Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mystery Of The Missing Maids... As One Wonders At A Minister's Apology... Both Too Late...

I got a rude reminder that I am very much a pleb today when my wife informed me that our maids had run off! Fortunately, whilst they irresponsibly abandoned my 2 and 1-year old boys when they upped and left, at least they had the decency to not take the boys and also securely locked them in the house - with a full bottle ready for the baby in his playpen.

I'm expecting the next few days to be nigh impossible for us to cope with - already wasted much of today cancelling these women's work permits et al. My wife is livid! It would seem any attempt of apology by these ex-maids would turn ugly quickly. Hell hath not the fury of an enraged mother!

Which makes one wonder at this moment of madness by Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar yesterday... as Home Minister, he actually apologised for the misery caused by the road-blocks over 12-14 July, whilst justifying them in the same breath! Sorry Datuk Seri, see little difference between your attempt at apology for a similar silly, if less personally damaging, act of supreme irresponsibility as my maids' sudden departure.

And talking about apologies, we're still waiting, as a nation for you to apologise for losing us Pulau Batu Putih and cow-towing to Singapore and forgetting Malaysia's place as champions for the smaller nations of the world since Tun Dr M left. Then again, at least you apologised for this one mistake you've made as Home Minister... very unlike your predecessor... Pak Lah!

Then again, Pak Lah has a lot more to apologise for... Islam Hadhari, the crashing economy, Khairy, Kali, banyak lagi...

Then again, the Rakyat would probably respond to such an attempt at apology the way my wife would respond to our ex-maids....


azlina said...

akhram, i think you not alone in this. many of our friends have the same problem, almost livid when maid not only left the kids in the house but they took all the jewelleries as well.best to get local people to care although you need to pay the xtra.
and the stupid pak lah will be on and on doing same thing as long as he can keep his family happy and keep making his belly big


Alhamdulillah the kids were safe.
Kena sujud shukur.

dakit said...

I think you should spend a bit more of your free time attending a class ugama yang mengajar tajuk2 berbaik sangka, bersopan bahasa, cara-cara mengubat penyakit hati etc...

Reading thru your blogpage, then I think you are sick man... Dont worry, I'm not going to visit your web-blog anymore, kind of waste my time

I'm not referring to this article, but lots of other article that you wrote...

My sincere suggestion to you... Try to attend Kelas Tasauf, Penawar Bagi Hati or something like that... Get out from kempopong of your father... be a wise man Joe


kluangman said...


Saya jarang sebulu dengan budak ni, tetapi rasanya awak keterlaluan. Suka hatilah dia nak tulis cara dia, anda baca dan komen atau boleh..
boleh blah..

whackthembugger said...

Maids can be either most helpful or a nuisance. For more than 10 years I had two Indonesian maids of one which was take care of my aged mom. Just within a month after my mom died sometime early last year, both the new maids ran away.

Fortunately my youngest is now 12 years old and I decided not to take any new maids for the moment since I found my children overly pampered. Perhaps I told my wife its better not to take new replacement maids until the all the 5 children learn to do house chows and take up some responsibilities. Furthermore the cost of new maids have gone up and precedent have shown that these maids after being influenced by other maids and their so-called relatives in Malaysia, their tendency is to jump our employment and seek their fortunes elsewhere where they can freedom and higher pay.

My other previous maids gave me the following problems

i) One got pregnant with my neighbour’s driver just after one day of outing. After a blood test, we decided to send her home.
ii) One was about to escape to find employment in a restaurant but we found out and immediately send her back.
iii) The bitterest experience was when two new Indo maids from the same village ran away after being with us for just a month. Within the 5 kids still small and an aged mother to take care off, I had to secure the assistance of my sisters to take of my mother for about 3 months before the new maids arrived. This happened 5 years ago and for a while it was total chaos before we got through.

While you will eventually get through this chaotic period, my advice is to make sure your children learn not too be too dependent of the maids, its better for their upbringing especially the girls.

Pak Lah

One of the reasons the electorates got angry with BN during the GE12 was the manner the police was brought in to handle the Bersih and Hindraf demonstrations and the consequent unwarranted police check points that caused massive traffic jams.

I would believe those events could be handled differently to achieve the same objectives and not penalised the innocent motorists. There are other modes of transportation which the so called demonstrators could reach their converging points.

But as usual, incompetent in handling economic issues, PM focus is to demonstrate his ability in maintaining law and order to the annoyance of the population and in this case the motorists again. Thus PM repeats his incompetence in handling all national and strategic issues in repeating his stupid mistakes; he can’t see the trees from the forest. Furthermore my two bit sense say he’s manipulating issues such as this DSAI for some stupid ulterior motives.

DukeOfMonteCristo said...

Nasib baik aku takde maid...hehehehe...tak mampu nak ada maid sebetulnya...hehhehe...

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