Sunday, January 10, 2010

Half A Million Ringgit Of Misplaced Generosity...

I was shocked to hear DS Najib's government saw it as appropriate to donate RM500k to the Metro Tabernacle church at Desa Melawati due to the damage it suffered through arson a few days ago. It was said that this was due to the extent of the damage the church suffered. I think this is a load of nonsense and that DS Najib was just poorly advised as to the most appropriate course of action. Giving away half a million ringgit to the church is certainly unwise as:
  1. The government was not responsible for the arson attack. Of course, one could claim the government is ultimately responsible, but that is like saying the government of Kelantan should be blamed for flooding in the state!

  2. On the above, paying the RM500k gives the impression that the government is taking ultimate responsibility for the arson attack!

  3. If the government wanted to do something for the church to ease their suffering, they needn't have bothered with the RM500k as to churches in Malaysia, permits to locate churches are more valuable than money, and the Metro Tabernacle has been applying to relocate. Just expedite it for them!

  4. The church premises would have been insured. So, what with the intentions to relocate and everything, this arson attack may have been a boon for the church insurance wise! What is then the need for the government to shore up the church's finances with public money?

  5. The Metro Tabernacle could have just made a claim to the largest landowner on Earth for damages, the largest landowner being the Roman Catholic Church! What with the church attack being due to the Catholic Herald magazine's court case in the first place, I think they have a case!

But all the above is not as big a deal as the precedent the government pay-out to the Metro Tabernacle creates and its potential impact:

  1. Does this imply that the government will pay out to all churches or other related institutions (schools, seminaries, etc) that suffer significant damage from protests over the Herald's case?

  2. Does this give the Hindus the right to now claim compensation for the various temples demolished by state agencies, even if they were inappropriately sited? Again, the issue here could be resolved just by sorting out the permits for specific locations.

  3. Does this not encourage arson for the sake of gaining state funds for rebuilding? Even the publicity, getting a whole bunch of ministers to suddenly appear in churches and other places of worship they would not have been to otherwise! Some would say even this has value...

  4. The trend of giving assistance to the affected churches will emerge among corporate entities, and it is regrettable it began with one from a GLC being run by the PM's brother! This will further enhance the possibility of increased arson for profit of one form or another.

But going back to the source of this violence, escalating Malay anger over the robbing of the right to use of the word Allah, this act by the government:

  1. Will again be seen as the government being apologetic rather than addressing issues distressing Malays.

  2. Will open the door to accusations that the government is now bringing the state's treatment of other religions on par with Islam which is the only religion acknowledged by the constitution. This is extremely dangerous.

  3. TS Koh Tsu Koon's idea of now having an 'interfaith dialogue', whilst sounding nice to liberal sensibilities, will just inflame matters. Malays will see no reason to dialogue as they see themselves as having given up enough already and suspicions will arise that TS Koh is reviving the IFC idea. This WILL NOT STOP THE VIOLENCE! In fact, it may make it worse!

How then could this violence cease:

  1. The PM should invite the Rulers to intervene to bring the matter out of the court. The Rulers can then constitutionally put a halt to the Herald's case. This will appease Malays across many fronts, not just by dismissing the issue but also by demonstrating the presence of Malay power to address their concerns still.

  2. The Herald could simply withdraw the case from the courts in the interest of the peace between all Malaysians. This would present the church not just with immediate security, but also a moral victory... whilst Malay leaders could go around placating the more dangerous elements and allowing the police to do their job catching the perpetrators without being encumbered by the risk of further attacks.

The above are options to immediately stop the escalation of violence, but it will not address other concerns that have brought Malays too close to the Tipping Point towards it. These concerns need to be addressed by the government to bring us well away from the brink. Waving a finger and crying out "1Malaysia" is not enough. Remedial action is needed to undo 5+ years of continuous damage to the Malays' sense of pride.

I also hope that the absence or reduction of violence from Monday does not give everyone a false sense of security. The violence is probably reduced as people are at work...


Michael said...

"The above are options to immediately stop the escalation of violence, but it will not address other concerns that have brought Malays too close to the Tipping Point towards it. These concerns need to be addressed by the government to bring us well away from the brink. Waving a finger and crying out "1Malaysia" is not enough. Remedial action is needed to undo 5+ years of continuous damage to the Malays' sense of pride."

