Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's Fault Is It The Current Crisis?

It has been entertainingly painfull reading the mainstream press over the last few days in the aftermath of Che Det's resignation. The mainstream Lah-ist forces have certainly ensured continuous growth of blogging as against all that is happening, all is being reported as being fine in Lah-Lah land.

The spin seems to be centred around pitting Tun Dr M's actions against Anwar Ibrahim's quest for power whilst keeping Pak Lah innocent of all that is happening. Of course, whilst we acknowledge Pak Lah's inaction and somewhat sedentary nature, that's part of his problem, we should take the time to remind everyone, including the surprisingly naive but intelligent looking Karim Raslan why we are where we are.

  1. Anwar Ibrahim is a contender for Prime Minister of Malaysia because Pak Lah has been and continues to be an incompetent leader. If Pak Lah was not so incompetent in making sure the benefits of a 'growing' economy his press keeps reporting benefits the people instead of his people, Anwar wouldn't have had a soap-box to stand-on at Dataran Merdeka, let alone be able to address 10,000 people at the place of UMNO's conception.
  2. Tun Dr M has quit UMNO because Pak Lah is destroying the party. In the quest to secure power for not just himself, but also his son-in-law, Pak Lah has abused the instruments of control and discipline in the party to quell all dissent. He allows the opposition to be more quoted in the media to maintain an image of 'openess', when in truth, the people who can challenge and topple him in the party are silenced with money, threats and 'disciplinary actions'.
  3. The people know this is not about Tun Dr M or Anwar Ibrahim, but about Pak Lah, the man who has proven that it does not take a genius to ruin this country, but a lazy incompetent fellow can ruin it just as well, if not more. A man who can turn one of the region's tigers into a pussy cat happiest when playing golf with Singapore. A man that in 4 years could turn one of the most impressive democratic victories in history in to the worst vote swing exprienced by a government in power against a still not fully united opposition!

Anwar claims that a fresh general election in September will bring the opposition into power. For once I would have to agree with Anwar, but only if Pak Lah chooses to remain as PM and President of UMNO. BN will then indeed lose to PR in September, following a walk-out of UMNO members through to MPs, as the people will wish to demonstrate more strongly how they have already rejected the leadership of Pak Lah and wish for the end of Lah-ism.

And then Pak Lah will find himself in ISA as a flight risk, waiting for the cases to be brought up against him on Iraq Oil, SCOMI Nuclear Parts Shipping, ECM-Libra, abuse of funds to buy airplanes, boats and holding a George Benson private concert for Merdeka, forcing Proton to sell MV Agusta to a 'secret buyer', selling out to Singapore on the bridge, Pantai, Telekom and other stuff, enriching the "K Linked Companies" or KLCs in Malaysia, ad-nauseum. At least he would have Kamal, KJ and other K's with him... and BSA Tahir who would be preparing to sue him...

Then only perhaps Pak Lah would realise that it would have been better for him to resign... now...


azlina said...

agree no more. Pak lah and his family must go and must taken to ISA, put in jail and stripe all their ill gotten wealth and return it all to the rakyat.

Francis said...

Blaming Pak Lah alone doesn't help. Tun Dr M himself should be blamed because he is part of the problem and it takes two hands to make a clap. You see, the ones who pretended to be loyal to Tun are the ones who are insulting him today because in his greedy pursuit for wealth above any other higher purpose in life, he has created a bunch of irreligious marauding pussyfooters who always think about conracts and nothing more. Look at Rafidah, she said Mahathir is "disloyal and irrational." Look at Nazri, he asked if Mahathir is "blind, dead or dumb." Look at Zaid Ibrahim, he said Tun is a "dictator." Look at Hisham Tun Hussein, he said Tun is an "irresponsible man." Look at Muhd son of Muhd, he asked: "Who is Dr M"? And then added "Time is not on his side." Which is tragically true. All the rest have said something of the sort. In fact, Anwar Ibrahim is more civil than they are by giving Dr M a space and not commenting on him even after Tun makes hyetrical diatribe against his former protege. The fact, Tun prepared all these people who are betraying him because that's how he has raised them. Any other argument doesn't hold water. Today, he is reaping what he had sown. In fact, I know for sure that Pak Lah will not allow Najib to take over for many reasons, the chief being that he was proposed by Dr M now and in the past. So Tun's resignation is of no value at all, because no one will follow him because UMNO members don't defend justice, the truth and decency. They only support the man who is in control of that day, once he exits, they will call him all sorts of names just like Mahathir's ministers who are in AAB's cabinet are calling him all sorts of names. I wish he should have understood earlier but he landed in a ditch. UMNO is beyond him and he can't influence it. In fact, his sons' belated attempt to get the UMNO Youth Chief post is in vain because he has made himself look personal fighting his father's wars and that will not endear him to anyone. A new party should be formed. Bitterness and blind loyalty will not help you in this case, as far as I can see it.

