Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Catholic Crisis Of Faith?

When I read this piece of news, about how the case where the Catholic weekly, Herald is still pursuing the right to call their God Allah, I had a sort of Tangents-esque epiphany... Could the people at the Catholic Herald magazine be having a CRISIS OF FAITH?

I mean, seriously, what's up with wanting to call their God Allah too? This seems to be in complete reverse to past attempts by some different Catholics and members of other Christian denominations of variously declaring Allah to be a 'Moon God', a God of Violence, a 'Pagan' God and many other such hurtful things (to Muslims). Now, suddenly, these Catholics want to call their God Allah?

Side-stepping all the religious and unavoidable politically charged debate about this, one should perhaps ask whether this is actually a cry for help from the people running the Herald! Could it just be that this is just their way of coping with a realisation that they now believe Allah is God?! Could it also be then that they'd rather not leave the Herald, but rather convert the magazine to propogate Allah's religion, Islam!

Maybe rather than chastising and opposing them, we should instead be asking the people at the Herald:
  • Is it true? Do you believe in Allah now?
  • If it is true, don't you think there is a better way to fully embrace Islam?
  • If it is true, do you realise your efforts to turn Herald into an Islamic magazine is disrupting the peace, which in turn is against Islam's teachings?
  • Rather than doing this, shouldn't you just convert to Islam? Then you can refer to God as Allah all the time, and no one will be upset!
  • If it is the money you're concerned about, don't worry, Muslim magazines need writers and editors too!

And I'm only half joking here. If the people in the Herald are having a crisis of faith, they really should just come to the mosque and convert properly. It's easy. And we're ever-ready to welcome new Muslim brothers and sisters, even if they were previously from the Herald ...


Khairi said...

A very interesting view point which I overlooked..You could be right there. We Muslims are normally stong in our faith.....I could use your point of view should casual discussions of friends of various faith do crop up...Thanx

Keith said...

"I accept the term ‘Allah’ had been used in Sabah and Sarawak before the two states joined Malaysia but it is difficult to stop them from doing so now... but in the peninsular, we have not heard of such practice"

These were Mahathirs own words. It's not some sudden desire to use Allah, it is a status quo. It is the government and not the Catholics that are changing the status quo.

The East Malaysians have been using the term for centuries and for the government to step in now is an encroachment of their rights.

As a Christian I have no issue saying I believe in Allah, the same Allah that created the world in 7 days, the same Allah that appeared to Abraham, the same Allah that Isaac (and Ishmael) worshiped. The same Allah that appears to Moses at the burning bush and the same Allah that sends him to free his people from Egypt.

As a Christian I am proud of my religious heritage. Muslims should be proud of their heritage as well, and being so insecure as to claim that usage of the word Allah will confuse muslims, is not pride.

zulkifli said...


The same "ALLAH"? Excuse me, your "ALLAH" is not my ALLAH. What you call "ALLAH" is not what Muslims profess faith in. So stop this charade that it is the same Allah that Muslims pray to. what you write is exactly what we Muslims are worried about-your twisting of what to us is a matter of faith. Is there any Christian publication anywhere in the world that uses the name of the god worshipped by the locals? Do Mongolian christians call their GOD in the Mongolian laguage? What about the Eskimos? Do Christian Tamils call their God Allah too?
The East Malaysians were cunningly converted by Christian missionaries of yerteryears through manipulation of the word ALLAH. We know what they are uo to, until now.

Anonymous said...

"I accept the term ‘Allah’ had been used in Sabah and Sarawak before the two states joined Malaysia but it is difficult to stop them from doing so now... but in the peninsular, we have not heard of such practice" keith


agree with keith....this word only widely used in BORNEO STATES BEFORE THESE TWO STATES FORMED MALAYSIA. Again, BEFORE FORMED MALAYSIA. and it's not used in semenanjung.

once again, this is not peninsular issues, this is THE EAST MALAYSIAN ISSUES....

saya harap kami, the east malaysians, will ''divorce'' with malaya soon. thanks.

FYI, whether use this word or not, i have no problem because I DONT HAVE FAITH CRISIS eventhough i dun use the word . thanks.

why nobody mentioned about the EAST MALAYSIAN when this issue is rising up???? WHY??? WHY???? WHY???????

selamat bercerai malaya and borneo!

Anonymous said...

u said u know what they up to now, meaning that the east malaysian?

i wonder if u urself understand the borneo states? understand the culture and tradition? or u still anggap kami orang kampung yg bodoh dan tinggal di atas pokok???????????

erm...i suggest u go to sarawak n sabah and ASK THE PEOPLE. then, u will get the answer, bro

Anonymous said...

I think there's no harm for Christians to use the word Allah.
It's their right.

The east malaysian christians have been using the word Allah way before they joined Malaysia.
It's in the constitution and the Christians deserve their right.

Sometimes i don't understand the attitude of Malay nationalist in this country. They make so much noise in this Allah issue as if there's hard evidence in the Quran or hadith forbidding non-muslim using the word Allah. But when come to implementing what's in the Al-Quran i.e the syariah laws they just keep quiet. Even their Ketua Pemuda stop short in supporting HUDUD law.

Set your priority right! my advise to my fellow malay nationalist!

KiyoshiJoz said...

To Zulkifli:

I'm sorry..
Allah = Muslim God only?

care to enlighten me?

oh btw one more thing:
i respect your religion..
but.. may i ask.. how steadfast is your faith towards Islam?
I think its a wonderful religion..

but how steadfast is your faith?

to the extent that you can be confused?

i suggest you strengthen your faith?

how about that?

your arguments only proves that you're not a strong muslim..

Well im not gonna say that you're not.. but from your arguments.. it seems to me that you're saying just that..

with all due respect.. maybe you can explain?

1) how is it that we misuse the Term Allah

2) how is Allah= Muslim only?
*read the wikipedia above

3) how steadfast is your faith?

4) how is it that you get swayed so easily just because the term Allah was being used (although it has been used thousands of years ago)

5) how come the people in Middle East has no problem?

Thank you in advance for enlightening me (=

Nis said...

OH MY GOD why are some people SO RETARDED ALLAH IS SIMPLY GOD IN ARABIC, not holy-esque syllables sent down by God himself!

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