Monday, July 07, 2008

New Supression Of The Cyber-Rakyat... As I Recover From My Fed Up State...

Apologies to the regulars of this site for yet another absence, but this time it wasn't due to work or life, but I sort of got a little fed up with the silliness of it all when the first Bala SD came out, much as many of my fellow bloggers.

Ironically, my recovery from being fed up is being assisted by some on-going silliness by the government, i.e. Pak Lah and the 4th Floor, which is now clearly
much assisted by their new puppet Anwar Ibrahim, who is being controlled by the threat of his sodomy case being taken to court! (Of course, this is not up to the 4th Floor, but I suppose Anwar started believing his own propaganda about how the PM controlled everything in Malaysia a long time ago!)

Finding the time to write quality postings is tough for a mid-level exec. in an Oil & Gas multinational with 5 kids and rising political activity outside of cyberspace, but how can you stand aside when you see this sort of excessive supression of our freedoms in the guise of 'protecting our children'? Be honest la Mr. Gomen, are you protecting kids from cyber-naughtiness or Pak Lah with his phobia of the rakyat's political activism in cyberspace when you impose restrictions like this!

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whackthembugger said...

I don’t think we should take any heed about what PM says for he’s a “fake” all the way. If he threatens freedom of expression of bloggers, then he will not able to manipulate and fabricate issues to his best interest. SIL and his boys have the full support of PM to play up the mass propaganda of deception and lie in the alternative media in supporting the MSM; just look at the Opposition playing up sentiments and smearing Najib’s name and pretending that DSAI is a god-given saint. If PM wants to be selective in his oppression, his hypocrisy will be well exposed. His phobia on the rakyat’s activism in cyberspace is pure hypocrisy.

We should therefore challenge PM and SIL for what they are – the rot of the Nation. A detailed analysis of PM’s report card detailing out his faultiness in governing the country including the negative reforms to the political, social and economics. His report card at present exposes the damaging ramifications of having the 1st Family interfering and plundering undermining BN and UMNO political performance. The present day poor perception of BN and UMNO are all PM and SIL doings.

For instance, I remembered clearly PM publicly stating his son was not interested in government contracts saying that Scomi was involved in international business. Yet during the same period, news came out in the press that Scomi got certain contracts. Now we also know that Scomi indeed owns Rapid KL and Penang, Pos Malaysia etc, the prime benefactors of cronyism and nepotism. Isn’t that plain fake?

The SIL in the mid-term review sarcastically commented that Agong should interfere under Article 153 because non Bumi’s got 45% of JPA scholarships. How low can the nincompoop SIL be? Whose business/ responsibility is it to run the Government/ JPA – the Agong or PM. But then again the common word around is “who’s governing the country now for the mess the country is in?” Who else, I would say if not the 32 year Oxford graduate who only knows how mess up things. Yet he can stoop so low to make such statement in his mid-term review comments (perhaps SIL could not find enough issues in challenging Mukhriz’s excellent review). What a BIG fake this SIL is, it could well be his dirty hands that gave the 45% scholarship and now uses the ratio to fabricate tales!

Every comment PM and SIL makes now deserves our attention to expose them for what they truly are past on their precedence. The two never play “clean” and “nice” when comes to their political survival, so why should bloggers be afraid – the truth will always prevail.

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