Sunday, May 25, 2008

Someone "Innocently" Calling Themselves A M U Sanusi? NOT ME...!

I was alerted by a friend that someone called "A M U Sanusi" had been making comments in the most excellent Saiful Nang's blog. The friend was concerned that the comments were most unbecoming of me, or 'brainless', hey Saiful's own words, not mine!

Well, as a younger me once declared that it was "Better To Die Clever Than Live Stupid", I thought it wise to clarify the matter with Saiful directly and to comment the following in his blog:


Firstly I thank Saiful for alerting me of a person signing off comments with my initials such as it may tarnish my name.

The person writing as A M U Sanusi is not me. I would typically sign off as A M Ubaidah S on blogs, my own or when I comment on others’, or as Akhramsyah Sanusi, Akhramsyah M U Sanusi or indeed my full name. I don’t recall any occassion over the last few years when I ever did sign off as A M U Sanusi so if there was, it would be confined to history, and where such records may be active still, would only be due to technical limitations for naming.

So, the A M U Sanusi commenting here is not Akhramsyah Muammar Ubaidah bin Sanusi or A M Ubaidah S. If this is an attempt to sabotage my good name, you would be able to sus out why probably from reading my blog: if you haven’t already.

And say perhaps there may then appear another fellow signing off as A M Ubaidah S in future that was not me, I would hope readers of my blog would know what I stand for and those who don’t would deign to check for consistency.

Just for Saiful’s good name, my family and I as a whole have always remained happy with his and his firm’s delivery to us, are admirers of his wider body of works and indeed if we were to meet more often beyond his professional capacity, I dare say we would be friends. Appreciate his efforts in clarifying this matter, and I indeed find the views of the A M U Sanusi that commented on this blog crass, unbecoming, unprofessional, obtuse and just within the boundaries of moronic literature… hence again, NOT my words…

Thanks and wassalam,

My wife then wisely advised me to add this to my own blog... for reference... you know... in case...

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Abdul Talib said...

May be he learnt few lessons from Mahathir. A Jewish tycoon and a fraudster was asked why he is working with Mahathir who supposedly hates Jews, ha ha ha, the gambling tycoon was simple: "They (Mahathir/Malaysian govt) pay their bills on time."

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