You are saying that for the past 5 yrs the Malays have been challenged by other races over race and religious issues, and bcos of this your 'pride' has been damaged? Are you sure your basis of thinking is correct, En Akhramsyah? What is pride after all? Isn't it linked to self-esteem or self-image which in itself connected to one's self-worthiness and sense of achievement? Have you ever thought that the damage in the pride of the Malays has more to do with the fact that the present Govt which has been in control for the past 50 plus yrs have done nothing much or smart to improve the well-being of the Malay community in general, rather than the racial and religious challenges of the other races?

Yes, I agree there have been challenges as you said. But have you ever considered and really analysed why these challenges were raised in the 1st place? Isn't it bcos we have seen that this country has stagnated economically and will not be doing as well as our regional neighbours in future if we don't implement drastic and painful economic reforms now. Countless others have highlighted the many issues our country need to resolve for us to move forward. Those issues were raised bcos we know that if changes are not made, our country will go down the drain. Don't you agree that one can't be spoonfed for too long. We are both fathers to children; surely we can't hold their hands all the time. We have to let them fall and graze their knees and get up again and become stronger and stronger. How do you think the Chinese have prospered even without any Govt's assistance? Those who stay back raise those issues bcos they are for our own good and the good of all Malaysians. Some who have seen the economic decline and lack of almost everything in our country are emigrating in droves. They are frustrated and disappointed but they have no choice but leave for greener pastures. Surely you are not too happy about that En Akhramshah or are you laughing with glee about it?

Please face the facts - the Govt's current policies are not helping the Malay community and this is the only sole reason why the Malay community's sense of pride is damaged. Even with so much of Govt's help thru the NEP and others, so many Malays are not doing well and yet on the other hand we see so many non-Malays thru hard work and grit do better and better. If I am a Malay myself, I would feel angry abt this and would have my pride dented and damaged, about the Govt's assistance not reaching to me but instead favouring and helping those linked to those in power. So, get your facts right En Akhramsyah. Don't blame the other races for the issues raised. Blame the Govt.

KiyoshiJoz said...

can someone make a police report over his seditious comments please?

he is fanning racial sentiments and is a threat to our national security and harmony.

he should be TRIED (notice i dont say you should be locked up using the ISA and w/o trial) and with this blog and its article being used as evidence.

i dont think its hard to convict you of sedition..

heck... You dont even need to Prove your own innocence as RPK was forced to against the Rule of Law...

If i were the prosecutor.. and if the judge is a fearless judge.. you'll be behind bars in less than 3 trials..

i've read and commented on your previous posts... and i've tried to be nice.. but this is seriously going way overboard...

i have to agree with others.. your mind is sick... you should read your Quran more and try to understand Allah's love..

God have mercy on you...

Simply said...

i think you should try and get laid every now and then and not masturbate furiously over the keyboards like this. it's bad for your health. you may go blind.

ayah said...

You sad, sad, silly little mother fucker. KJ was right, you ARE indeed a horribly bitter person. Shame on you.

People know you had a rough childhood and an even worse upbringing but do not take it out on others. They seek psychiatric help. If the so called "rulers" are doing such a great job as you said, why are there still so many poor rural Malays? ASB not enough? Stop keeping them stupid and denying them good education. You're insulting your own race. But then again, maybe you're just so insecure of it that you have no idea what the fuck you're doing. Nevertheless, you're an adult and are responsible for your lame-ass comments.

However, no matter how much you bark, you will NEVER supercede your father.
Bet those constant comparisons made since decades ago is starting to eat at you right? Awwwwww. Not that he was any great to begin with, but thanks to this little blog of yours, the world can now see what a failure you are.

You can continue to entertain us with your hilarious spewing, or you can do yourself a favour and slit your wrists. It will do everyone a world of good. No use asking you to stop spoiling things for your own race. More importantly, it will show non-Muslims and non-Malays that the Muslims/Malays aren't as bad as you reflected them to be, even though they sure as hell know that the majority of Muslims/Malays are NOT as fanatical/psycho are you are.

Of course this message will fall on deaf ears. You are beyond hope.

Just because a dirty stinky mongrel is barking incoherant nonsense to the world, there's no need to get on all fours and start barking back to that mongrel.

Rizwan said...


We could focus on economy, if a certain Anwar Ibrahim decide to call it a day and retire from politic.

He is such a nuisance of the highest order.

