Sunday, May 04, 2008

Is Anwar Ibrahim Competent?

I'm the first to admit that I have succumbed a little to temptation here in going back to engaging on current leaders rather than continuing with my values debate - well its draining, so please look at this as a break! And it would seem based on questions raised during my recent "event", the man remains quite topical!

Now a friend of mine wants to form a "shadow cabinet"... hahaha! OK, sorry, not funny really when you consider it is a good idea and in line with the practice of other countries, the UK and Australia in particular.

The only problem is, is Pakatan Rakyat a real entity the way Barisan Nasional is where a united stand can be made? In addition, a shadow cabinet needs resources to run. Does the Pakatan Rakyat that is still struggling to man administrative positions in the states they control have the man-power and funds to run such a show?

Such on-going pro-Pakatan bravado forces us to question yet again Anwar's credentials as an aspiring PM, but the question to pose now is more serious... is Anwar competent even to be PM? This is again a critical question intended to incite debate, and I hope rather than quickly rebutting, consideration should be made of the points to consider here as a basis for assessment:

  1. Anwar Ibrahim stands roundly accussed of running the Malaysian economy poorly, especially during the 97-98 crisis period, and indeed abusing his position soundly when he was DPM cum Finance Minister. A recent expose was recently put together by a kindred spirit calling himself "JebatMustDie".
  2. Anwar's credentials as a master politician has suffered some severe knocks but he seems to have recovered with the success of PRU-12 results for PKR. However, one can argue that Anwar sacrificed his long term political health to achieve short term gain by turning PKR into a more Indian-dominated party from a Malay-led multi-racial party during the elections. So Anwar may be competent in the politics of the rhetoric and the now, but for long term?
  3. In line with the above, Anwar seems to be a little unclear as to how long it will take him to seize power. First it was May, then 16 September, to foreign correspondents he says 2-3 years or even come the next elections. Recently KuLi revealed in a private forum that Anwar admited NOT having the numbers to call for a no confidence vote against Pak Lah! Anwar may not even be able to convince his 'allies' to do this judging by Karpal's attitude.
  4. I love to ask people to tell me, if Anwar was so great what did he achieve when he was in the corridors of power? There may be many claims of his contributions to Malaysia's Islamic institutions, but further probing will show that many of these initiatives were NOT his achievements. E.g. UIAM was Tun Hussein's initiative and Bank Islam was Tun Dr M's baby. Anwar's one clear 'contribution', Bahasa Baku, was confusing and later scrapped!

So, we have doubts over Anwar Ibrahim's capacity to lead a government at least. It seems even Anwar's ability as a politician that thinks for the long-term is also a little suspect la. Nuff said for now I think, lets have a discussion then! For I really would not want Malaysia's next PM be just as incompetent as the current one...!


whackthembugger said...

Shadow Cabinet: While we may laugh at Pakatan Rakyat, never underestimate the DAP. The DAP will go all out and with anyone in working to bring down UMNO.

The JebatMustDie articles (and other similar articles) about the PM in waiting must be capitalized to the fullest when the time comes; blow it BIG time. Such details are most invaluable in depicting the character and personality of that person who will not want to be second best. Many of us have forgotten about those issues and for some they were too young to know what happened then.

Reading your article in entity: Yes I am sure many can conclude that DSAI is incompetent to lead any nation.

Wanyama said...

He he he he! You didn’t ask us questions that we can answer. You simply regurgitated what you have been breaching for ages to no avail. I can’t help but take that with a pinch knowing the feeble minded and crony cultured outlook laced with anger that your ilk harbour and have. However, in the interest of any other reader, let me address the 3 questions.

1. About the economy: Who did blame Anwar? Did you hold a survey for us all to be interviewed? Remember, it takes two hands to make a clap. Many of us work in the economy sector and are privy to both local and world reality. We are not illiterate villagers living in Kubang Pasu to be hoodwinked with rhetoric and vitriol. The fact remains a minister can’t take a decision without his fellow ministers and under the direction and complete supervision of the PM. In this case, sheepishly trying to put the blame on a minister and exonerate others will yield one result that you will not like: that Abdullah Badawi is very good, strong, wise and the best. So let’s blame his ministers alone for the election outcome. Knowing that your fortunes have dwindled and your political orphanage is pricking you, you will not digest that. So look for another exit to this matter.