Wanyama said... said once Dr M moves out from UMNO, it will collapse. What has collapsed now? Who is moving out? Who is resigning? Who is quitting? Who is relocating? I only hear about people wanting to join UMNO. Who cares? One Terengganu Division Chairman said Dr M and his wife have moved out, and then he added that "may be his driver and cook will join him." ribs...what happened. Did the Old man cheat himself that he was powerful and famous and loved? I can only see your father who is a non starter politically at the moment resigning. What happened. UMNO means the one who has power. That's all. Don't entertain any illusion that Dr M will make it however little it is. Ask those who preceded him or fell victim to his power back then and you will learn history.

whackthembugger said...

In response to your coverage, it took me some time to ponder and make some pointers for consideration and in particular the expected response of the Silent majority in the event of another election comes September. I will take some space in your blog and I hope you will bear with me.

Media Coverage – The utter bias coverage by the MSM on Tun’s conditional leaving UMNO is all but expected. The hypocrisy of MSM will be of the highest degree advanced under “Freedom of the Press”. However it signals that we should be aggressive in our own dissemination of pertinent facts and information following some examples how the DAP had photocopied articles for circulation on supposed injustices in BN in particular regarding the plundering of t he 1st Family to procure the votes of an already agitated mainly Chinese Silent Majority and the other races fed up with the bias reporting of the MSM.

The loyal supporters, in upholding the true ideals and principles of UMNO, should embark on an aggressive concerted pr exercise in exposing
- the scams by the UMNO leadership to assist other members who easy access to pertinent facts and information
- the injustices, plundering, blunders and dangerous consequences and ramifications of the populist policies of the top 1st Family example the many exploitations, the misuse and destruction of Judiciary Process to settle scores, the hypocrisies expounded by people like Musa Hitam on governance when the country’s state of governance is a humiliation with the perpetuation of the 1st Family in overall state matters – a sham I never had expected of our country as it advances into the future. What good are reforms if the people feel jeopardize?
- the overall weak leadership with yes men to be led rather than lead and their relevant examples in succumbing to the wishes of the minority to secure favors against the interest of religion (the use of the word Allah, conversion flip flops etc), inability to have good relations with the Royalty, the misuse and destruction of the Judiciary system in unearthing a 20 year dead case, the false pretences in advocating the epitome of justice by the President’s men etc
- the differences and the failures/ deviations of the President (of course the 1st Family) in upholding the original principles and policies of UMNO while advancing personal family interest which the people and the royalty cannot accept. UMNO is not owned by the House of Badawi!!!!
- the dangerous procurement of new youth members with past associations with DSAI, what happen to existing UMNO youth members, are they all dysfunctional?
- the many gruesome plots initiated by the Executive, some apparently appear to be in mutual co-operation with the Opposition against our beloved Tun
- the individual detail profile of those yes men who should be rejected by the voters because the Silent Majority despises their presence
- the specter of deceit, intimation and mass money politic brought about by the Executive and the 1st Family to sustain power etc

SPIN, SPIN & SPIN, that’s the game.

All these must be shown working against interest of the Nation, Party and Religion. These publications should be brief, to the point, critical, honest, and objective and yet reader friendly; they should able to effectively communicate the appropriate messages to the general segment of the grassroots. The effective distribution offers an awesome challenge to the MSM and Alternative Media ensuring the similar effect of the unexpected defeats in GE12. The recent letters by Tun as posted in his blog Che Det are good examples that should be followed by script writers. Such effective dissemination should be done both openly or discreetly is to spread the truth in countering the propaganda unleashed in deceit by the Executive and tantamount to the people’s anger against the Executive.

“Whose fault is it this current crisis?” It takes two hands to clap, so people say and in this case with the massive commotion, disruptions, and disagreements etc all the plentiful hands should take blame but the difference could be in respect of their good intentions.

