Friday, May 30, 2008

To Sack A President...

It's been a busy week at work and we're doing a short hop north with the kids, but I find compelled to blog on something seeing as I've been smsed and called today on this repeatedly.

There is a rumour going around that my Ayah, Tan Sri Sanusi Junid, is about to be sacked from his post as International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM or UIAM) President. The post may sound honorary, but it does have some executive pull, and in his time, my Ayah has been able to do some cool things at UIAM.

The rumour goes that whilst my Ayah has another 2 years of his current contract as UIAM President to run, some people are interested in the post. These interested individuals hence wish to take advantage of Tun Dr M's clash with Pak Lah to influence 'Putrajaya' to sack my Ayah, who recently also declared his wish to see Pak Lah resign.

(This idea of Putrajaya, probably a 4th floor area of the town, sacking TS Sanusi Junid in itself is a little strange as it is the Sultan of Pahang who has such authority)

Well, sack is a rough word. My Ayah informs me that he has heard 'whispers' that he should perhaps consider 'going quietly'. We are a little puzzled by these whispers as Pak Lah knows Sanusi Junid well enough to realise that he's not the type to 'go quietly' and in fact would likely be provoked if such whispers came from the wrong people!

Anyway, perhaps we can all help my Ayah out. He is actually also now puzzled as to what excuse Putrajaya is dreaming up to have him 'go quietly' or sack or whatever. Could it perhaps be because:
  1. My Ayah has helped found and built IIUM Holdings, the university's investment holding company, into a multi-million ringgit business for the benefit of the students?

  2. Is it because the current UIAM President has been busy building the International Institute of Muslim Unity (IIMU) to foster brotherhood between Muslims globally with the help of UIAM's international alumnus, teaching force and student body?

  3. Is it because TS Sanusi Junid refused Putrajaya's request some years ago to use UIAM to spread the deviant Islam Hadhari teachings across Malaysia and the wider Muslim community?

But in drawing up the list above, I realised that I was probably biased! So, can some of you perhaps help list a few reasons perhaps why my Ayah may be sacked soon?


Abdul Jalaini said...

saya rasakan....your ayah ni...dah sokong tdm tanpa belah bagi.. bagi ceramah sana sini..suruh pak tido letak jawatan...TERANG TERANGAN...tapi for sure...pak tido akan cari alasan lainlah..kalau dia nak pecat your ayah...nanti nampak sangat dia jahat.... suka berdendam...walaupn mmg pak tido ni adalah bapak segala kejahatan.... dont you think so? and he will use one of the reasons or all the reasons as listed by you above to pecat your ayah.... inilah pengorbanan yang your ayah dah lakukan... you should be proud of him... berani dan lantang bersuara untuk menegakkan kebenaran.... i really respect him...

whackthembugger said...

Straight to the Point – PM hates your father’s guts; PM just doesn’t like to hear your father’s “bad” words and actions against him and of course your father’s dangerously close association with TDM.

Not straight to the point – PM will depict your father as not of reputable standing or a bad influence to continue being President of UIAM. That’s what happens with a Government under PM who assumes he owns all of the Government’s resources. PM will find all excuses to tell the world that your father is good for nothing (irrespective your father can prove he has done well for the university) and recommend Putrajaya (the 4th Floor) that your father be replaced with another baruar’s name instead. Desperate people like PM will do anything to pleasure himself especially when it also pleases SIL in settling scores with the Sultan of Pahang in the football association’s recent squabbles.

Texas said...

Your Ayah should quit if he has any honour or is he like Mukriz who does not have confidence in the President of UMNO and yet stay in UMNO?

Kerry said...

You watched Beauty and the Beast? Gaston said, "if you're not for me, you're against me." I'll say thats why.


I studied with your ayah at Sungai Petani then.I know he is great since . You should be proud of him . If Paklah dislikes him , it is all from the 4th floor.Your ayah still has old friends around .
His great works at UIAM is highly appreciated.