2. The second element of Indians taking over PKR doesn’t hold any water. It is unfortunate that racism has created your ilk. Your baffling claim to entitlement without competitiveness is what has created a nanny society, feeble minded and marauding hordes of half witted Malays. PKR leader is Malay, Deputy Leader is a Malay and its most influential Vice President is a Malay. Indians have one vice President. Therefore, how does it make it less Malay led? I’m not surprised because people of your calibre live in another world, desperately trying to appeal to a society that has less faith in looters who whenever they feel under siege play "conspiracy" cries and "Malay supremacy" while they feed on the average Malay farmer's sweat. We know what kind of product you are. May be Dr. Cruz sheds light on it when he answers Dr M on his “strong government” hallucination. Read it here:

Anyway, many Malays want to work hard and earn their respects while appreciating their Chinese and Indian brothers rather than crying like stupid babies denied milk as you want to do while eating the blood, toil and tears of others. No wonder Shah Talkonly laughts at AMENO (UMNO) people and their shoddy Malay unity nonsense which we all understand. Read it here:

Another one here:

3. Thirdly on Anwar’s achievement. He has achievd relativelly well. We can get tens f qutes of Dr. Mahatir praising him when they were together if that will make you sleep well. But we have no interest in the past. However, what does a Minister achieve? Anwar was a Minister and a Deputy PM who carried out ministerial duties defined by the government on daily basis and helps the PM in his duties when he is away. What else would he have done? Donate his furniture to you? For example, what did Najib achieve? Nothing! Still, I can’t blame him and neither do we demand any CV from him because so far he is a minister carrying out ministerial duties that were defined by the cabinet and the relevant authorities. Nothing more nothing less. You can only judge the PM/President/King/Queen for the buck stops at his/her door in any given country since overall policy, direction and approval is his or hers. That's where legacy of a leader comes, not a Minister. The only way a Minister is judged is by looking at his/her tenure, if he/she was active, met all the ministry’s obligations, avoided wastage and corruption or resigned if he/she was responsible for that. And definitely Anwar was not a dull minister. Were he, then you would have to blame the man who gave him the job for he/she was “dull” and less intelligent. Right? Definitely! As far as Islamic issues are concerned, Anwar was to do nothing because there is a minister who is responsible for that. So no body claimed that he was responsible for that. May be your heart is giving you undue pressure as you ponder about the bleak future and the near end of the looting loopholes.

So my advice is simple: whether you criticize Anwar or spend sleepless nights in concocting less attractive, half witted Ameno style literature has no locus standi because you are neither objective nor truthful. We know what drives you, where you came from and on behalf of whom you talk. Therefore, convincing others through your lens is a herculean task that can’t be achieved. More so, when you are desperate in trying to salvage the remains of the empire through hair splitting cries of racism and ketuanan Malayu which the majority understand what it stands for today.

Good night!

A M Ubaidah S said...

wanyama. You pose an interesting theory. By your logic, a man can be a credible candidate for PM if:

1 - He can assign blame to others for 'collective responsibility' when he screws up his portfolio, such as in Anwar's IMFesque austerity measures in 1997-98, but also choose to avoid collective responsibility when it suits him such as when corruption charges are pointed towards members of the government he was part of.

(You didn't address JebatMustDies' KKN claims by the way.)

2 - He's OK if the measure of his party's leadership (which he is still not a member!) change is measured just by those on the top, not by measuring the majority of the MPs and leaders at the lower levels - India ramai sangat la PKR relative to demographics, and nothing wrong with that if that is indeed how Anwar sees the future of PKR and Malaysia.

3 - It is acceptable then for us that HE HAS ACHIEVED NOTHING ON HIS OWN when he was a minister, other than 'doing what Dr M told him to'! I actually can name own achievements that are tangible from other ministers. Lets not insult Najib by comparing him to Anwar lah. Kadir Sheikh Fadzir made Malaysia 'Truly Asia'! He deserves to be PM more than Anwar!

No wonder Malaysia is in a mess post-Mahathir, even the "Many of us work in the economy sector and are privy to both local and world reality" don't bother to ask or even care about our 'future PM's' CV? Is this right?

umnolover said...

I think you must be Tun Mahathir's lackey, maybe Ansara member too. Ansara ni semua Mukhriz punya kawan. It does not at all reflect ex MRSM students stand.

Meraga Beris said...

You missed the point. Anwar should become PM not so much on the ground of his competence but more because the country needs to embrace change. No one in UMNO is qualified to become PM. No one in UMNO now is even worth TDM’s toe. Don’t say Najib, even TDM withdrew his support for Najib. And just look at the facts, not long after TDM’s retirement, UMNO was so easily hi-jacked by SIL. Would you disagree on this?
So, who are you to say that there won’t be a SIL part II? After all, the next in line in UMNO has daughters too!