The 3 personalities, Tun, PM and DSAI present upon the Silent Majority the following choices
a) Tun, uninterested in becoming PM, advances his belief that the present Executive needs to resign soonest to make way for a new leadership and that UMNO reverts to its original ideals for its betterment as well as that of BN in the greater interest of the rakyat.
b) PM, defiant he has still has majority control to lead the country but in reality succumbs to pressures from within and outside the party. His pro reforms agenda does not appeal to many in his party. Thus in self delusion, he listens not to the ground but to the many bigots surrounding him who are bleeding the party to self-destruction. He presents himself that he needs to stay on as the Executive because he has a lot of work to do. The transition plan that he was to announce remains unannounced. To many he is merely a mouth piece of his family and those of the 4th Floor boys. The abuse of power by the 1st Family has and still is so apparent that the rakyat would want nothing else but his ouster.
c) DSAI, the PM in waiting. Capitalizing on the protest votes, he assumes he can take on the country’s leadership role amidst the supposed demise of UMNO and BN. His party and political associates represent a marriage of convenience without any proof of an effective coalition and administrative capability. He represents nothing more than chaos riding on the unhappiness of the rakyat.

It is well known that PM and DSAI are loved by those who wish to see the demise of UMNO and BN. Thus, the Silent Majority are unlikely to endorse these two personalities and their cult and thus Tun’s option as an alternative to UMNO and BN looks appealing when the time comes. Below is the Silent Majority’s likely overview of each of the 3 personalities.

1. Religion & Statesmanship
Tun – His fight for Islam has been credited and accepted internationally that the Muslim (including 3rd world) countries have only but high respect for him as a world class leader and statesman. For sure, when one goes to Islamic countries like Indonesia and Palestine and to Saudi Arabia for the Hajj, the citizens of those countries regard Malaysia as synonymous with Tun and one gets the fullest of respect. Similarly, with 3rd world countries. Under his administration, he built and preserved the sanctity of Islam in this country while respecting the rights of the other religions. He need not give in to the demands from the minority religions just to win favors from them and he knows how sensitive the religion is to the majority of the population. For a multi-racial and religious society like Malaysia, he understands without fear and favors the need to have a strong government to preserve the peace and tranquility. Perhaps he maybe construed as a tyrant or dictator by some but to others such notions are but bias and with full of prejudice. He is also not liked by the US and Israel nor many western countries and their institutions like the IMF, AWSJ, Time etc including the barbarians at the gate namely the hedge funds type like the infamous George Soros ready to rape and destroy the country.

PM - His Islam Hadhari was concocted amidst the intention to win over Kelantan. For those who claim themselves religious but yet intentionally cause harm and damage to the religion, the deepest of hell have been reserved for them. For obvious reasons, PM cannot be portrayed as an Islamic leader with international recognition and not able to carry forth his vision for Islam Hadhari. Perhaps with Allah’s assistance, PAS handed him the worst defeat in Kelantan and extended their victories elsewhere without the need of massive funds, material luring, intimidation and deceit; many thanks to his Islam Hadhari as well as his and SIL arrogance. In trying to win the favors of the minority, he advocates more freedom and thus lax on the sanctity of Islam. Internationally, Malaysia is loosing fast its place as a leader of the Islamic faith and 3rd world countries, thanks to the short sightedness of PM. Respect is earned by deeds and not inherent to the position of authority. He cannot be compared at all with the statesmanship of Tun even if PM is given another 15 years to lead; he doesn’t have the caliber nor understand good governance or statesmanship because his decisions, more often than not, are influenced by his love for his family and extended families at the expense of the State.

DSAI – Because of his past history from being an ABIM leader to his ouster as DPM etc, I have a very prejudiced opinion of him. He is currently a visiting professor for a US University, Chairman of the Foundation of the Future and has close association with the US Administration. He is an acclaimed devout Muslim by the former US deputy defense minister, named as 100 most influential persons by Time Magazine and regarded as the future PM of Malaysia by Israel. God forbid, I will never trust my religion and state in his hands.

2. Party –UMNO
Tun – He had indeed fought courageously for his race, build the many institutions which helped the Malays and righteously believed in the original aims of UMNO to lead the Malays and the country under BN. He has generally has good relations with the Council of Rulers and respect them for their place in our constitution. He believes that with political dominance, the Malays while giving due respect to the other races, will lead the country to greater heights. I know no one more selfless than Tun in protecting the wellbeing of his race under UMNO.

PM - Can’t think any good he did for UMNO. Perhaps his poor leadership skills have brought UMNO to its worst state in its history. While PM’s yes men would consider Tun as ‘duri dalam daging’, I would put PM as the person wholly responsible and accountable for the continuing divisions in UMNO, not Tun. His hall mark of personal family interest first before the Party, the massive plundering and use of money politics, deviation from the original objectives of UMNO has indeed messed up the Party and country. Being arrogant and bodoh sombong, he and his family will be the cause of the ultimate destruction of UMNO should the imminent happen.

