Saturday, May 01, 2010

Questions Post Revelations Of Pak Lah Giving Away Nation's Wealth To Brunei...

In case some readers of this blog has not been aware of yet another Pak Lah 'legacy' that revealed itself recently, please refer to the following post from Tun Dr Mahathir who raised the initial questions, a report from the Oil & Gas Journal,Pak Lah's response as reported in the Malaysian MSM and a Bloomberg based report on Petronas being invited to develop the site.

Being from the industry, though strictly not this part of it, curtails me from blogging in detail, but it does allow me to ask some questions, like:
  1. Pak Lah gave away major tracts of our sovereign sea-areas, affectively reducing our borders and to cap it all off, at an area where oil and gas resources appear to be abundant for development. For Petronas to then be 'allowed to develop it together' seems to be poor compensation to the loss of sovereignity, even without the direct oil and gas revenues, taxes and loss of economic activity. So, did someone else get something from this deal?

  2. The initial reports were on how Murphy Oil, had lost their rights to develop the tracts with Petronas just as Malaysia has lost its sovereign right to the area. This has major ramifications for Murphy, an 'independent' American oil & gas player, but indirectly also will give pause to any oil player wishing to do deals in Malaysia. Hence, Malaysia's integrity as an oil & gas player will now be under scrutiny. Will this potentially cost Malaysia further Billions?

  3. The discussions when Pak Lah gave away our 2 oil blocks went to press... sorry, when it didn't go to press, only the deal to fix the borders between Brunei and Limbang was mentioned. In fact, what was reported was a bit too much, that Brunei had let go of its claim to Limbang, a report the kingdom officially denied. However, the loss of the 2 oil blocks were not reported. Why? What else of Pak Lah's doings remain unreported?

I understand Perkasa will be demanding for a Royal Commission be formed to investigate this Brunei-Limbang Scandal. Whilst I am not too big a fan of Royal Commissions, I think this incident merits further investigation. In fact, I dare say that the MACC should be asked to investigate the matter due to the above implications highlighted in bold red.

A final question... when will we ever be free of the unending 'legacy' of blunders that was the norm of the Pak Lah regime?!!

NB: Thanks to the Star for the most excellent map above.


donplaypuks® said...

"A final question... when will we ever be free of the unending 'legacy' of blunders that was the norm of the Pak Lah regime?!!"

We have not even finished scratching the surface of blunders, ecomomic plunder and corruption under Maha Firaun, how lah brudder we should start digging into Pak Lah's "legacy"? Lol!

we wre all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

it looks like a blunder but it is not a blunder,i repeat it is not a blunder!

someone is benefiting from this deal.

dig out from petronas ex president and talk to the ex sec gen of the ministry of foreign affairs

Mohd said...

Now we know how an unemployed young man can amass millions?

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

donplaypuks. Stop politicking. The grown ups are talking...

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