Unlike religion, UMNO is not divine. All things must come to an end. Sometimes, it’s for the greater good. Yes, the memory, ah nostalgia! UMNO of my father and mother, and their fathers and mothers before them…even the Quraiysh felt that way. They descended from Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh), but their beliefs have been corrupted. Yet when the divine calling came for them to change from the corrupt, many resisted because of nostalgia…

So Anwar should be PM, if the country is to move on…..If Anwar turn out to be a bad apple, then change him and throw his party out. It wouldn’t be the first time anymore. Malaysians would be accustomed to change by then…..And do not talk about about putting the nation at risk, we have already taken too much risk by trusting Pak Lah’s UMNO…..

A M Ubaidah S said...

Meraga Beris. Thank you for rolling out the 'change for the sake of change' argument for Anwar. Consider this - choosing Anwar does not result in change, just more of the same!

Based on Anwar's track record, before, during and after UMNO, we are likely to see a politics of rhetoric persisting, with no real delivery in government. Can you imagine another 4-5 years of suffering after our recent experiences?

It is the SIMILARITY between Pak Lah and Anwar Ibrahim that galls me the most! Both have poor track records for delivery, and Pak Lah in the last 3 years have caught up on Anwars' high slogan/achievement ratio!

If you really want change, why not just give up on democracy for a while. If the successors of Mahathir are so poor, lets give the administration of the nation back to the Council of Rulers for a term. Raja Nazrin looks smart enough and there are even some Tunku Ampuan Mahkotas out there which would put the current PM aspirants' credentials to shame!

Anwar Ibrahim does not equal change, just better rhetoric to paper over similar weaknesses as Pak Lah's.

anwar dot com said...

Video 1

Video 2

sumber :

Meraga Beris said...

Hi, thanks for the reply but I have to disagree with your saying that going for a change is rhetoric. To move forward, like it or not, we have to change. Many consider the swing for opposition parties was mere objection and not support. Yet, this swing is the catalyst for so many real changes already. For example, had BN still won 2/3 majority, I am quite confident that you wouldn’t be asking for AAB to resign, would you? Wanting Pak Lah to resign, is a good thing, right?

I believe that whoever objects should at least propose alternative. PKR object AAB and propose Anwar. Now, who do you propose as alternative to take over Pah Lah? For now, at best your objection here is just an empty one, at worst it could lead to a vacuum which will provide a fast-track to power of a certain ‘KJ’.

So, who is your alternative for PM?

A M Ubaidah S said...

Meraga Beris. You miss the point I was trying to make. In terms of competence, based on track record, Anwar is just as bad as Pak Lah! They appear similarly incompetent! So how is Anwar a change in this context?

Changing for the sake of changing makes no sense in itself, it must be for the better, and we assess this by track record where possible as that is the best way.

I actually don't care which UMNO leader would replace Pak Lah at this stage - I just want Pak Lah out, and as far as UMNO is concerned, the members will then choose. There are 4 candidates already for UMNO (all with their unique imperfections), Najib, KuLi, Muhyuddin and Rais Yatim. We are not a one leader party, unlike PKR...

I digress... lets keep talking about the Pak Lah incompetency clone... Anwar...

Meraga Beris said...

You do not care which UMNO leader will replace Pak Lah. Great!
You were discrediting the PM, the opposition de facto leader and yet you do not care who should take over...Mmm, I have nothing else to say.
You should welcome KJ to power now....

A M Ubaidah S said...

Meraga Beris. Sorry but yet again you miss the point. We need to return UMNO to its roots as the champion of the ordinary folk. Pak Lah is symptomatic of not just how it has all gone wrong but what a disaster would result from it going wrong! KJ is a symptom of Pak Lah being a problem, nothing more. Our mistake was in thinking KJ was the cause in the past.

If KJ ends up being th leader after Pak Lah's removal, then UMNO is already too far lost. As it is now, there is still hope for UMNO and the nation. Certainly more hope than if we choose the Pak Lah clone that is Anwar Ibrahim, incompetency speaking. And despite what Anwaristas believe, there are alternatives to Anwar, as Allah maha kaya...

Saiful said...

champion of the ordinary folk?

since when mate??..

mental said...

Wow ...

Congrats. You have agreed to disagree and I like the intellectual debate here.

The winner goes to the blogger who can convince backed with factual details and solid evidence.

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