Saturday, May 24, 2008

P. Ramlee, UMNO Member And Critic... Ah, The Good Old Days!

P. Ramlee was an UMNO member for bahagian Jerai, my former Bahagian. He even ran for AJK UMNO for the Bahagian, or was it Cawangan, once, but lost. At the time, you had to be more than 'glamer' to be an UMNO leader. But P. Ramlee stayed a staunch UMNO supporter.

P. Ramlee probably didn't get attacked for his
sindiran of UMNO members of his time in this funny discovery by OpEd because he was an UMNO member.

You see UMNO members, especially ordinary members, used to have an open license to criticise the party leadership. We wee members only started getting attacked viciously for being critical of the UMNO-led government since the Lah-ist regime began in late 2003... leaders of 'national traitor' status like Siddiq Ghause and Anwar Ibrahim were always clear exceptions of course...


me said...

That is inaccurate, I believe.

Remember that Mahathir was kicked out, and many of his staunch critics were not allowed into UMNO Baru after the split in the 80s.

This is retrospective generalisation.


A M Ubaidah S said...

Not true. The majority of Tun Dr M's staunches critics re-joined UMNO baru, including Pak Lah and the person who started the attacks on Tun Dr M in 1986, Tun Musa Hitam. Both were even subsequently given ministerial or minister-status posts! The ones that stayed out to form S46 also subsequently rejoined UMNO, with KuLi himself leading the way!

KuLi was given charge of UMNO leadership in Kelantan as soon as he rejoined UMNO and remained so for the longest time until he himself agreed it best it be led by a younger man.

And all I have described above are LEADERs, for the ordinary members, not a one was victimised by the UMNO leadership for opposing Tun Dr M, unless something local was going on at Cawangan level. UMNO had always been a cauldron of internal conflicts that unite only against external criticism.

At least this was the case until Pak Lah who hated dissent from within, even from ordinary members, and was happy to allow for, then ignore, criticism from outside of UMNO... except of course if those criticising were from Singapore, Australia, the US...

Please don't spread propaganda and false generalisations here la 'me'...

Meraga Beris said...

Hi, Tun M said, this UMNO is UMNO Pak Lah. From your writing, I assume that you are full heartedly with Tun M, so you dah quit this UMNO ke?

A M Ubaidah S said...

Belum Meraga Beris. We are of a different generation and are trying to ensure this UMNO does not then become KJ's UMNO when Pak Lah passes on.

We will leave if or when we confirm that keeping UMNO out of KJ's, or any other potential dictator's hands, cannot be done.

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