Jonesy said...

You ignorant, racist, bigoted hate-monger.

You DO NOT represent the views of the Malay majority nor do you represent the views of UMNO.

Perhaps it's time you and your 6 friends stop wasting our precious oxygen through your jealous, misinformed bitching at a coffee-shop and actually go out to work.

Or maybe even read a book?

I suggest you start with Al'Quran.

Shuib said...

Gerakan Youth Kedah's Chief Tan Keng Liang said:-
“As an act of good faith in condemning the arson attacks, I hope that the Government would consider assisting, including financially, the churches in repairing the damage caused by the despicable act of arson,” he added.

So, is Gerakan supporting this type of generosity? And support the church???

Shuib said...

UMNO must take disciplin action against Gerakan for suggesting the donation and also the interfaith dialogue by Koh Tsu Koon.

Donald P said...

i fully agree that the gov't should not have made the RM500k donation.

in fact, i view it as a plot to incite more Malays into more drastic action when they begin to think that the gov't is generous to non-Muslims.

your views here prove my suspicions and UMNO's objective has been achieved using TAXPAYER's money.

jej said...

He speaks of violence, hate and destruction of fellow humans. He will certainly go to "Heaven". Osama's heaven that is!

Harcharan said...

"I also hope that the absence or reduction of violence from Monday does not give everyone a false sense of security. The violence is probably reduced as people are at work..."

You finally have deduced that it is the "working" group causing the violence. That is "mechanical graduate" mind?

Well there`s a burning in S`ban for you to catch up on.

Spanker said...

Actually, I kinda agree with this dude. The government SHOULDN'T pay for the damages because it looks as though they are taking responsibility for terrorist actions.

On the other side of the coin however, despite more than 98% of all money allocated for religious establishments were spent on mosques (well over RM400 million), it is unnerving to see that one of the product is arsonists.

Cruzeiro said...

Simply said...

i think you should try and get laid every now and then and not masturbate furiously over the keyboards like this. it's bad for your health. you may go blind.
8:16 PM

Ditto, mate!!

Bob said...

Gerakan asking government to help out the repairs of the church?
I think ask them to mind their own business.

van said...

This guy is totally blind. He uses google ads to make money and at the bottom has "Church Jesus Built" or something advertised. Condemn them then make money from them.

aychoe said...

tsk, tsk, tsk, what kind of people have so little self confidence and constantly fear that their supremacy or whatever they think they are supreme about being eroded, taken over, blah, blah, blah.

if you want people to respect you, you must earn it! your kind of thinking sure don't deserve any respect and therefore, you will always be the laughing stock to others who do not subscribe to your small heartedness and incapabilities.

PH Chin said...

Dear Akhramsyah, I find your article full of veil threats similar to what Tun Mahathir's recent comments on the 'Allah' controversy.

Well I believe only people who lack confident in themselves or are uncomfortable in their own skin perceive being threatened all the times. Thus their seize mentality reaction is to threaten others.

From my deduction, you're most likely one of them ?

May 'Allah' bless you !

H'ng Khoon Leng said...


kerine said...

Reader's of this Blog!!! Hear ye... Hear ye...

This guy is nothing but crap. You see, he needed some publicity so he make racial remarks and sickening ideas so that all of us read them, and feel the anger and then comment in his blog.

I can prove it.
1) Google adds alone is promoting Jesus. And that is totally in contrast with what he is talking. Yet his blog has the advertisement. Funny! Absurd! Stupidity!

2) He allied his blog to MT... Knowing that through it, he gains readership.

3) He has no facts... Everything he wrote were his sick personal opinion.

SO, please ignore his postings. He is just a sick man. Lets just pray that he gets better after medication. God bless you dear.

Lenox said...

Malaysia with such political minds will indeed be in trouble.

edmondyiu91 said...

malaysia will be destroy soon.u all hav good education but u dun noe how to manage a good country wif all races.u heart greedy . all care about urself 1st.

umno is racist party. people in malaysia now is not stuppid at all.
the real and truth voice hav been shut down in malaysia media and news paper.

people noe it. as long u say like tis kind of sentiment as a important thing for one race only.other race sure will fight for their right.

u must think about people other race.

if u care about urself u will make urself die only.

malaysia only wif the population of 27 million.

china wif population of almost 2 billion and more than hundred of races .but they can manage a country as good as well.

think about it. no ned to ask a children to gif u advice.

from a malaysia 19 years old student

donplaypuks® said...