DSAI – He cannot be trusted with whatever he says, he is a chameleon. I confessed I am so utterly prejudiced about him that I care not to believe with whatever he says. A leopard cannot change its spot so does a traitor to the state.

3. Country/ Nation
Tun – Much has already been said about Tun as an astute statesman of international standing. His grit in governance has helped saved the country during the Financial Crises of the 97. The 22 years of governance is responsible for bringing the country to what it is today, one that is admired by the other developing and Islamic countries. Much more can be said about Tun but I need not elaborate.

PM – A big sham, no more Mr Clean as we are aware of the massive plundering of the Nation’s wealth by the 1st Family and associates. He has yet to give explicit explanations on the much exploitation involving the 1st Family and so the cloud of guilt overhangs his ugly governance.

DSAI – His removal as DPM and FM following his mishandling of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis is enough to demonstrate his inability to lead the Nation. I wouldn’t know whether I could afford to walk around with my clothes on if the barbarians managed to rape the wealth of this Nation.

In the Event of an general election
Tun has made his strategic move by conditionally leaving UMNO and there are many probabilities of what could happen. Thus should there is a general election be held in September as envisaged by DSAI, the ultimate say will then fall back onto the hands of the electorates while the UMNO elected representatives can only but cry wolf. The electorate is wise enough to decide what the best is for their future. Under siege the Malays will be united but UMNO will be divided and fall if PM and his cronies are still at the behest. Consequently, I would expect the Silent Majority to vote out UMNO and BN unless PM resigns and I am sure Tun is well aware of such consequences. PM and his family will be caught with their pants down and every where they turn, the hangman waits with the noose; we will have the making of our own “Ferdinald Marcos” ignominy. In this respect, I quite agree to your conclusions.

All Praise be to Allah, The One God, the Most Merciful and Compassionate, there is no gods but God, the All Mighty. We, the Ummah, constantly seek His Guidance and way out in these times of great treachery and chaos. God will not change the fate of a Nation unless the Nation decides so. There is much to do before the time comes.

Abdul Talib said...

Reply to whackthembugger,

Your argument is nothing but cherubic concoction that’s based on emotion and personal loyalty with a shade of hatred and myopia. It is utterly infantile and formed as a result of mind-locked mentality that consumes every outrageous and nefarious claim of the “Saviour.” Such childish “analysis” and puerile arguments highlights the seemingly unrefined bigot one can be and how gullible the same can be. You seem to be an old man (54) who fell victim to repeated mendacity and prevarication and turned out to be outrightly awed by the manipulation of the seemingly “god-like” benefactor; therefore, your ludicrous concoction doesn't stand the test of time and it can’t help anyone who is quite opinionated, informed, lettered and well aware of this nation’s reality and the world. But you must be commended because you said apart from Dr M, you have a prejudiced heart against Abdullah and Anwar. But I wonder at the irony of the message! Ha ha ha!

That said, to shower praises on Tun and leave behind all the ills that he has done and simply buy all his rhetoric is the height of naivety. But I wouldn’t blame you because of your age which is quite old and belongs to the past where emotion, tradition and manipulation is quite easy knowing the era in which your mind was shaped, no wonder you believe in spin and that’s why you think people will buy such bunkum. Unfortunately, the youth of today particularly Malays go beyond the “sacred utterances of the sacred leader” and don’t fall for the utterances of anyone and neither can they be manipulated by the harangue of political leaders be they those who left the stage or those who are still serving. Blind loyalty and pettiness that buys every story and utterance at face value without understanding things deeper and looking beyond “strategic blindness” is a poor way of leaving a message to history and that itself is un-Islamic since it fails the hard test of hard evaluation. Even there were those who believed that the Prophet’s wife was an adulteress.

For Abdullah and Anwar, like Mahathir, they have done good and bad and it was Mahathir who worked with them. One he sacked over struggle for power, one he chose for naivety thinking he could manipulate him but he was out-mastered. Tun who I respect in many instances and despise like any other polirtician in many instances has to understand that our future is ours and not his. We know what’s good for us and what we want. But for an old emotional man like you whose grasp of reality and world happening is shaped by local realities, tradition and worldview and UMNO media, it is quite a different story. Enjoy your world and be aware that Malaysians are not what you think, particularly the Malay youth for I’m one of them. We are beyond the age you preach. It was Ali Bin Abi Talib (ra) who said, “Your children were born for a different time.” We have our opinions about Mahathir like we have about the Abdullah and the opposition leaders and no amount of petty and puerile arguments or spin will change that.

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