My regards to him .

Anonymous said...
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Pak Sako said...

The fact is that your ayah doesn't own the institution. He was installed for a service to the rakyat and if it is seen that his services are not required anymore -- whatever the reason -- then he should be thanked and removed. No one is indispensable, and there is a legion of talent elsewhere.

If indeed your ayah performed his services selflessly in the name of the public, leaving without protest is honorable rather than trying to cling on. Clinging on doesn't paint a very nice picture, does it? It implies a desperate attempt at preserving self-interest.

mekyam said...

Dear AMU,

Your father probably understands better than any of us about how the game is played.

However, I think your father should leave the ball in the hands of the powers that be. Let the people see how they play it.

As long as there is no official request for him to leave, continue serving. After all he is serving the university and the rakyat.

But as soon as asked, in a civil way of course (otherwise all bets should be off), leave gracefully. It will not diminish his contributions in any way.

Being targeted by the Abdullah administration should be seen as a badge of honour. Being feted, usually after being bought or bartered, not so much. :D

azlina said...

one of the reason is your AYAH have the capability to do and make things happen while si BOdolah ONLY KNOWS how to sleep and ask someone to do things for him. of courseLAH he don't like your AYAH. siLAH only like people who can sleep and be bodoLAH like him

wak segen said...
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wak segen said...

As for political game,like someone said, your Ayah understands better than any of us.
But we are talking about Islam here since the issue is UIAM.
If they really want him to quit for poltical reasons,so be it.Let them answer in the day of judgement.
As for the past deeds of your Ayah towards UIAM, we are all sure that he did all that for "LILLAHITAALA", solely for the sake of ALLAH.
For this he will be greatly rewarded with more than the world and all its contents.INSYALLAH!

MMcrossings said...

Your Ayah's name is in the list too....

46. 21. Name : Mr. Sanusi Bin Junid
Post : Chief Minister of Kedah
Passport No. : D 659711 (M)
Bank : Israel National Bank
Type of Account : Fixed Deposit (Foreign Currency)
3 years
Account No : FG 3469-4462-9172 (DE)
Amount : USD 10,000,000.00
Date of opening account : 21/09/96
Date of Maturity : 21/09/99

47. 22. Name : Mr. Sanusi Bin Junid
Post : Chief Minister of Kedah
Passport No. : D 659711 (M)
Bank : Israel National Bank
Type of Account : Fixed Deposit
2 years
Account No : H 7639-1722-5243 (MG)
Amount : S $ 5,000,000.00
Date of opening account : 09/06/97
Date of Maturity : 09/06/99

48. 23. Name : Mr. Sanusi Bin Junid
Post : Chief Minister of Kedah
Passport No. : D 659711 (M)
Bank : Israel National Bank
Type of Account : Fixed Deposit
1 years
Account No : DC 7943-7716-2713 33 NB
Amount : S $ 3,500,000.00
Date of opening account : 10/12/97
Date of Maturity : 10/12/98

on this website :

i dont think such bank exist..

Its really sad they had to come to this sort of campaign.

For a moment, I wish my name was in there too...
and start dreaming all day.... and fuel hike? what fuel hike...

A Voice said...

Mana ada dalam dunia bank israel nama itu.

Ini spinner yg lagi bodoh dari budak tingkat 4.


No doubt that I'm a supporter of Tun M and of course, admire TS Sanusi.. but why so sentimental about IIUM? I'm a graduate ot IIUM and I think, as a fine gentleman TS Sanusi as I know he is, he should resign from IIUM.. kalau dah tak percaya kepada Presiden UMNO, mana boleh kerja lagi di bawah Perdana Menteri yang sama... a question to ponder..

jaim said...

It is almost a common practice now for UMNO top or those "pembodek" to sack those who disagree with them. It's not a surprise at all. What TS Sanusi can do is just "pray"

Their policy are just like BUSHS
"With us or against us"

Wish u all the best TS and son

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