Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Entrant For Oxymoron MSM Headline Of The Year

I had thought that the headline "PM: I work hard to fulfil duties" on the Feb 8 edition of the STAR reporting Pak Lah's proclamation that,"I work very hard. I really mean it and you know it." would be an early winner of the 'Oxymoron MSM Headline Of The Year Award' for 2008.

Considering his strong lead when winning the 2007 Oxymoron MSM Headline with
"I won't dissapoint the people" despite it being a late entry, many people expected Pak Lah to be yet again the strong contender for the source of such oxymoronic headlines.

However, a new front-runner emerged in today's copy of the New Strait Times (NST), which reads Anwar wants stop to probe. Not only is the quality of the oxymoron non-controversial in this case, with the criminal suspect urging the police to discontinue investigations, but with the 16th September date looming, a winner that involves Anwar may be a popular choice this year.

Many involved in last year's award remembered the controversy that arose from the selection of Pak Lah's "I won't dissapoint the people" as the winner, especially as the Headline may be seen as moronic rather than oxymoronic. The controversy took a nasty turn when accusations of pandering or 'mengampu' were hurled about, until it was pointed out that such accusations were also oxymoronic by nature. Anwar's headline however would avoid such a dispute.

With Anwar's 16th September 'take-over' date and the MCA and UMNO elections still to come over the remaining months of this year, there is still much room for new contenders to present themselves. It remains to be seen however if any true competitor will arise to challenge the sheer quality and quantity of oxymoron generated by the 4th floor of Pak Lah's office... other than Anwar's...

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