Monday, January 18, 2010

Say NO To Nazri's Cop-Out Idea To Appease Allah-Grabbing Catholic Herald! There Are Better Ideas...

I was appalled by the cop-out statement of appeasement by DS Nazri Aziz as published by the NST today. According to DS Nazri, Non-Muslims in three states and the Federal Territories are allowed to use the word 'Allah'! He also said restrictions on the use of 'Allah',"... is under the state law. But in Federal Territories, Penang, Sabah and Sarawak, there is no such law to stop them."


So now, instead of having to accept the historical situation in Sabah and Sarawak only, which DS Nazri himself seems to mistakenly limit to,"...Iban and Kadazan families, there are Christians and Muslims in one family...", forgetting that even Melanaus have the same, Malays in the Peninsular have to accept multi-use of the word 'Allah' in Penang and the Malaysian Capital Cities of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya too?!!

Why the cop-out DS Nazri? Afraid of the swing of Catholic votes? Do you think Catholics are as shallow as the leaders of their church? Do you not care about the feelings and sentiments of Malays in Penang and the Federal Territories? Don't you remember that BN lost in 5+1 states at PRU12 in part due to RETURNING MALAY VOTES FROM THE FEDERAL TERRITORIES AND PENANG? have you forgotten that BN LOST MALAY VOTES IN PENANG AND KUALA LUMPUR?

Does DS Nazri not realise the majority of Malays passionately think of this issue as illustrated below?

Some may be appalled that I talking about votes as being DS Nazri's motive. Well, I'm doing so as I cannot fathom why else he would be copping out like this! It cannot be because he is behaving as Malay leader... OK it is consistent with many other weak Malay leadership actions I have seen on this issue, but this is probably the weakest yet! As a Malay leader, he should be adopting the majority view, affirmed by DS Zahid Hamidi in Parliament which is illustrated here:

It can't be as the so-called law minister either, as it is inconsistent with the more proper legal line of awaiting the results of the court of appeal (which is by the way, MAYC's stated stand to date... our pro-tem President's a lawyer after all!). Nazri's stand is hence also inconsistent with the Malaysian Government stand AGAINST Catholic use of the word Allah, as TS Muhyiddin has reaffirmed that the government's appeal against Judge Lau Bee Lan's decision is proceeding.

If DS Nazri really wanted to show himself to be the best among his cabinet colleagues by resolving this issue, there would be more equitable ideas that could be mooted. For instance, SatD's been driving towards this one I believe, one could propose what the Indonesians are REALLY practicing, rather than what many have incorrectly said that Allah is of common use among Muslims and Christians there.

In Indonesia, the Christian 'Allah' is pronounced differently, it is voiced akin to 'Alah' in Malay phonetics. The double-L in the word Allah is actually denoting the phonetics of the double 'Lam' in the arabic spelling of Allah. If the Catholics crave use of the word so much, why not adopt Alah as their word for God? They pronounce it phonetically as Alah anyway as the 'Mat Salleh' Missionaries tend to be unable to pronounce Allah properly. Leave Allah to Malays.

We can even make this consistent across Malaysia! Allah for Muslims, Alah for Christians! Maybe then someone will be inspired to use Elah... etc. Thinking 'global', maybe we can then even advance this Malaysian 'Alah' solution to be adopted by Indonesia and other countries where there is dual-use! Of course, we should do this only if there are similar concerns as in Malaysia, concerns which I understand is arising among our neighbours.

Do I like the idea of the Catholics using Alah instead of Allah? Not particularly, as it feels like another cop-out, but at least it isn't as big a cop-out as DS Nazri's!


CakapManis said...

You realize my dear Akhramsyah, that Nazri has really caused even more confusion to the extent that this edifice of idiocy in trying to 'micro'-regulate theusage of the word, "Allah". It would be better to let sleeping dogs lie and accept the ruling of the Malaysian High Court and lets all be 'kawan' again. Boleh-lah?

Unit Media Wangsa Maju said...

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kluangman said...

Nazri cukup kebal untuk dicuit atau dikuis keluar.

Sikap 'pengecut' Najib pernah diluahkan oleh Tun Mahathir ketika Najib menjadi antara 'yes man' di zaman Pak Lah dan persepsi itu terbawa hingga ke rumahtangganya,
Dalam pentaddbiran dan politik sikap penyabar Najib itu masih dalam persepsi yang sama.

Di pihak pembangkang pun, belum ada sesiapa yang betul betul berani menentangnya.

satD said...

bro gua acah aje with the silent L..nak tengok dia orang ni boleh pakai logic ke...bingai punye Nazri the only thing that was right was that he said the the Judge was wrong and have acted apekebenda tu Ultraman when she went out of bound of the scope of the judicial review

Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi said...

SatD. Your acah idea is still better than DS Nazri's dude, LOL, so worthy la of credit...


It is easy to say that I am a samurai. Doe Nazri know what entails to be a samurai, its warrior tradition failing to deliver means harakiri?

A samurai kontot that he is. He has degraded the culture of samurai. The Japanese simply laugh at him. Being a political failure, the least he could do is to quit UMNO.

Nazri is a ronin. Like father like son. Alijah Gordon said something to me about him.

Jokiden said...

Boleh tak buat undian antara DS Nazri dengan D Ibrahim Ali, siapa yang pembaca rasakan lebih membela kepentingan orang melayu..


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