Sunday, May 02, 2010

Lim Kit Siang Agrees With Perkasa?!

Actually, the title of this piece could also be Perkasa agrees with Lim Kit Siang, but maybe I'll use that for the Malay version of this post. The question arising from the above question should not be 'WHAT?' but should be 'On What?'. Well, rather obviously, on the forming of a Royal Commission to investigate the 'Brunei Limbang-Scandal'. The what? Well, no official name yet for the scandal, so that's what I'm calling Pak Lah giving away our soverign rights over Blocks L & M.

Pak Lah's blunder here has achieved one thing, it has achieved unity of purpose between 2 'extremists' usually at odds with each other; i.e. Lim Kit Siang (an 'institution' of extremist anti-Malay in his own right) and Perkasa! With such sworn enemies agreeing that a Royal Commission is needed to investigate the Brunei-Limbang Scandal, what reason do we who stand in between both extremes have to disagree!

Hopefully, DS Najib will move quickly to form the Royal Commission to commence investigations, and also urge the MACC and Police to do the same anyway to complement the Royal Commission's efforts. The last thing we want is for people to accuse DS Najib and his cabinet members of complicity in the deal... oh wait, Pak Lah has already accused his former cabinet of agreeing to the deal... majority of whom are part of Najib's cabinet still!! I think DS Najib needs to hurry...

... and not be distracted by the nonsense some bloggers supportive of a close relative of Pak Lah, who suspiciously seem to be collaborating with spinners friendly close to foreign power, are trying to dish around ... their propaganda is a little amateruish anyway... and one even had dreams of being a Corporate Comm chief of our uber-GLC!!! Hahahaha!

Focus... Focus... Royal Commission! Royal Commission!

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