Good one Cruzeiro! But guys like this have been using other people's hands for so long that even getting laid by, for and of himself will be a major logistic and traction problem! Lol!

I ashamed that the privileged children of our former Ministers can turn out to be so pathetic as to place bets and egg on for national riots, instead of uttering healing words.

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

lezz said...

Why pretend to be more dumb than you already are?

Jibby is NOT having a sudden fit of generosity. He rather gives the money to Rosmah to do more shopping in Dubai.
So the 500,000 dollar question in an MCQ: Jibby 'gave' the moola because:
A) He could now put up a show of salvaging his 1Malaysia after blowing it out of the sky by overplaying his hand?
b) To prevent the non muslims from punishing him even more at the next election?
c) To pose for photo sessions in NST and Star while handing a mock cheque to the pastor?
d) All the above and a lot more?

So Ubaidah, kindly spare us the bullshit about 'generosity'. Jibby is as "generous" as you are a "educated, rational malay"

telur dua said...

Wow! I just can't believe the shit this guy spews.

He is trying to be technical when in this instance compassion(whether sincere or not) overrides everything.

And he claims himself a practitioner of the great religion? There is a word for people like him ~ munafiq.

Habib RAK said...

Akhramsyah, I met your dad sometime back. We were all having a blast chatting of old times. He also voluntered to tell us about one of his scariest momment. He told us that he dropped one of his child from the top floor. The baby's head was badly injured. Now, I know which child he was talking about.

GHT said...

En. Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi I have to agree with KiyoshiJoz and many others, you may have to check with a psychiatrist, your mind may be sick, unstable and you need help fast.

Why is that you require to ask others to appease the Malays all the time? (I suppose you mean the UMNO’s Malays type) Is it bcos you have attended BTN courses and you think you now have a “ketuanan” level over others? Or the govt or “pendatang” owe you a loving?
By the way are you a true blood Malay or the “culup” type? Your name don’t even sound Muslim, for if you are a Muslim you would have read the Quran and the Holy Book says…..Quran’s second chapter, says:
“Say: O People of the Scripture! Come to a common word between us and you: that we shall worship none but God (Aal-Imran, 3:64”)
And in the 29th Chapter He says:
“And dispute not with the People of the Book but say “We believe in the Revelation which has come down to us and that which came down to you…our God [Allah] and your God [Allah] is One, and it is to Him we bow (al-Ankabut, 29:46)”
Our own small mindedness and selfishness are the problem. No matter how, we tend to think we are always right and others are wrong ….despite the Quran –the Holy Book had clearly stated ….our {Islamic}God (Allah) and your {Christian}God (Allah) is One.
I think it is more important that we all as Malaysians should seek peace and harmony, by seeking common grounds to work together as one people and to move our nation - Malaysia forward rather than being confrontational.
Let us not try to instigate and agitate others and ourselves – and affect our own health instantaneously with stress. The presence of God is always with us – say something nice, God reward us instantaneously with happiness, the reverse are true with anger and high blood pressures. Our body (created by God) reacts to the way we think. Let us truly believe in God –Allah, use our inert spiritual sense of greater goodness with Him as guidance.

yes said...

Kalau buka pintu dialog mengenai perkataan Allah, Kemungkinan besar selepas ini tentu banyak lagi isu yang akan mereka kemukakan. Contoh, kenapa harus non Muslim tukar ugama bila nak nikah dengan orang Islam. Dan sesudah itu tentu banyak lagi usul lain. Peluang inilah yang di nanti nantikan

Gary said...

I think you should be charged in court under the seditious act for threatening the national security.

How moronic can a person be?

inciting hatred and violence.

I sure hope your family get killed and you got tortured.

Sing Hwa said...

Be open minded writer.

Jamil said...

Are u mad akram? This is the 21st century. The days of empathy and tolerance and not some tinpot banana republic circa 1960's. Grow up. Cakap Juara Rakyat.

ANZANI said...

