proper dodge as people had been claiming that as Parliamentary Opposition Leader, he was going for a CONFIDENCE vote of Pak Lah. What better way to dodge that than to be thousands of miles away! This is a 'international dodge'.

  3. Anwar most famously ran to the Turkish embassy when pursued by the police on the Saiful Homosexual Rape case. He ran so fast, he not only dodged the police, but also a vast majority of his supporters, who didn't know where he was for a while! I call this his 'diplomatic dodge'.

  4. Whilst dodging Saiful's claims, Anwar also dodged and continues to dodge questions on his poor ability to get BN 'Wakil Rakyat' to 'lompat' to Pakatan Rakyat en-masse as he claimed he could last year. This, together with his DAP chums' loss of Perak due to his ADUNs hopping the other way to BN, and his dodge of responsibility for that, makes him an artful 'political dodger'...

  5. Anwar dodged claims that he was acting over the severity of his back problems by dodging off to Germany for 'special back surgery'. I have had 2 spinal discectomies LOCALLY, so I find Anwar's claims to be highly dodgy... this is clearly a 'medical dodge'.

  6. Anwar dodged claims of past corruption by now being 'reformed'. HOI! Past crimes are still PAST CRIMES! They still need to be punished or at least clarified if truly innocent. If not, then might as well employ thieves, murderers and robbers as policemen... This shows off Anwar's 'moral dodge' technique.

  7. Anwar continuously dodges claims that he's awful at economics, despite his dismal failure as Finance Minister, especially during times of crisis. He famously presided over the US$ BILLIONS of Bank Negara's forex losses in the mid-90's (dodging by blaming the then Bank Negara Governor), then almost ran the economy into the ground with IMF-esque techniques during the late 90's crisis! His friends got rich though! An 'economic dodge' he is!

  8. etc.

  9. et. al.

  10. ad nauseum...

And the list goes on, but from the above, we have already established Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is a politically, economically, diplomatically, morally, medically and even internationally dodgy fellow! No wonder then that from the outset we identified him as being royally dodgy!

So, with him at Pakatan Rakyat's helm, what are the chances of them winning the case that YB DS Nizar has brought upon YB Dato' Zambry that some have claimed as being politically dodgy? Actually, I'm willing to give the judge a chance, as even the famous Datuk Ariffin Jaka was a PAS strongman once!

However, prepare yourselves for another great dodge from the master DS Anwar himself if Dato' Zambry wins the case. It is after all in Anwar's nature to be dodgy...

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sabahan said...

You have hit the nail right on the head. AI is a master strategist. He is taking the stupid DAPs and silly PASes for a ride. SOON there would be an about-turn if the government can help him out of the posterior access case. Mark my word!

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