Wednesday, October 28, 2009

At Last, "Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua" Makes An Appearance In Parliament...

OK, seriously speaking, SSS didn't really appear in Parliament, and I am not even sure if the web campaign was mentioned, but kudos to YB Ir. Hamim Samuri from Ledang, Johor, for urging the government to move to a single stream school system when debating the budget in parliament yesterday, the stream obviously being Malay, in the interest of racial unity. The proposal seemed to have cross-floor support in the Dewan, with PAS and PKR reps standing and voicing so.

SSS I believe is actually the most significant effort to move Malaysia more significantly into a united and truly Merdeka nation. In practical terms, it is more significant than 1Malaysia and will bring more lasting repercussions not easily dismantled by changes in the political wind. It is hence brilliant of YB Ir. Hamim to propose a single stream school system that is 'bite-size' and politically easier to sell, by:
  1. Restricting the move to Secondary Schools only, leaving Primary education very much in the current state. I seemed to think this is winding back the clock a bit... but you know, sometimes clocks need winding back.

  2. Suggesting such a move would be in line, and indeed should be made part of, the 1Malaysia effort - it certainly is in tune with the concept with regards to unity!
This is only a first tiny step though rather than a breakthrough. Real breakthrough would only occur with a change in government policy, and let's be honet, SSS is only worth doing if Primary Schools are made single stream too. Else, we risk the polarisation stemming from the vernacular schools' existing persisting through even the future single stream system. So SSS campaigners must insist on this. Political will and its realities is not really our problem!

PS, a correction on the fact YB Tony Pua gave that the single stream school system had been mooted by Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim. It was actually part of Laporan Razak that was published in 1956 on how our nation's education system should be. Perhaps this is an opportunity for DS Najib to achieve where his father fell short in delivering...


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