Hey dude, I'm a Muslim but not a very knowledgeable one in matters pertaining to Islam. I think you are too. You feel so outraged by the Rgt 500K contribution / "blood money" from DS Najib. But, hey where were you when Rgt 500 million was paid as commission for the purchase of submarines? Where were you hiding when the PKFZ scandal broke causing the loss of billions of the rakyats' money? Were you hiding in your father's sarong when billions were squandered in creatind Putrajaya? I think a Muslim must look at himself in the mirror everyday and ask himself if he is doing what the al-Quran asks of him? Islam is not about shouting that no others' have the right to use the word "Allah". Go check the Quran to find out who can refer to the Almighty as Allah. Malaysia honoured noted Egyptian Muslim scholar Qadrawi with a Maal Hijrah award but aren't his opinions on matters of Islam relevant?
Enough said. I have read two of your diatribes. No more.

Ming Jin said...

Dude you are an idiot and loser. you are a disgrace to Malays and your own religion. You are the reason why Malays are lagging behind, always fearful of losing your "rights". how about working hard and always being so defensive and entitled?

I repeat this: you are a loser.

Enough said loser.

walrus31415 said...

I'm dumbstruck by your commentary. As a Singaporean who has stayed in Malaysia for the better part of a decade in the 90's, I've never met a Malay as acerbic as you in outlook, so I must assume you are in the extreme minority in your utter conviction in such bitter views.

My memory of the Malaysian Malay is that of a cultured genteel soul who does not beggar his neighbour, always willing to share and be of help to his fellow man. Contrary to your description of the angry envious covetous Malay that I have yet to meet, I somehow had the good fortune of meeting many that I would care to call friends. Certainly they had their failings, but so do we all, regardless of race, language or religion.

It would be a tragedy to allow your radical views to tarnish your racial brethren. I urge the silent majority to voice their moderate opinions in unison against your diatribe or risk being drowned out by the incendiary rhetoric.

You have a beautiful country, and the luck of having many natural riches. Don't trash it all by waging a divisive war that leaves even the victor vanquished.

Gary said...

You can continue to sulk all you want but I'll say the 500k was well spent!

Gary said...

At least its better spent on that than sending airheads like you overseas for "education".

Tonysuppiah said...

So you want the money to go into your bottomless pocket. The Kerajaan has fed your kind for far too long.

Janjalani said...

"The Metro Tabernacle could have just made a claim to the largest landowner on Earth for damages, the largest landowner being the Roman Catholic Church!"

I am not sure whether this is true. Even if it is, it is not the largest landowner in Malaysia. Plus it is very hard to get a permit to build Churches , temples in Malaysia, just look at how kind the section 22 or 23 ppl weere towards their Hindu neighbours. I am sure you would find it illogical if the non-Muslim countries were to ask their Muslim minority to build mosques in Saudi Arabia for their use. Half a million RM is well placed indeed.
Plus, Christians respected the court decision on Lina Joy. Christians did not go around fire bombing suraus back then.Hindus respected the court's decision on Syamala and R.Subashini children's custody. No Hindu retaliated for the actions done by Shah Alam cow head protesters. Did devotees of Ma Tzu run riot when the Musa Aman govt stopped the erection of their devotees statue. Muslims should respect the court decision the same way other Malaysians do. If we all take matters into our own hand then the country would be Afghanistan, Zimbabwe etc.
I also have a suggestion to end this problem. The crux of the matter is that Muslim authorities are worried about confusion among Muslims. Therefore all BM Christian publications should have the label "Christian publication" this would make things clear.

Afuw said...

Hmm, giving 500k to a burned church implies responsibility you say? So I suppose the government is also responsible for the 2004 tsunami since they also donated loads of money to your fellow Acehnese.

allahman said...

akramsyah, you have a racist mind.. what is wrong for the government to show some compassion by donating ?
If it was a malay mosque, you wouldn't even complaint.

you are a racist just like your dad.. and your party

same on you , hitler

allahman said...

By the way, I am your colleague in your office and boy am i really sick to see people like you around and i know there are many more.. you know why.. it's because you guys benefiteed from NEP , free scholarship , (even with a rich dad) and you behave as if you rule the country , arrogant and cocky.. you are lucky because many of your kampung folks are still living in the 16th century, they cannot think on their own, they need Hitler to lead them into a blind faith... this country will end up like Germany in WWII.. watch it.. shame on you...still living on crutches..

Afuw said...

How dumb is this Akhram to be asking the Metro Tabernacle Church, a Protestant establishment, to ask for money from the Roman Catholic Church. If a masjid in Malaysia needs money, does it go and ask for it from the Syiah Council in Iran?

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