Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Does Anwar Ibrahim Cause Silliness?

I am amazed that to this day, Anwar Ibrahim is still capable of causing the silliest of behaviours. OK, I admit I find Anwar incompetent, and the so called 'arguments' he used in his televised debate with Shabery Cheek I find annoying as it just adds to the confusion of the Rakyat over the fuel subsidies issue.

However, now his arrest for investigation under Section 377C of the Penal Code for carnal intercourse against the order of nature without consent, or in other words, homosexual rape, is driving acts of silliness to new heights, as:
  1. Road-blocks were raised again around KL today, probably to avoid risk of another phantom demonstration. This is a ministerial level silliness.

  2. The police, knowing the sensitivities of appearing heavy-handed, went in all balaclava-clad again when arresting Anwar, which was silly as it detracted from the otherwise wise decision of arresting Anwar before he could run to another Embassy uninvited... most embarassing...

  3. Then Anwar refused to give a DNA sample. This is silly IF he was innocent, as the DNA should be able to refute any DNA extracted from Saiful. Of course, this is only IF Anwar is innocent. If he's guilty, the DNA would prove Anwar raped the boy. So, Anwar refused to give his DNA? Silly... IF he's innocent...

  4. The Bar Council President is also now acting silly by stating her hope that Anwar not be tried on allegations of sodomy like in 1998. Silly for a leader of lawyers to wish the proper course of the law is not pursued don't you think? Especially as lawyers should be pleased with such a case... such high legal bills! Unless Ambiga has another agenda... protecting her ally?

  5. Parliament started going silly over Anwar much earlier, when the opposition complained about Anwar's arrest. I found it unbecoming of PAS MPs to claim slander in silly defence of Anwar, whilst disregarding the rights his alleged victim Saiful. And were the claims of Najib and his wife's involvement in the Altantuya case not slander? Or does PAS endorse hypocricy now? Silly...

Whilst I had fun pointing out the silliness brought about by Anwar, on a more serious note, such behaviour makes Anwar a worse choice than Pak Lah as PM. Think about it. Pak Lah is rather silly as Prime Minister. We know he is. But at least he is not making us silly. But when Anwar is involved in anything, silliness seems to spread like a virus across the nation!

The country can barely survive the silliness of the policies and actions of the current PM, Pak Lah, but at least we the un-silly Rakyat can do, and some are trying hard to do, something about it. But if Anwar becomes PM, he has the ability to drive us all silly! So who would save the country then...? :-)


whackthembugger said...

1. PDRM was not being insensitive as DSAI had claimed his life is under threat and thus in danger. PDRM must assure his safety. Using balaclavas is necessary to keep secret the identity and safety of those police officers involved in the arrest.

2. Police roadblocks are a pain in the ass but this guy called DSAI is very snakey, shrewd and a mischievous trouble maker. The PDRM must have certain information to act as such. In this case, I support fully PDRM.

3. Standard Police Procedure to take DNA on each new police case of this nature. But DSAI does not want to take perhaps DSAI believes he’s a somebody. DSAI is most egoistic and arrogant; he wants to be treated as or if not higher than any Sultan and he has dunggos like Ambiga of the Bar Council supporting his eggs.

4. A fly has no legs, sooner or latter, after flying it will get tired and land and bushed its all in the open. Ambiga fears that the truth will come out and that will be a great damper to her foolish human rights advocacy. Whatever maybe her religion, she does not see the gravity of sodomy as the sin under our religion. Even if Zaid Ibrahim takes her as a bride, I doubt she would ever understand Allah’s directive on sodomy.

5. All the Opposition parties are worried sick and consequently be ashamed that the person they look up to as their leader will be convicted and crawl back to the hole. They rather see a hideous crime escape justice than have their coalition breaking up.

6. DSAI is the biggest fraud of our time, in the same ranks as PM and SIL. I have full trust in PDRM and AG in handling this high profile case but I have no faith in PM and SIL, they will “spoil” the investigation for their own benefit. DSAI will never be PM; too many people are aware about the dark “dealings” in his private chambers. Muslims cannot accept a sodomist as a national leader under our way of life, NEVER.



I will answer your last question.
The man is no other than TG Nik A.Aziz ...........keberkatan ulamak will banish all stupidity and silliness.

dhomirhahs said...



I will answer your last question.
The man is no other than TG Nik A.Aziz ...........keberkatan ulamak will banish all stupidity and silliness.


the problem is..

TG Nik A.Aziz is also same rank in term of stupidity and silliness.


Letting the time pass me by said...

There is so much things going around in Malaysian politics these days... Stories after stories and people are being confused every time new stories pops up....

Zubli Zainordin said...

These leaders are making a mess in Malaysia. Silly? Yes!

Another is RM 50 million to "combat" illegal immigrants in Sabah.

We now need new, fresh and intelligent leaders.

Yes, for Malaysians and Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim Dot Com (AIDC) said...

Tiga soalan untuk bakal PM


Omong said...


This is an interesting angle to your article.

The sad thing is that, other countries are laughing at Malaysia for this soap opera.

sigh...all becoz of...


I totally agree with whackthembugger...right between the eyes!

abrar said...

I wonder why so many of us cannot see the big fraud anwar is. It's silly


Hmm.. interesting..

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